Top 5 Blockchain Startups in Pakistan- The companies with nimble ambition to prosper!

Technology is evolving ever since the advent of Google, so we all know our famous Mr. Google, but do you know in the 21st century the world has welcomed a technology reform known as Blockchain. Blockchain is an innovative and reforming technology that is decentralizing the world.

Before igniting the discussion, let us mention that at first, we were hesitant to talk about this technology because no one has ever discussed it neither in the corporate offices nor tech webinars.

After detailed research and going through the hundreds of social media posts, we are here with certain answers and suggestions to your concerns. But before coming to a point, the thing which made us worried might make you stressed as well. 

Let’s take a while and ask where we are? Why hasn’t Pakistan worked on Blockchain technology? Again!!! Our economy is going to suffer and we’ll be lagging behind in the shadows of disruptive technology strides.

We know this is alarming because blockchain is paving its way towards the mainstream economy of the world. Blockchain is still on the go beating all the odds, to prepare for an exciting technology ride that would go far.

Blockchain-Based Startups in Pakistan- The Hype is worth the Read!

There are software companies in Pakistan offering their IT services, but many of them are still operating on the obsolete technology stack. Even the Best Software Houses in Pakistan don’t seem interested in the colossal blockchain technology.

For Pakistan, the blockchain is the ultimate solution for all the corruption, data tamper, and security breaches. Because a blockchain is a decentralized system that entails records on a tamper-proof network without involving any third person. The world already seconds the significance of blockchain technology, because this technology is driving nuts.

Pakistan still has a way to cover, but to your surprise, there are a few names in our country that are striving and booming towards success in Blockchain.
Yes, that’s true!
Luckily, there are Blockchain companies in Pakistan with a mere aim to uplift their country in the evolving era of blockchain technology.

In this article, we’ll not only be discussing the Best Blockchain Startup in Pakistan, but we’ll see how they are progressing plus what’s their social media presence. Because we have evaluated some statistics about the technology platform which are using the true essence of marketing. You can’t just circumvent the minor details as well.

Let’s Get Straight into the Best Blockchain Startups in Pakistan!


BNG Labs

BNG Lab is a blockchain-based startup that aims to deliver quality software solutions for businesses. They have just started out in 2020 but the thing that we didn’t like about this company is their social media presence. It is of utmost importance as a startup to adorn your newly built company with a sophisticated air of enticing posts and information.

BNG Labs

Blockchain startups in Pakistan should employ the necessary steps to tread and arouse the interest of other people towards blockchain. The main loophole we have seen in the BNG lab is they are not creating awareness for blockchain technology in Pakistan. The main focus shouldn’t just be making money, it should also help others out.
Overall, we’d rate BNG Labs 6 out of 10, because a lot of work still has to be done on making this startup a big success. Despite scoring average marks, we’ll say that BNG labs will surely make an impact in the coming years. 

Employees: 10-49
Social Media Presence: Average


Developers Studio

The next one on our list is Developers Studio, in the slew of skepticism and incompetent environment, Developers Studio aims to empower businesses with their creative full-stack blockchain solutions. Developers Studio started at the start of 2021, but the quality work with sheer dedication made them top the list of our top picks. 

Blockchai Developers studio

We’d rate it 9 out of 10, because we were blown away by the strategies they are opting for, from website to client testimonials and social media presence, everything is at par with the corporate acceptance. The visuals and the tech posts we have seen over the site and social media of Developers Studio are worth the applause. Even though we are unbiased about our opinions, we predict before the time that this startup would surely go far beyond our expectations. 

Hoping to see Developers Studio as a successful blockchain startup in Pakistan, undoubtedly it is a dextrous lab where the businesses meet quality and inevitable trends whether your business is an enterprise, medium, or small business. 

Developers Studio expects to trigger a blockchain revolution across the world. The broader acceptance of digital currencies leads to developing the required infrastructure to adopt them; Developers Studio acknowledges it.

Employees: 10-49
Social Media Presence: Average



Adaigi is yet another exciting startup in Pakistan, but this is an application-based startup that assists you to send and receive payments. This is an open-source platform that is fully decentralized and 100 percent transparent. 


But they are not marketing their product with exemplary strategies, it needs to be improved.

Employees: 10-49
Social Media Presence: None



Stratagem Ventures is a company of business consultants based in Lahore, the company offers blockchain as a technology service, it isn’t representing its niche as a blockchain-based startup. Strategem needs improvements with its website content and social media visuals. The company is well-known to provide quality tech services and software solutions before the deadline. The company takes care of the quality assurance trait of the software developed. 


The main loophole in the Pakistani companies is the lack of good marketing, big names like IBM, Tkxel, and Quick bit have a notable presence on social media with informative posts to evoke the tech-awareness in the masses. Educating others should be the mission of every company including startups, enterprises, and medium-scale companies. 

Employees: 10-49
Social Media Presence: Not exemplary


Software Alliance

Software Alliance is a leading name offering IT services in Pakistan, the company is aimed to provide top-notch digital services in Pakistan. The company needs a hell lot of improvements as the site is not depicting a great user experience.

Software Alliance

It is recommended to have a site revamp and market their services in a more mannerful and meaningful way.

Employees: 10-49
Social Media Presence: Good


Penned Words

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) blockchain spending is expected to evolve at a significant pace throughout the 2018-2023 forecast period with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 60.2%.

Blockchain is quite crucial to the country’s success, Estonia is a leading example of blockchain implementation in their systems. Why not embrace blockchain technology in Pakistan, as blockchain is bringing efficiencies in governance and ease of doing businesses. It is downright significant to promote blockchain technology in Pakistan, the Blockchain companies in Pakistan are still making their way to the mainstream of the country’s success. We are hoping that in the slew of competitive tech worlds, Blockchain Developers in Pakistan have the potential to overcome the tech hurdle that is underlying the sheaths of our economy.