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Woman who died after battling rare cancer had penned inspirational viral letter

Woman who died after battling rare cancer had penned inspirational viral letter


"I swear you will not be thinking of those things when it is your turn to go." A 27-year-old Australian woman who lost her battle with a rare form of cancer asked her family to share the last letter she wrote on her deathbed.

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Chelsea Football Club manager Antonio Conte is cracking up again - and not about Jose Mourinho this time 😂 ...


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???????????? Wtf 😂😂😂😂

Another refree mike dean

be gone in the summer anyway..

Grant He Wears a Wig.. He fixes Matches.. and now he's cracking up CONTE CONTE CONTE

Oh please. Mourinho has whined and bitched worse than this 10 times already this season. Conte is just stating the obvious here.

Ilyaas Sacid Dooro Macow Abdihahahahahhaa

He talks some shite

He makes a good point

i think his right

Last season was like a holiday for him, no ucl just focused on the league 😂👍👏

Hazard Adam Johnson Bro WtF?😂😂😂

Conte cry cry 🚼 baby

Done deal.

musiye aziona ameneyo

Yep that's right bro

Eric Blenio can you translate please? I don’t understand Italian lol

Sorry, u don’t fix game here in PL. Referee don’t check to confirm whether u paid them or anot. And btw, Morata clearly dived

Feeling the true pressure of the EPL @ 4th,eh Conte???? Both Him & Jose are cry babies

Yazid Zyd Razak Reza Razak 0.05 aww, he's starting to cry....

Drama queen out of control on the touchline Conte,

No? He is right in what he's saying

Aamir Patel

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