Plantation Shutters Manufacturer & Installation in Adelaide

Experience of Country blind in Plantation Shutter Manufacturer:

Country Blinds have unparalleled experience in Plantation Shutters. Years of experience designing and installing have proved there is no substitute for plantation timber as the slat material for interior Plantation Shutters. Paulownia (Pol-on-IA) plantation timber is more durable and performs better than other choices such as Veneer, PVC or MDF.

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According to some of our customers who have already tried other types of door dressings, plantation shutters is the best solution due to their versatility and functionality. Our shutters are made to measure and can virtually be used to cover any door of any shape and size, regardless how high or large they are.

Plantation shutter range:

platination shalter

Country Blind have large range in the plantation of the shutter basically country blind fills the gap in the market. There is a gap in the market of shutter door’s and patio shutters. Country blinds have experience of almost 20 years or more than that. First, we must discuss the choice and quality of the shutters which is presented by Country blind.

Choice and quality:

You will find many of the choices and qualities regarding shutter. On the other hand, the best choices and qualities of Country blind shutter manufacturer are written as follows:


  • Your choice of products including poplar timber, PVC, and aluminum.
  • Over 20 colors and stain options suite any decor.
  • If you are after a custom service, we can color match paints.
  • We design, assemble and service every shutter in Adelaide.
  • No waiting for overseas manufacturers and interstate retailers to fix a problem.

Features of products and their benefits:

There are many advantages/benefits of the shutters of the doors as Windows are one of the main ways heat leaves a building, so by adding another layer of insulation, shutter doors can reduce heat loss from the building. Shutter doors can act to reduce your energy bills, and in so doing make your business more environmentally friendly.

  • Internal shutters use 100% Basswood plantation timber.
  • External shutters use extruded aluminum with an automotive finish.
  • 2-pack polyurethane paint for a flawless finish to timber & PVC shutters.
  • Timber is hand selected, ensuring no knots, odd grains, and other imperfections.

Types of shutter doors:

Pinnacle shutters:

Technically at the pinnacle of shutter design. … This is a new range of shutters made from Paulownia which is a high grade, The fine grain texture, knot-free appearance and low oil content make it the perfect timber to be stained or painted.

Drift Shutters:

The Drift shutter is a unique take on the plantation shutter as we know it.

drift shatter

Inspired by driftwood like what we would find washed up on a beach, it has a texture that makes it stand out from the range. The drift shutter is manufactured using 100% Paulownia timber and proven to have amazing resistance to the Australian environments, as a result, it is stable and strong.

PVC & Aluminum Shutters:

Designed to withstand extreme heat from our harsh Australian Summer’s to freezing Winters, the Endure is made from extruded aluminum that is then painted with an automotive finish to give it a long-lasting appearance so it doesn’t flake or chip.

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