Guided 10 Minute Mountain Meditation | Become the Mountain

Mountain Meditation is a grounded technique to establish strength and stability in our lives like an unwavering mountain. Serene intention to remain aware and present can be achieved with the help of mindfulness meditation. 

Meditation – Magnificent Mountain

A mountain always stands tall and proud whether it suffers the most violent of storms, being capped with glacial ice, blanketed with clouds or suffering the sweltering heat.  

Mountain meditation is a practice to master your emotions while sitting atop a mountain. No! You don’t have to travel to an exquisite resort to perform this meditation. 

It’s a thought trip that our mind has to take for itself. Guided 10-minute meditation can be followed with these vivid thoughtful imagery patterns.

Guided 10 Minute Meditation

All Aboard!

  • Take a strong start by choosing a peaceful place of your personal liking, preferably an open space. It could either be your relaxing chair by the study, a pool or an exquisite lawn with freshly mowed grass that mentally and physically soothes your senses.
  • Close your eyes gently and let your mind drift away into far off pleasant places.
  • Focus on your breathing sensations and drift away with the melody of your heightened senses.
  • Explore the silence and serenity around you.
  • Open your third eye and visualize an imagery of a magnificent mountain right in front of your eyes. 
  • Make the mountain’s imaginary presence powerful by altering seasons and scenarios. 
  • Make imaginary mental images for every different weather  condition like blizzards, hail storms, spring and summer. Align your presence with the mountain in every altered state.
  • You will notice the seasonal and extreme changes can not budge the mighty mountain from its solid rooted base. In other words, it is independent of any variable factors in its environment.
  • Gaze deeply into its neutral stance despite the pleasant or unpleasant changes that it goes through. 
  • Observe its distinctive features with deep perceptional thoughts. Notice the picturesque beauty of its prominent peak, or see if it has numerous mesmerizing peaks through your inner eye.
  • Soar up to the majestic peaks of the mountain with a sense of a magical uplift. Use your imagination to sit cross-legged on the top of the mountain.
  • Enjoy a bird’s eye view of everything beneath for a while and see how every detail seems dainty in comparison with its towering heights.
  • Sit, breathe and anticipate its quality attributes with a peaceful mind.
  • Enjoy the sensations of your body sitting atop a mountain and try to soak up its glorious attributes within yourself.
  • Hold on to the vivid imagery of the mountain, and see yourself as a reflection of the mountain.
  • Gradually, believe that you have become a part of the mountain, unbothered by conflicting emotions, preoccupied behaviors, and toxic environmental factors.
  • Empower yourself with the transcendent powers of the mountain to grasp the support, agility, and stability of the mountain and assume that you have become a mountain yourself.
  • Continue to sit in the meditation and delve into the serene stillness for a while. 
  • Gradually let go of the imagery. Gently open your eyes and return to the present.

Meditation – A Halt to Making Mountains out of Molehills

We all have encountered situations where procrastination takes over our mind. An issue that may seem insignificant to some is quite stressful for a few of us. We tend to make mountains out of molehills,  and assume the worst, for every distress we face.

This catastrophic thought process keeps us running around in a “what-ifs” circle. Our mind is constantly abuzz with degrading thoughts like:

“I will never be good enough”

“What if I stutter on the stage, for my presentation”

“I will never get my self-confidence back”

“I am disappointed and tired of myself”

Mountain meditation takes on an imaginary artistic approach to cope up with these devastating problems that are detrimental to our spiritual and mental health. It disciplines our thoughts by teaching us vividly imaginative relatability to a massive mountain. The constant deviating weather and abrupt violent storms have no adverse effects on the impressive mountain. In the same way we can relate it to our temporary affliction because time is an independent variable, entitled to change.

 “ We can never realize the worth of  good times,

  unless we haven’t  gone through bad ones ”

Benefits for Mountain Meditation

The experienced wonders of this mindfulness meditation are beyond words. Visualizing everything from below the mountain helps us assess how trivial our problems seem if we analyze them with our heightened senses, an objective approach, and ponder upon productive solutions rather than dwelling on the disasters.


It allows us to treat ourselves with a sense of completeness and never put emphasis on negative emotions, outcomes and blame ourselves for the fleeting failed experiences that just weren’t meant to be in our favor. As we share radiance and calmness from the mountain we discover that the mountain always sits still. It is unaffected from dawn to dusk and from daylight colors to evening shadows. Its unmoving presence is what makes it so powerfully pleasant. 

We also become insightful to the fact that the same way mountains have gone through various weather changes in its time, it is similar to the challenges that we face in our lives. Mindful mountain meditation motivates us to simply relax and enjoy our journey with a well-mapped approach for taking up arduous challenges with a positive mindset that produces productive outcomes.