Best Extra-large Hot Tubs and wet spa essential for the swinging set

There was some time ago when people could only fantasize about the hot tubs. But thanks to the science which made our dream live. These days hot tubs are readily available in the market ranging from cheap inflatable home spas to expensive classic Jacuzzis, depending upon the features. Being spacious, these extra-large tubs are getting more popular among the people for the cold days.

The best hot tubs are the tubs that provide the best leisure and enjoyment despite the buyer’s space available and budget. No doubt, even the low-cost models of hot tubs are an investment, so one should be very careful when buying hot tubs. Some models need lengthy and complicated installations, but in this article, you will find the best extra-large tubs that are easy to install so that you can instantly change your garden or space into a luxury spa.



Scandinavian style hot tubs inspire this Lay-Z-Spa’s Helsinki Air jet hot tub. Freeze technology used in this hot tub is incredible, as it makes it all year-round usable. It is so easy to operate, and the rapid heating features of this tub heat the water to comfy 40-degrees centigrade (or as per your requirement). It is a very spacious hot tub that can accommodate 6-7 of your friends or family members to enjoy a massage system easily.

A fascinating feature of this hot tub is its Freeze Shield Tech which enables its users to use this hot tub in the coldest winter nights, making their coldest nights comfy and warm. Pump installed in it runs all the time in power saving mode, stopping the water from getting freeze in the pipes and motor. To make it a suitable substituent of acrylic spa insulating lid, realistic wooden design and durable drop-stitch construction are used. Its wooden texture and easy set up make it a luxury hot tub.

It is effortless to set up as it only takes 15-20 minutes. Big thanks to ChemConnect (a dispenser), which makes its maintenance convenient. This ChemConnect dispenser is attached to this spa’s internal wall and releases multifunction chlorine solution into the water, slowly making water germ free. 



· It is an extra-large tub with HWD 66*180*180cm.

· its capacity is 1123 L of water

· Being inflatable, it can be used all year

· Comfortable tub at a reasonable price.

· Wooden look style looks great.



Seven individuals will fee crowded.


Canadian Spa Cambridge 33-Jet 5-6-Person Spa Hot Tube - YouTube

There is no need to be tricked by the contrasting black and white scheme if this hot tub is the gold standard acrylic hot tub designed by the experts at Canadian Spa. Water in this tub remains filtered as the auto cleaning water sanitation system installed in it filters the water first before it gets contaminated.

An extraordinary technology is incorporated in this hot tub, preventing heat loss to save money and energy. This hot tub uses the most exceptional top class robust triple layer insulation with IR reflection and thermal transfer blocker package on the shell, base, and cabinet.

If you are planning to buy a hot tub closest to the real Jacuzzi, this Canadian spa hot tub is an excellent choice for your garden. Its six people capacity makes this tub an extra-large hot tub. It is a spacious hot tub with six-seat capacity with 35 jets, including five hydro-massage seat jets to get maximum leisure and comfort. Mp3 sound system and Lightening along the tub’s perimeter give the tub complete stylish look, making it elegant and innovative. These features make this tub best for throwing an awesome garden party.

Moreover, this is hot tub jacuzzi is most comfortable in terms of installation even you can do it by yourself. Plug and play feature is highly compatible with set up. In short, this tub is a real deal in the market.



· Its advanced Balboa Pack technology to give you reliable and speedy performance

· Intuitive control panel allows you to operate your spa a dream

· Acrylic tub with 35 Jets 

  • Six seat
  • Mp3 Audio system
  • Underwater LED Lightening gives complete style.


  • Manual is limited for this hot tub.

 Coleman Lay Z Spa – Best Hot Tub:

Top 10 Best Portable Hot Tubs in 2020 Reviews

The Coleman Lay Z Spa is an excellent option for those who love traveling and enjoying spas. It is an inflatable hot tub that does not require any complicated set up as it takes only 30 minutes for set up. 

This hot tub is best for 4-6 individuals and gives them comfort and leisure in heated water. It is equipped with smart features that are very easy to operate. A Digital Control Panel and an automatic timer are included in this spa, which allows you to program your required temperature and start the massage system. 

Being surrounded by soothing bubble jets, it increases your relaxation and enjoyment.

The material used in the extra-large hot tub is highly durable and robust. It has leatheroid and punctures resistant TriTech, three-ply exteriors making it more suitable for surface or floor. The walls of this extra-large tub do not bend over or buckle even if anyone sits on these. It is all because of its I-Beam constructed walls. So you can easily enjoy it while sitting on the walls of the tub. Its floor is comfortable and cozy as it is an air padded cushioned floor. This air pad cushioned floor under the spa gives you extra support and insulates the tub by preventing the tub from losing heat through its base. Being cheap and affordable in cost, this unit is included in the list of best hot tubs.


  •  TriTech 3-ply inflated walls made this hot tub durable and more strong
  • Its soothing bubble jets increase your leisure
  • Spacious as it can hold 4-6 people
  • Convenient digital control panel
  • Timer controlled heating system is installed in it
  • Does not need any tools for its setup and inflate with accompanying pump
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Strong and unbendable I-Beam constructed walls Sturdy I-Beam 
  • Increased insulation due to the cushioned air pad floor
  • Included with DVD showing spa set up, insulated cover, filtration system.
  • It is a cheap portable hot tub.


  • Filters tend to clog up quickly-keep a few of them handy
  • Pump and heater turn off after 72 hours
  • Does not have any regulatory thermostat 
  • The short warranty period of only six months

 Bestway SaluSpa Paris hot tub with LED Light Show

SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w/ LED Light Show – Laze Up!Paris is known as the city of lights, so the company Bestway keeps this theme in its consideration while designing this hot tub. Bestway SaluSpa Paris hot tub is equipped with underwater LEDs giving you the feel of sitting somewhere in Paris. The tub you will fall in love with. There are seven different colors for calming effects. This tub comes with RF remote control. There are 87 bubble jets in this Jacuzzi, and maybe you feel a bit uncomfortable for setting up, but due to its style and comfort, it is one of the best affordable pop up a hot tub.

This hot tub with jets provides you the ultimate spa experience as its all surrounding bubble jets direct bubbles to massage you, giving you gently, and tickling feel. It is outfitted with a computerized control board that can be operated from inside the hot tub allowing you to change the water temperature according to your choice. It is an energy-saving hot tub with power timer mode, which automates the water temperature up to 72 hours in advance. Having strength and comfort is one of the best hot tubs in the market. I-Beam constructed walls increases its structural stability.

The ability to hold 5-6 people in it makes the best extra-large with easy setup and maintenance. It needs no extra tools for setting up and makes it a portable spa. It is anything but difficult to swell and collapse due to its pump. Also, an insulated cover comes with this large hot tub to prevent it from seasonal effects when it is out of use. To fantasize and style your nights, the LED light bulbs use seven different colors to form a vow contrast in the water.


The jets release bubbles from the bottom of the spa and make the environment of the tub warm and bubbling hot. These bubbles give you calmness in water. Due to easy setup and being inflatable, it is portable in its structure, making the priority of the buyers who want to buy extra-large hot tubs. In short, it gives the complete Jacuzzi feel making your coldest nights into warmer ones.


· LED lights in the base

· Easy to inflate and deflate

· Extensive and can hold up to 6 individuals

· Needs no tools for set up

· Provides the comforts of the permanent spa at affordable price


· Not comes with extra filters.


Aqua rest spas select 200

Select 200 5-Person 20-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub with LED ...

If you are searching for a spa with high performance and value, then select 200 Spa, which has 20 stainless hydrotherapy jets providing you a high level of luxury and enjoyment. Due to its hydrotherapy jets, it has therapeutic benefits at a very reasonable price. You can calm in the tub, knowing that your tub is energy efficient with full-foam insulation and uses ASTM authenticated locking safety cover to deliver maximum efficiency. This extra-large hot tub is manufactured in the USA and comprises heavy duty and impact resistant polythene. This polythene increases the durability of your spa without affecting its comfort level. It is spacious, and 4-5 individuals can quickly get warm and enjoy massage in this tub. Its 20 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets are the source of warm, leisure, and outstanding performance. It has dual side air controls that give you full control. So you can enjoy the massage in your way. Unlike other extra-large hot tubs, it gives massage to every muscle of your body to feel more relaxed and calm. This hot tub is has a multi-color LED back kit spilling waterfall with nine colorful lights taking your relaxation level to the next level. To keep this Jacuzzi hygienic and germ-free, it has an EZ Kleen filtration system that gives 100 filtered and cleans water. 

Being 235 lbs in weight, it is portable so that if you can place it in your garden to enjoy coldest nights. Unlike other hot tubs, this unit does not have any particular electrical outlets. You do not require an electrician for installation as this plug and play Aquarest Spas Select 200 uses a 120-volt outlet.

In short, this spa is exceptionally luxurious, warm, and comfortable. These spas are available in standard hot tub sizes with easy setup and maintenance. The entire above mentioned feature made this hot tub jump into top-rated extra-large hot tubs.


· It offers excellent features at affordable price

· The unit can hold up to 5 people

· Hydrotherapy jets installed in it asserts high pressure on the muscles


  • Hydrotherapy jets positioning may hit mid-back instead of the lower back
  • The heater takes time to heat water