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Wells Fargo plans to close 800 more branches by 2020

Wells Fargo plans to close 800 more branches by 2020


The bank closed more than 200 branches last year.

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1 hour ago


This girl with Down syndrome is an Olympic athlete! 🤸‍♀️🏅 ...


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stop labelling people, she is an athlete with ambitions just like all her other team mates, also she models, great, fantastic, she's a person in her own right, not a person with "down syndrome" there's nowt down about this young lady give her a big cheer

she is just a girl--her syndrome plays no role and should not even be mentioned---she is a good athlete!

She is very is us that have put limits on the disabled. You go girl.....let's see you fly!

For years I have always donated to special olympics...I have seen some amazing athletes over the years.

She is a very talented and beautiful young lady. An amazing athlete. Fantastic!

thank you so much for sharing it brought up my day one really special lady

She is an amazing young lady and though I do not know her I'm extremely proud of her she did not let down syndrome hold her back now I do not have children with Down Syndrome but I do have children with autism and we teach them the same thing it does not have to hold you down or hold you back and she is an inspiration to all of those with any type of disability. But to remember disability does not mean you can't

She is awesome and a super athlete!!

Her disability is not who she is, how about a young woman who has achieved wonderful results in the Special Olympics. Or mention her medals, in 2018 we can do better.

So many make coment of a disability I see no disability I sure couldn't do that even when I was younger

Chelsea, you are fantastic!! Keep up the good work.

She is AMAZING!! Glad to see that she doesnt let her disability stop her from having a great time and finding a success that most of us only can dream of.

How wonderful! Good for her for accomplishing what they told her she couldn’t.

, you are amazing sweetheart my grandson has autism they keep labeling them telling us what he can't do things but he's done all your amazing keep going

Awesome..........keep it up

Wow! Chelsea you are awesome! There are no limits to what you can do! 💪🖒

❤ I see a talented young girl who loves sports!!

She’s very talented. She is not her autism. Let’s acknowledge the strength & talent & let’s lose the label. She’s a beautiful talented human being plain & simple.

She looks like a REMARKABLE athelet to me !!!!!

Kandis Redman Brooklynn's flexible self would be sooo good at gymnastics!

She is valuable not because of her accomplishments ( which are amazing) but for the fact that she is created in the image of God .

This young lady is an inspiration to anyone who is perceived as different reinforcing the notion that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Just goes to prove, if there is a will, there is a way. Good for her, prove them wrong honey, you're giving hope to SO many.

That is great it takes a lot of time and practice I know someone who did her states and the time she put in

Just proves that anyone CAN do anything they put their mind to. Great job

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2 hours ago

BBC Technology News

Eye candy or visual clutter?

Read and watch all our CES 2018 coverage:


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Who else loves ?

Ibrahim Ahmed

I like it!!

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