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Why Trump caved to Pelosi and Schumer

Why Trump caved to Pelosi and Schumer


Donald J. Trump threw his support to a deal that gave the Democratic leaders everything they wanted via CNN Opinion

CNN Opinion

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Trump says he’s worried about voter fraud. One of his nominees may have voted illegally in Virginia.

A road in Mexico appears to 'breathe' during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the centre of the country

39 minutes ago

Sporting News

A preview of this week's Thursday Night Football game. 😂 ...


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Rams actually score points on offense unlike the 49ers lmao

That's what I think of when I think of this game

The 49ers are playing the Rams. If you lose to the Rams you get thrown out of the league

Aren't these your folks Robbie Corriher? Hahahaha

Notice there is o one watching which is what will happen on Thursday

It won't be this good

Yeah, pretty much.....

California dreaming.

Kevin hahahaha

Isiah Tripp lmfao accurate 😆


Cody Daniels ol trickys team haha Nick Horner

They do wrong for this Raymond Coronado James Grays

Aaron Gallardo Luis Castaneda jajajaja comenten ....

Jesus Roberto 🤣😂🤣👌🏻

Matt Lorelli Martin vs Bucky

Dani, 😁

I love these Chris Lodato Cabot Jaffee III

Moritz Heise 😂😂😂

Joey McCampbell Devin McCampbell

Colandra Coleman Webster 😂😂😂😂

Jenn Marti lol

David Mason lol

Kevin McDermott Kelvin Roman

Nicole Gammel 😂😂😂

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56 minutes ago

FOX10 News

Here's a live view of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, as Hurricane Maria kicks up surf and wind. Earlier, the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years destroyed hundreds of homes, knocked out power across the entire island and triggered heavy flooding. MORE: ...


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So terrible. Pray for all those people.

Praying for them and for Mexico

Let us Pray for all the People.

Thank you, my prayers to all, heart broken

Praying for everyone.






Praying for all.

Praying for all ..!!


Leydi Diaz Juan Diaz

Pam Green

Stephanie Chau

Kyle Pilgrim

Meghan Mueller Rodriguez Leighton Rodriguez Sidney Rodriguez Michelle Luebbering Lyndsey Nicole Whittle

Had to leave there yesterday got back this morning hoping to get a refund as it was my honeymoon

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1 hour ago

FOX10 News

Bob Grip has your rundown for 4 and 5 o'clock newscasts. He'll discuss the cause of death for 12-year-old Naomi Jones as well as new information in a drive-by shooting in West Mobile. ...


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Good afternoon

Thanks Bob! See you at 5:00!


Good evening

Nice tie Bob!

Hello Bob and linese .. "NYC

1 hour ago

BBC News

This is the trail of destruction that's been left by Hurricane Maria. ...


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I hope when this years hurricane season is over an infrastructure is put in place to assist faster, have buildings in place to protect the vulnerable and rapid post hurricane emergency assistance ... because from climate change models down the line, this isn't going to get any better.

As the temp rising and the sea temp also rising, it's expected that hurricanes will be bigger and more frequent. My thoughts are with the people of the Caribbean who's been affected by this disasters 😞

I've friends in Puerto Rico and just waiting. I hope everyone managed to get out and that the Governments, including ours, does all it can to help and offer aid. They need it.

All the money that is given by the UK for overseas aid should now be stopped and given to all the countries that have suffered from nature's disasters to help all who are suffering. This money, totalling billions would help all who are suffering to rebuild their lives . All other countries should do this !

The Coqui population was in trouble before, I hope they are able to withstand this event. I can't imagine not hearing them singing in PR.

The earth is trying to rub us off. We are in the way. We live in flood zones, on soft sand that liquifies, ancient lake beds that melt, cliffs that erode. I imagine a giant thumb. Begone scourge!

All these weather experts on here lol, mother nature at her best , shows how us humans are just as insignificant on the big scales of life, god bless you all x

After the terror comes the sanctity of refuge. Please, just make buildings out of more than sticks and straw. Be intelligent.

What can I say, if you settle in the areas where hurricanes are a common phenomena you shouldn't be surprised or cry about the destruction - it was expected.

With the ongoing development of climate change the area will need vastly improved infrastructure to deal with these things coming much more often than ever before. The number of "once in a century/millennium" events we've had in the last 15 years speaks for itself. They are becoming once a decade or even less.

These government produced storms can we ask these governments to stop experimenting or stop their weather manipulation please

Can't bear watching it anymore!

And these storms funny never hit government buildings coincidence??

Where do these names come from #harvey #irma #maria..

The building structures need to be redesigned to be resistant to such strong winds

What is the planet trying to tell us????

How the hell some people hit "laugh" and "love" emojis?

What is happening to our world. So sad

😢😢😢😢😢😢 I want God help you for all children be so scared I know this 😢😢😢

Omg my heart goes out to these people.

They're just not prepared for this type of hurricane.

God's Grace upon them all.

Dean Thurston I have a tiny feeling you weren’t in the worst part of it. 😂

God save all Caribbean people!

Sending Love and Prayers from Philippines....stay strong Puerto Rico....

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2 hours ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

Casie Mason NC5 was LIVE at The Grilled Cheeserie Melt Shop to debut a new series about the coolest things, places, and experiences in Nashville - Music City Must! Find them here: ...


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those shakes sound tasty! Hope Casie brings some back for us!

The Grilled Cheeserie is at 2003 Belcourt Avenue in Nashville.

Check out more Music City Musts here:

Here's the link for Music City Must:

Don't forget to like Casie (K-C) on Facebook!

I've heard of the food truck!

Come to Starwood pizza on old hickory Blvd for the best pizza and wings calzones are amazing everything we do is fresh daily and hand made WE WELCOME YOU WITH A BIG HELLO AND COME ON IN YOU WANT REGRET IT... AGAIN STARWOOD PIZZA

My husband loves your grilled cheese!

I have eaten there and I love and atmosphere


Green Door Gourmet in West Nashville is AWESOME!! Their annual Fall Fest is a must attend on Oct 1st! :)

Check out Plaza Mariachi on Nolenville Road! It as a great all ages place to hang out, hear great music, & eat some awesome food!

The fried pickles at the Wildhorse Saloon are a must have!!!

Must drink beer with Will. He hangs out in alley behind the old Classic Cat.

97 Crown Vic 365000 rough shape but runs (rough also) $1000 obo

My family & I LOVE the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and the milkshakes are AMAZING!!!

Wow Otis. .

The strawberry cake at The Bluebird Cafe is a must as well!!

I just need to know where Casie Mason got that dress!!!!

Tom and Cheese on Charlotte much better and less expensive

And your happy about that

This is cool! Where is everyone?


How fun! Bye

Hi all phil white from Taunton Somerset in England here .my wife and i will be coming to Nashville in October. Been married 28 years oct 20th never had a honeymoon been saving hard for years .any recommendations where to eat ,drink .. i love steaks and ribs and chicken..over to you guys and girls

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2 hours ago

Sporting News

Chase for The Heisman Trophy: Oklahoma St. QB Mason Rudolph deserves your attention. 🏆 ...


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Mayfield in the Driver seat with that big win at OSU. Jackson couldn't get going vs Clemson in a loss while Rudolph is a sleeper.

Why, I don't get a vote, Heisman is a joke

I watched this game and he was crazy good.

They are all good playing a defense that sucks 😂

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