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U.S. Senate targeted by Russian hackers, cybersecurity firm says

U.S. Senate targeted by Russian hackers, cybersecurity firm says


The revelation suggests the group nicknamed Fancy Bear is still busy trying to gather the emails of America's political elite.

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Nelson says the marvels of the human body are not an accident: "That is a gift of our creator."

"The most important thing about us is we are children of God," Oaks said on the progress of racial and gender equity in the Church.

On racial and gender equity, Nelson said "We don't think the way man thinks. God's way are not man's ways."

On progress in gender and racial equity, Nelson said "We will live to see the day when other flavors are in the mix."

Be careful out there! Black ice causes a car in Kentucky to slam into a police cruiser before driving off the road. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Interior Dept focused on expanding energy production in first year under Trump:

New U.S. embassy — which Trump mocked on Twitter — opens in London

During his annual address to the nation, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that pregnant women would receive a payment of 700,000 bolivars a month. Or, about $3.83

"Without my knowledge or consent, I had engaged in my first sexual experience when I was in kindergarten."

Sex-abuse victims face gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar at sentencing.

Happening now Inside LDS Church office building

Martin Luther King III: President Trump's vulgar comments "were extraordinarily racist"

Analysis: NIH wants 1 million Americans to contribute to new pool of gene data

"To each member of the church... I express my deep love for you -- love that has grown over decades...," Nelson said.

DHS Sec. Nielsen: "I actually was struck more by the fact that the conversation...had gotten to a place where many people in the room were using inappropriate language in the Oval Office, in front of the president."

"Prayers and good wishes have come from near and far, for which I'm very grateful," Nelson said.

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Global News

The warning came days after Hawaii’s emergency management department mistakenly sent an alarm to mobile phones in the state.


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Hmm... Technology is going to end mankind.

Rueben McGinty

38 minutes ago

Global News

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were announced Canada's flag bearers for the opening ceremonies of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games next month, becoming the first pair to share the honour.



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Everyone with the negativity please keep it to yourself,all they are doing is talking about the Olympics. Let’s give them our support. We are proud of them all let’s stand tall and snow the world that we are the number one in the world

Trudeau is not qualified to run a lemonade stand. He has no business running a great Country like Canada.

If you are that ignorant to post toxic political comments taking away from this great honor for Scott and Tessa... SHAME ON YOU

Is the Trudeau government gonna charge the 11 year old for lying to the police and the people of Canada?

Thank God for an honest President who continually opposes the lying Democrats and the fake news Media!

Why are there so many people angry?

That's the first time the PM held a sentence together without umm ahhh err

Such great choices. This pair work so hard and represent Canada with such grace and dignity. Proud to be a Canadian. We have so much to be thankful for. Why are some of you so angry and rude. So in Canadian!

Can we not just enjoy the names being revealed and stop with the political nonsense.

Best of luck to all our Canadian Athletes who will be representing us on the World's Stage!

Oh love for the athletes! This is about two hard working, dedicated athletes. Congratulations too both of you!

This is about the olympics. Get the politics out of it

People show support for our team! Leave politics out of it.

I know Canada will be very proud with all of our Canadian athletes 💖💖💖

Looking forward to watching the Olympic happy for Scott and Tessa..very deserving, you've done the sporting community proud.

No hating here....LOVE CANADA

I don't know why all you people are talking about Trudeau. Congrats to Virtue and Moir great choice for flag bearers!

Congratulations Tessa & Scott. Perfect choice ❤️

Paying no attention to Afghan interpreters who worked shoulder by shoulder with Canadian armed forces . It is not on that their lives are in jeopardise and accomplished Canadian mission successfully.

Yay Scott and Tessa!!!!! Great choice!

This just warms my heart

This has nothing to do with politics this is about Canadian sports be proud of Olympians show our support show the world we support our people not how negative we can be

Come on Global. Clean out these trolls. They have nothing to do with the article. They contribute nothing to the topic. They do nothing for society.

A time and place, curmudgeons! This is one of the good things about our country. Bringing the world together celebrating our kids' accomplishments . Let us enjoy.

turdbeau would use anyone, dead or alive, to advance his chosen central agenda. My sympathy to the innocent he cons.

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3 hours ago

ABC7 News

NEW RECORD: The Dow has passed 26,000 for the first time just after the opening bell. ...


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NEW RECORD: The Dow has passed 26,000 for the first time just after the opening bell.

See what it’s like having a President for American people

If you don’t hold international stock portfolios worth over 500k this does not benefit you.

What does that mean for the average person?

Haha the snowflakes don't like this at all. Oh right, Obama made this happen, right? Bahaha

What goes up, Must come down. We just need to be prepared for the big fall.

It means the economy is doing really well, which is good for all

That happens when companies get a huge windfall with the tax break....they buy up their own stock...No jobs are created and we get stuck with the bill. Not good.

Tears of joy??

Well Sylvia I’m what you call a snowflake and I love it... I don’t like him tho...The market goes UP and DOWN regardless...Have a nice day...

It is an inescapable fact that the market will eventually revert to the mean.

Unfortunately it's helping the 1% and Corporations, hopefully the rest get out before it crashes.

Thanks you Barack Obama for doing such a wonderful job during your terms!

Thank you Mr President! I’m glad he’s able to ignore the haters & keep helping put the U.S. back on top, where we belong! ❤️

this is worrisome...sounds like many are selling their investments to do this...not a good sign considering the condition our country is in

My paycheck definitely shows the opposite.

J & Donavan.......this country needs positivity and hope for our kid. Why so negative?

Yep. All those 1%’ers just feeding each-others coffers with gigantic tax break windfalls 👍

And come down it will, be prepared for the blow up

I hope our economy continues on the upswing.

main stream media..gotta be more of that FAKE NEWS right???

, I pushed the wrong button by accident.

Why do people always go on the offensive on these feeds?

Moseley, I believe they said that was a record?


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