New lifestyle standards demand robust and advanced approaches to make life truly stylish and comfortable. When we talk about robust and advanced approaches in electrical products, CLIPSAL ICONIC is a proven invention that has transformed the way we look at switchboards and sockets. We, at AGM Electrical, advocate the use of Clipsal iconic in your homes, offices, and even shops due to their unlimited distinctive features that proving their brilliance. We believe that Clipsal iconic is the future of switchboards and sockets that truly make our lives lavish and luxurious and all that on ideal pricing. Come, let’s discuss these distinctive features that make Clipsal iconic an ideal option for us all.



Before we discuss the key reasons to recommend Clipsal iconic, it is pertinent to discuss what exactly is this new invention. Clipsal iconic is an advanced, stylish form of switchboards that come with additional features to support our upgraded, routine needs. They’re not your old, stale, and boring switchboards which have a predefined color range and design option. They, in fact, go beyond in terms of design, size, and shape structure in comparison to our old switchboards and sockets. From traditional switches to new electronic appliances, Clipsal iconic support all sort of devices and allow you power them in various ways. Along with traditional plug N play approach, you will find the Bluetooth connectivity a truly remarkable feature that has been included in Clipsal iconic.


Clipsal Iconic Switches and Power Points | Slim, Sleek, Clean ...

To address your variable needs, the inventors have come up with different Clipsal iconic types. Each type of Clipsal iconic is linked to the device we use on a daily basis or those which we have to plug into power them. Here are few Clipsal iconic types for more clarity:

  • The prime Clipsal iconic type includes buttons to power the bulbs and tubes and have a certain number of switches on them.
  • Then, you’ll find an advanced fan controller range in Clipsal iconic that offer safety and durability both in one place.
  • To better make your kitchen work efficient, there is a Clipsal iconic range for powering cookers and kitchen appliances.
  • You’ll find a wide range of Clipsal iconic switches specifically made for powering mobile devices, laptops, and LED TVs.


Clipsal Iconic Upgrade Project | Loveday Electrical

Clipsal iconic has exhibited various features in their testing mode which gave a new turn to the usage of switchboards and sockets. Here are some of the key reasons for recommending Clipsal iconic so you can make an informed and smart decision when making purchases on our portal.

  • Where in the old days you had to make peace with a boring white (or off-white) color of your switchboards, the new Clipsal iconic comes with different, replaceable skins. And you can easily replace these skins in minutes without even calling your electrician.
  • The abundance of Clipsal iconic types is another reason for recommending them. You can install a specific Clipsal iconic board to better serve the purpose instead of relying on messy wires that sometimes result in short circuits.
  • The basic structure of Clipsal iconic offers you the ease of replacement and maintenance. As where with old switchboards you had to replace the whole board, you can simply replace the chip that is out of order and continue powering the device on the go.
  • The inventors have given a creative flair to Clipsal iconic with the ability to colorize the grids and transform them into something that you can relate with your interiors. And to do so, you won’t have to master the art of electricians as just few adjustments are enough to accomplish your objectives.
  • The versatility of Clipsal iconic types also offers you to pick the right option for each purpose. From HDMIs to kitchen appliances and heavy-duty power cables, you can select an appropriate option and reduce the use of unnecessary wires.
  • The new Clipsal iconic range comes with certain additional features such as mobile holders and Bluetooth connectivity that make your life a lot easier. Plus, the motion sensors increase the value of your investment in Clipsal iconic.

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