Quick Guide to SMS Blast and How to Send Them

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SMS Blast: You are looking to market your business at a faster rate? Are you expecting to send messages to hundreds or even thousands of users at a time?

Are you looking for a service that can share marketing messages, send alerts, and can work with audiences of large sizes? There is one simple solution to all your problems and that is SMS Blast.

But wait, do you know about the SMS blast, how you can use this service and how much you have to pay for this service? 

Today, I am going to elaborate on every piece of information about the Text blast service

Let’s dive in.

What Is SMS Blast?

SMS blasts make use of delivering one text message to thousands of users or leads at the same time with a single tick.

Based on several surveys, it is revealed by consumers that SMS has an open rate of 98%.

SMS doesn’t need any smartphone, it works on every mobile phone and people are more likely to receive information via text.

SMS blast is a text blast that means to send SMS or text from an SMS platform for eg; GetItSMS to thousands of users simultaneously. So, SMS blast marketing or text blast marketing is a great platform to promote the brand by raising brand awareness, by sending emergency notifications, offers, and updates.

SMS has a high open rate and high response rate compared to other messaging channels. 

Bulk SMS marketing is a tremendous way to attract new consumers, retain or upsell new consumers or engage with existing users. 

Text message marketing also includes email marketing but email marketing has an open rate of 20% and SMS marketing has a 98% open rate and also has a high response rate.

When we talk about the read-time of the SMS then 90% of SMS messages are open within  3 minutes of delivery. That means using SMS marketing is the foremost decision for a marketer.

SMS messages are sent via Bulk SMS service providers like GetitEMS which act as a link between business and mobile users.

Essentials To Run a Successful SMS Blast Campaign:

  • Permission:

The client’s permission to send them an SMS is a must. provide your user with an opportunity to opt-in and opt out of service or to unsubscribe at any time when they want.

For example, you can include an option to unsubscribe or to opt in before the SMS blast campaign.

  • Frequency:

Keep in mind the frequency of texting before delivering SMS blast campaigning. Because as a user too much messaging can be formidable.

According to a study, it is assumed that the frequency of commercial messages per month should be 4-8. Too many messages from a brand can make the customer irritated and less likely to purchase the brand.

  • Clarity:

Before sending an SMS blast make sure of the clarity of the message the consumer will receive. The consumer should have a clear vision of why they are opting for the service and how much text they will receive after signing in. 

For example: Receive up to 4 SMS per month to get our sale offer.

  • Timeliness:

Timing for Text blast is important. There is no hard and fast rule for this but you should think about when your client would want to accept an SMS and read it with no time.

Suppose a fresh offer for purchasing the grocery will wake you at 3 AM, would you like this? Making sure to target your audience at the right time is primitive for the SMS Blast campaign.

  • Brevity:

As you are aware the size of the character of an SMS is 160 characters. Then make your Text Blast concise, knowledgeable, and easy to read for every type of user.

Make it short and direct to engage your customer.

For example; a special offer this Friday just for subscribers! Show this text and get 15% off in-store only. Visit the store to avail the offer. Click “STOP” to cancel.

Why Send SMS Blast?

SMS messages are a great way of communicating with your consumer nowadays so using SMS Blast as a marketing channel is an extraordinary approach for experienced marketers.

Text Blast service has a high open rate, High read-rate, and is often the fast and more reliable channel for businesses to grow and reveal themself to new users.

Way To SMS or Two-Way text messaging is the process of sending and receiving an SMS or Text message

An SMS Blast helps your business to promote your brand by increasing brand awareness and boosting sales.

According to research, 68% of people keep a device that can support messaging apps and receive email. And 75% of SMS blast receivers are glad to receive marketing offers through SMS.

Among all the mobile phone owners 91% of them keep their devices within reach at all times. That is a beneficiary selection for a marketer to raise brand awareness through the SMS blast.

Data reveal that the Text blast service is much more effective than that marketing through messages broadcast on TV that give a daily reach of 80%. Broadcast on the radio is only 59%, distributed via the internet is 49%, and 13% by published in print media. Based on the study of this data, Text blast is found to be the most reliable and effective marketing channel.

SMS blast allows the user to reply to the text message. If we talk about the read time, then 90% of SMS are read within the 3 minutes of delivery whereas, 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts are ever read. 

This is the reason why coca-cola devotes 70% of its mobile marketing budget to SMS blasting.

How to send SMS Blast:

To send the SMS blast you need a database of a phone and a bulk SMS service provider with bulk messaging capability.

                                                         Build or import your list


                                                          Write your SMS blast


                                                                  Click send

Visit the GetitSMS bulk SMS service provider to make it convenient and affordable.


Among all the marketing channels, SMS Blast is found to be the most successful marketing channel because of its great demand in business. GetitSMS provide you with the best service in bulk SMS services and much more with great offers and benefits.

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