Addressing the biggest challenges of hosting hybrid events

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A hybrid event is a combination of online events and in-person events. This form of the event allows people to access the content in a virtual environment and physical venue. With the hybrid event both offline audiences and virtual audiences can get the same experience, regardless of where they join from. In simple words, Hybrid events cater to remote and physical audiences simultaneously. That’s why these types of events play an essential role in the event industry and organization.

The correct event infrastructure must be in place in order to hold hybrid events in today’s environment of growing connectivity. Companies and event organizers need to make sure they are ready with the appropriate hybrid events platform and hybrid event live streaming services so that these events can function well. In this session, you will find some of the most challenges and issues experienced by marketers, event planners, sponsors, and business owners.

Common challenges of hosting hybrid events

Continuous attendee engagement

As the industry is moving from in-person events to virtual events, many event planners often struggle to engage and hold their participants before and after the event. Due to the lack of interactive tools and expertise, it could get worse with the hybrid events.

In order to overcome this challenge, event organizers need to select hybrid meeting platforms and interactive tools. But choosing a platform for your hybrid event can be a difficult task because the event platform and tool have their own cons and pros. You can connect with a trusted hybrid event live streaming service provider in order to host a successful hybrid event. They offer a wide range of interactive tools and approaches in order to make your event more interactive and more engaging.

Supporting networking and community-building initiatives is another idea to engage attendees after the event. Social media, email newsletters, or even a simple invitation to lunch before the event can also accomplish this.

Cost and complexity of the hybrid event

Before hosting a hybrid event, organizers may experience the increased cost, complexity, and risk associated with integrating various tools, hybrid conference platforms, and technology. For the internal webinar, most organizations utilize more than one platform and tool. It can increase the risk of technical issues and overall cost.

A company can save money and lessen various technical problems by switching from several meeting, webinar, and event platforms to a single platform with a common interface. Make sure a new platform you are considering has a flexible price structure that can accommodate all of the different event needs, both present, and future. Your event management platform should include a content-delivery network regardless of audience size. In order to host hybrid events, your platform should include different features such as reporting, analytics, and the ability to monitor the performance of the event in real-time.

Defining the ticketing strategy

Many marketers decided to give free events as the industry switched to virtual events. It makes sense because previous webinars were free activities. However, live events didn’t always use that approach, leaving us with a crucial dilemma: what will be our ticketing strategy?

Make ticketing tiers and levels to solve this dilemma. Depending on their ticket level, different persons may be able to access different portions of the online and in-person events. This gives the attendees more freedom and power by letting them decide what aspects of the event they truly want to pay for. Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that more pricing tiers and choice combinations may make management more challenging.

Event technology

Advanced technology, digital tools, and high-quality hybrid platforms play an essential role to host a hybrid event smoothly. Lack of technical knowledge, equipment, and tools can create a major problem for event organizers. It is best practice to make a list of features essential to the success of your event before you explore the product available on the market. The must-have features include:

  • Analytics
  • Live-streaming from the venue
  • Ticketing
  • Website builder
  • Hybrid networking options
  • Check-in and badging
  • Marketing
  • Floor map and navigation
  • Social streaming
  • Gamification
  • AI-powered matchmaking
  • Audio-only networking

After deciding the essential feature and your budget, you can talk to a hybrid event live streaming service provider, attend demos and select your platform.

Creating memorable experience

The participation of attendees is essential for any event. However, different conditions such as lack of interesting content or technical issues can decrease the attention rate of attendees. The level of audience engagement can be measured by event organizers by using different platforms and tools. The matrix of audience engagement helps event organizers to take constructive steps to change and improve it. In order to improve the experience of attendees, it is essential to measure and access the live metric of how well a participant listens.

You need to use a perfect platform in order to increase event awareness and maximize engagement. To know who is coming and what they are interested in or looking at on-site, you warriorofweb sure it offers extensive audience data.

Event content

Choosing the right topic and deciding the agenda for your hybrid event can be a challenging task. In order to hold your audience and improve the engagement level, you need to offer informative and interesting content. Understanding what kind of topic stirs your audience’s interest is an essential step before planning a hybrid event.

You can check different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Live streaming services, LinkedIn, etc in order to check the trending topics and ideas. The following can assist you in generating content ideas:

  • What type of content resonates with the people in the past?
  • Are there any emerging industry trends that are required to be brought to attention?
  • What are some common issues?
  • What content are people consuming online?
  • What activities should be conducted online and onsite?
  • What activities should be specific to only online or onsite attendees?
  • What activities should be hybrid so everyone can participate? 

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