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Trump's stated reason for canceling London trip sparks skepticism, hashtag

Trump's stated reason for canceling London trip sparks skepticism, hashtag


By canceling his trip to visit the new U.S. embassy in London, the president may not be aware that he stepped into an ongoing rivalry between North and South London.

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50 minutes ago

WFLA News Channel 8

SEA TURTLE RELEASE! The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is releasing 10 of the 12 critically endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles transported to the aquarium last month. The 10 sea turtles are named after Santa and his reindeer. WATCH LIVE NOW! ...


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SEA TURTLE RELEASE! The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is releasing 10 of the 12 critically endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles transported to the aquarium last month. The 10 sea turtles are named after Santa and his reindeer. WATCH LIVE NOW!

Instead of just covering this, why don't you post a notice so people can go see it

Another cold front coming...should have waited

There you go turtles, go,be free and live your life.

LOVE Clearwater Marine Aquarium!

Why release them now? They were cold-stunned and it will get colder in a day or two and they will be stunned again.


Going to be a cold shock for them!!! Why not wait a couple of weeks?!?🐢🐢🐢

Hi watching from Ireland 🇮🇪

Looks cold in that water

And there is a shark

Lauren Bell lol...good job

Turtles! 🖤🖤🖤

That water is still cold..

Watching from Acapulco can't download videos right now

Do you monitor them afterwards to see if any returned to the coastline?

Love the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.


My prayers are with the turtles

Only girls can release turtles

Thanks for ALL you have done for them..Urbana Illinois

What beach is this

This is a beautiful thing

So happy for them,Rita,from Flat Rock Michigan

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1 hour ago

WFLA News Channel 8

ICE, ICE BABY! Watch live drone video over a Coast Guard ice cutting ship in the Connecticut River. ...


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Live drone video over a Coast Guard ice cutting ship in the Connecticut River.

OMG THomas Vilmin Did you go to school!! It's not en Ice making boat it's an Ice breaking ,ship one that breaks the ice ... sheesh some people you gotta wonder!! sheesh!!

Global warming at work!

Certainly this is a direct result of Global Warming.

Global Warming... Yea right HAHA

Hey Donna Wilson, yep, went to school. I was trying to be funny. Apparently didn’t work on you. Sheesh

Why on earth do we need a ice making boat?

That's not cutting it.

I’ve lived in that area of CT for 35 years before moving to FL. The cutters are breaking up the ice to stop the ice jams which cause flooding.

The video is excellent....Really LIVE?

I’ve seen them do this in the Hudson River in Ny it was awesome

The news should REALLY differentiate between 'Live' and 'recorded earlier'.

Thomas Vilmin: lol. Never know, we could lose the recipe!

I would hardly call that tug a ship.

I think it needs to back up and go home!

"Ice cutting ship", Really? Try again....

it's in Tallahassee. FFS read people!

Good morning from Syracuse, In.

A coast Guard ice cutting boat

Does not appear to be underway?

thank you USA 🇺🇸 Coast Guard.

What is the is flying

Thomas Vilnius...SERIOUSLY???

That's beautiful though!

Of course they're stuck.

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2 hours ago

Hawaii News Now

#LIVE: Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator Vern Miyagi is on Hawaii News Now - Sunrise to detail what exactly happened the day a false missile alert sparked panic and chaos across the state.

#HINews #HNN


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Why does Steve keep asking “ do you understand that”. Pretty sure Mr Miyagi is a feeling human being and he understands the gravity of this. You can tell Steve is venting hie PERSONAL anger. Very unprofessional.

that is so true though, it’s over. The fact that there was no missile and now the population will make changes and prepare better for next time.

Everyone wants blood, this was a good thing because it really showed people that they don’t have a plan in the case of a real threat.

Where will the people of Hawaii to go if there is a real nuclear bomb was to hit the island😶? There is no shelter so we are all to die except for the military that are in the shelters

Council and talked too? Are you kidding me? What kind of BS is that? In the private sector he would be gone so fast.

Mistakes happen, it shouldn't have but I am thankful it was only a mistake and hope that we can use this as an opportunity to learn and be better prepared in the event that an attack does happen. We are all human. I appreciate the apology.

People in City and State have been fired for less. Enough explaining over and over, fix it and move on, getting kind of tired hearing the same repeated

Hey ppl can say there prepared but you will never be ready for that.. I just grabbed my kids held them tight and started praying..

People makes mistake. Yes we are human. But something like this HUGE could’ve been prevented. It shouldn’t have happened. Hawaii went crazy for 45 minutes until the false alert came. Smh.

Gen Miyagi is a honorable man and an excellent leader that is well respected thruout our community

So they knew within 3 minutes but rather take high priority calls first before letting the residents in hawai'i?! 😂😂 smh I call bs

I have big respect for Vern Miyagi, I have never heard anyone take responsibility for there job. All I hear is People say its under investigation, but Vern just steps up to the plate and take the responsibility.

He’s a two star retired general and took responsibility for what happened. He’s a family friend and served our country and state honorably.

Ask him why the state is trying to scare the public with all this politically motivated fear mongering about us being on the brink of nuclear war. We are not, nor have we been. this is all political BS and now they have egg on their face.

There’s no excuse for what happened. No apology can cover this your leadership in now inert, as your employer, you need to resign

It was a mistake we are human we are not perfect. 👌

Their protocol is BS!!!! There should be a two person confirmation before pushing clicking ANY button! Get it together people!

This ain't the 90's! What's that hyperlink stuff? You guys need to redevelop your software/site! At least make that link more noticeable!

Are you capable of doing this type of job. What type of training and schooling is required to have for this type of job

Why would a brand new message be installed without educating us that it exists? That it would even be an option? Incompetence at so many levels

Omg, one of our politicians just said on the news that they took so long to issue the false alarm by cellphone because its a very com0licated process!!

From my understanding, it took 38 mins. Because they rebooted the system and had to wait for it to come back up to send update that it was a mistake, why did they shut down the whole system unless it had been hacked

The Pacific Naval Command is actually the only source of confirmation on things involving defense. After the declaration of Martial Law, subsequent direction takes place.

We are lucky no one got physically hurt/injured due to the false alarm. People were speeding on the freeway...children being lowered in manholes..etc. the lack of communication was the worst..

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2 hours ago

WFLA News Channel 8

#BREAKING LIVE: The Animal Recovery Mission is holding a news conference about an undercover investigation into farm animal abuse at the Cal-Maine Egg Farm in Lake Wales. They say hens there were forced to live in a "house of horror." ...


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#BREAKING LIVE: The Animal Recovery Mission is holding a news conference about an undercover investigation into farm animal abuse at the Cal-Maine Egg Farm in Lake Wales. They say hens there were forced to live in a "house of horror."

Beth, I thought he said it was another chicken farm like this one that the Senator was involved with.

So tired of seeing animals abused and mistreated. I'm not sure what's wrong with some human beings and why they have no compassion. 😡

Cage free and free range? Here that means closed up in a huge building, still overcrowded, chickens with barely any feathers and looking sickly, yep, KANSAS has those places! Those need closed as well!!

They have had a huge line of violations for many of YEARS!!! MY SON IS 30 yrs old & it’s been going on since he was a kid! SHAME ON THOSE SO CALLED PEOPLE!

Google if “Cage free” and “free range” actually mean what you think they do - they are still in horrible, gross conditions.

Chickens Lives Matter ...... They provide protein, vitamins and nutrition for human and animal consumption. Why must they be tortured in order to provide us with that..... Free Range or better housing is an a solute must....

Boycott both Publix and Walmart, and let them know. Publix has a very bad record in respect to farm workers in Immokalee. I do not shop at Publix!

Yes n it is about time... Feel so sorry for any animals that need help. Glad they caught those people who did treat animals badly...

of course..another florida humane treatment of animals..MONEY and GREED THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

This just breaks my heart in two. We should honor the animals that give their lives so we can survive. Shameful!

I just can't believe that this has gone on for so long! I thought they had to have someone constantly making sure they were ok

I've been here 31yrs back then I noticed terrible farm conditions I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin it's about time surprised this is just being addressed

Nothing stop with the not going to buy eggs from there anymore lol. Yea you all are so give it a break.

We do not need to eat eggs to be healthy or live. In fact I’m healthier now than when I ate eggs and meat.

This is ridiculous I'm glad they went in and took care of this and I had said continue on shutting down these bad places.

LOL NO DISCLOSURES? This gets even better! So see what we humans are allowing to happen if we don't do something about this horrific sadness.

The only way to cure this is to make sure people around you cannot live like animals call your city your counties control the area they live in by condemning those who want to live like bugs

My sister was a pest control person she said that roaches Ark animals they will eat a bar soap that's left in a bathroom. They carry over 2 million diseases I want to eventually will take over this world

Theresa thats not right!!we expect people to be humans and do the right thing not eating eggs its not the solutions to horrible act

Susan, tofu is not the only source of protein/food for vegans. And there's new research that unless you're allergic, it's fine in moderation.

This is so sad and please people get educated about how in humane is this I'm very sickening for this I'm going to see how long it takes to get this law passed this is terrible and very sad.

Cage free eggs just means that the chickens are in a stall together, all huddled in, and have their beaks cut off so they don’t peck each other to death.

This guy is a talker. Talkers make me thirsty. If any more words come out of his mouth, Im gonna have to eat every chick in this place..

Its a shame at how bad farmers have become! Never in my life would I have ever heard of such a thing. SHAME SHAME!

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3 hours ago

Hawaii News Now

#LIVE: Gov. David Ige is in studio to talk about the false missile alert -- hours after promising it will never happen again. ...


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Read more:

FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! This crisis clearly shows how unprepared Hawaii is for any emergency that disrupts shipments. We only have a few days of FOOD!

I'm glad this happened it's an eye opener we not prepared for any missile strike and just because it was a false alarm don't take it lightly in other words DON'T BE COMPLACENT!!!!!!!

Was it really a mistake though? How does a mistake like that even happen?? I know it’s not “whoops wrong button”

Still trying yo feed us the "wrong button" theory??? I can't post a pic yo th without it asking me if I'm sure. There is no wrong button.... Tell the truth for once ige

So what happens when there’s a REAL missile launch..everyone is gonna think it’s another false played with a lot of lives on Saturday

Idk if anyone should be fired as much as these peeps were crazy to think that this could never happen and not have a plan of action. I don't want a darn apology, lay out EXACTLY the steps you're putting into place.

If they would be open and honest, they would admit that the person who punched the alarm button, and many other liberal minded would do the exact same thing to detract and confuse. This is the leftist logic.

It was a mistake... people make mistakes! They admit it n are making or have made the changes. I don't like Ige but it's not his fault...he couldn't personally make all the calls. He can't be in every. Let's move forward n plan ahead.

Same questions repeatedly. It was a d*mn mistake. sthu already. Yeah, they ARE being honest and open. No, Nikki Remington.. ONE parent dropped his kids into a manhole. Get it straight and 'honest.'

Too late. You can not undo the damage done to peoples' psychic. Some may need special counseling and the State should pay for.

Stop politicizing this a nuclear missile doesn’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat or what side of the political spectrum you’re on this is an issue Hawaii needs to pay attention to and we need to unite to prepare

Why are we taking part in this live streaming if no one is going to take questions from us or read some of our comments to the governor?

We are threatened with nuclear annihilation, and still Hawaii wants to put us in jail for lighting up a joint!

ALL I here coming outta his mouth is lies and excuses the government of Hawaii is nothing but money hungry people

No one should be left behind! Build a shelter to save the people of Hawaii. We are owed that, why not? Without the people we need no rail ride!

It was the system. The department head should be fired! You can’t make mistakes like this with emergency situations! How can you trust the alerts?

Typical state of Hawaii action. No one will be held accountable. Protect each other’s back. If this was the private industry, definitely a few people would be out of a job.

To those that want a fall out shelter here u go. But where are u going to put it on a island that you don’t have basements in home or you can’t really dig all that far bcuz of lava rock.

There is no feasible way everyone could get to the shelters anyway. This shows how fast it can happen. Hug your loved ones and pray it’s quick, that’s all you can really do. It was a huge wake up call for all

I don’t think they understand the magnitude of this. So nonchalant about it. Get the right people with the right system in place.

No matter how much notice we have in Hawaii people there is no where for us to go. Panicking isn’t going to save ur life if a nuclear warhead was to actually hit the state of hawaii

Someone didn’t waste any time taking out a full page add the next day. Coincidence? Remember the DNC? The race is officially on. All bets are off, anything goes.

Henry: go ahead, imagine. If there was a real attack during rush hour.. you gonna whine and complain to Korea? hahahahahaha

How about a CB radio or a telegram for the governor to communicate? Maybe you could send a letter. lol

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3 hours ago

Hawaii News Now

Caption this! Write your funniest caption for this picture in the comments, and we'll use the best responses on the air later this morning! ...

Caption this! Write your funniest caption for this picture in the comments, and well use the best responses on the air later this morning!


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But the salesman at the shoe store guaranteed me these shoes were purrfect for me!

Isnt this sandal day? Wait don’t leave me!

I like the new shoes, the old ones have a funny smell

I have my own sandals resort!

"well I'm ready, what's taking you so long"

Is this considered "shelter in place?"

"I'm sorry but this is my shoe now."

Almost got the hang of this paddle board thing!

I hope this isn't a Croc.

Whether it’s your health, wealth, happiness, or any other element of your entire life experience, it is essential to keep in mind the importance of the movement of your attention. You must be obstinate and persistent in not allowing the viewpoints or information of others to alter your inner world. You know what you wish to become and what you would like to manifest for yourself. ― Wayne W. Dyer

" Here comes the dog, must get away before he gets moms shoe!! Forward paddle "

The footwear industry has amended women's size 6 to "kitten".

You know what they say about big feet...It's not true!!

These are so comfortable if I didn't have paws I would wear these all the time

If the shoe fits, wear it!

Practicing for some slick skateboarding move... yeeehhhaaaa 😂😂😂

I don’t want to get my feet wet... but row row your boat.

Talk about filling a big shoe. Be awhile!!

well shoot, this is way too big for me!

Think I'll just slip into something cozy.

It’s a good fit... I think!

I love this person, their feet give me comfort. This slipper is mine!!!

I’m ready to walk a mile in your shoes.

"Hmm I see the dog already chewed on this shoe"

I want them big boys sandals

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4 hours ago

Sporting News

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling while Lonzo Ball sits out with an injury. ...

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling while Lonzo Ball sits out with an injury.


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Sorry but he isn't the difference

Who else do the Lakers have? Oh wait, never mind. The Browns have more talent on their team than the Lakers

Didn't they just beat spurs and Mavs couple of days ago

They're not exactly doing that well WITH him. They're 15-28 overall, which means they're still under .500 with him in the lineup.

who wrote this headline? Lavar Ball...?

But the entire NBA is better without him and his father.

Ok, if that's the case....make Lavar suit up for L.A the rest of this season then? #LAVARBALL #THEULTIMATEPLAYER

Uh...they are still a losing team with him. 15-28 and only 2 games out of last place isn't much to be proud of.

They're not any better with him. What's your point?

You act like the Lakers were winning before he got there 🤔

He doesn't play against better guards of the league, because his coaches don't want him to be exposed. They would have still lost all 7 games if he played them.

we have had enough of the Ball gang....move on

The Balls pockets are deep to have someone write this BS!!

I heard that Luke Walton has lost the team anyway

And the Cavs are 2-8 with James...soooo

I thought they changed the name, bbb. Big brick brand. Lol

Dude they were other players missing not just ball, like Lopez, Ingram, pope and kuzma was missing in one of those games.

I think y’all mean without Brandon ingram

They suck with him too...

Grown men still hating on a kid? Lol

And they still suck with him.

Let his father play

what are they, 10-25 with him? kids sucks

Should sign his brothers

He must be the MVP then. 🤣

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