FireStick Not Turning ON – Easy Ways to Fix This Problem

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If you are facing a problem with that, Firestick not turning ON, or your firestick stuck in the boot loop. so don’t worry because here are some ways to fix your firestick not turning ON. You just need to follow this article.

Firestick Not Turning ON: Reasons and Solution

Some reasons can cause Your Firestick not turning ON, and also solutions to fix this problem:

  1. Router Error Occurs

Sometimes it happens that the router is not working properly due to this your firestick is not turning ON. Because the router plays an important role with your Firestick TV.

You must know the proper router Settings.

  1. Jailbreak Firestick

If you have been trying to Jailbreak your firestick, And due to some cause it didn’t complete then It may lead you to the trouble of not starting. Always be careful while you are Jailbreaking your Firestick. Here is the best way, How to Jailbreak Firestick.

  1. Physical Connection

If Your fire TV stick has a loose connection, the Fire TV stick not turning ON may occur and your fire TV stick may fail or stop working. So check all connections should be tight and proper.

  1. Poor Internet Connection

High-speed internet is a must for streaming on any device. If you have a poor internet connection, replace it quickly. because it may cause your firestick not turning ON.

  1. Power Adapter

As you all know Fire TV stick comes with an Adapter. If the Adapter is faulty then your firestick won’t turn on. you have to replace it with a good quality power adapter.

  1. Remote

You use a firestick remote, but it could be bad too. Yes, If you use a bad remote or less power battery in the remote. then your remote will not work. you just keep on pressing the button. So Check your remote is good and working. otherwise, your firestick won’t wake up.

Steps to fix: Firestick won’t turn on

Follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you just need to unplug your firestick.
  2. Unplug all other connections.
  3. Check HDMI ports.
  4. Use a high-speed HDMI Cable.
  5. Unplug the HDMI hub and plug it back into the firestick TV HDMI port.
  6. Now, Power ON the fire stick.

Test Your Router

If your router doesn’t work properly, it can cause your Firestick not to turn ON.

  • It is important to verify whether the modem or router with the Fire TV Stick device.
  • If you’ve entered an incorrect specification, you must reset it as N, B as well as G routers using 2.4 GHz.
  • Disable the wireless feature
  • It then has to be connected directly to your fire stick.
  • You must now start your device from scratch and restart the router.
  • The router starts searching for an internet connection. After the fire stick has started functioning properly.
  • If you’re still not receiving internet connectivity then speak to the provider of your Internet service. They will give you step-by- procedure instructions that will ensure the issue will be resolved.

Check With Network Usage Tool

If you notice that the fire stick isn’t turning on on your network, then you’ll need an application for network usage to identify the connection that is causing the problem.

To access the tool, you need to visit “Settings” to select “Network” from the menu for TV before clicking the play or Pause button which is found on your TV remote.

FAQ – FireStick Not Turning ON

What do I need to do to turn on my Firestick?

It is necessary to connect to a USB cable through an adapter for power and connect the firestick to an HDMI Port. Press the play/pause button in the appropriate language, and look for wifi connections.

What caused my Firestick to suddenly cease to function?

Sometimes, firesticks stop working because of incompatible input sources, so you need to reconnect your device to ensure proper pairing. It is easy to change your HDMI ports to provide greater support.

What is the reason my fire stick is not connecting?

There could be a variety of reasons for this, for instance, you could have a poor internet connection, damaged ports, a broken wire or bad weather. It is important to investigate everything thoroughly.

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