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Trump's 56 most memorable lines from his Wall Street Journal interview

Trump's 56 most memorable lines from his Wall Street Journal interview


"We have mountains that are far better than a wall, we have violent rivers that nobody goes near." - President Donald J. Trump

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5 minutes ago

KKTV 11 News

Warm before the storm? ...


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Good evening!

Bring on the snow.

Thanks for the updates Brian!!!!


Sup Lee

Trail time with the dogs!!!

Hey Don, Linda and Brenda lol



No Don lol

Hi Shelly

Looks like no work Monday lol

Great report! Good job. TY

ok net problem

I think we will be fine

Chris Sperling looks like it comes in a few hours after you get back. yay!


Of course no snow in the springs

Thank you! Great job!

WE NEED SNOW.... pull your weatherman magic please!! 😉

Looks like I shall be curling up with the kiddos, movies and hot cocoa!

Hi Don how is your evening?

Heeeeere we go

Prefect time for snow!

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9 minutes ago

KKTV 11 News

We posted pictures earlier, but we want to make sure these two are caught! Call 719-542-STOP (7867) if you recognize either man.


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Those red shoelaces are a giveaway, the guy with the gun is inexperienced with weapons

22 minutes ago

KKTV 11 News

This is what firefighters were up against tonight in the apartment fire off E. Pikes Peak Ave. Thank you to Lawrence for the video and to firefighters for getting it out!


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Angie Hernandez SergioyJustina BuZo Tina Sanchez-Hernandez wow

Chaz Archuleta

Kojiro Starks

55 minutes ago

FOX 4 News

Watch Steve Eagar and Heather Hays live behind the scenes:

Steve Eagar
A Tarrant County College professor makes another appearance on Fox 4 news at nine tonight, he’s been suspended by the college. Brendon Todd has the latest. Come watch us live!


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These college students will never make it in life

56 minutes ago

ABC News

BIG CHILL: Aerial footage shows manatees appearing to huddle for warmth as a blast of winter weather drives temperatures to near-freezing in parts of Florida. ...


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Faux news fans sure love spreading their trash across different media sites.

Is this normal for Florida?

I went to see them today at Blue Springs State Park. Amazing creatures!

I hope the water doesnt freeze

Stick a water heater for water for them.

Look at all the stupid #Trumpsters below me 😂

Pretty sure this is the Manatee viewing center . These guys come every year bc the electrical plant gives off warmer waters . They have built a beautiful place for everyone to see them . Those manatees are just fine . I've been there when there were so many you could walk on their backs like a bridge . Not saying I would but just giving a example .

Have always loved the manatees especially when I used to vistit Tampa.

Did I take you there? It’s an electric company water station by Apollo beach. The water is warm there and they can be warm. Also the Tarpon are there by the tons. They go there every winter. We had 12 out here in the canal last week.

I hope something is done to save these creatures. There really are not very many left in the world nowadays.

Everyone think this is normal? Anyone worried about next winter?

I can't wait for Ice Age 2 The Reality.

This is so sad. I hope it warms up soon there.

I hope they are not harmed by this!

Oh I feel bad for them ! I hope the water doesn't freeze ! Strange weather for Florida !

Let there be warmth so these and all other mammals and animals survive 🙏

Poor manatees! I hope they survive this cold okay!!

These poor Manatees are just searching for warm waters in order to stay alive in the waters of Florida. 😢 ❄️💨🐋

Prayers that they will be okay and nothing happens to them😢I hope it starts to warm up in Florida 😢🙏

How do manatees taste? Nevermind, what best describes the flavor one can expected from eating an manatee?

Yes, but today no. About 100. Last week over 400 in there!!!

Them manatees saying.....this some bullshyt.

Global warming is real.... calm before the storm

Oh...dear, poor old mani🤔🤗😎

They are so beautiful ❤. Hopefully they will all be ok.

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2 hours ago

FOX 4 News

An outcry and calls for an investigation after a patient was dumped onto a Baltimore street in the freezing cold with nothing on but a thin gown and socks. Hear from the doctor who recorded the video and came to her aid. ...


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I don't believe this. This is either fake, or she is confused and wandered away from the hospital. No hospital in this country would dump a patient out on the street. Many years ago, on my way to work in the Houston Medical center, I called the police when I noticed a guy walking down the sidewalk in nothing but a bed sheet. It was late at night, and it was chilly. They discovered that he had wandered away from one of the hospitals and returned him safely.

Not buying the dumping part. She wandered away.

This is BS FAKE NEWS! America has the best healthcare in the world! Ya Commies!

This is pure Bull! A hospital would not do this!

I work at a hospital level 1 trauma 1 I don’t believe this one bit! Waiting on the rest of the story...

No hospital will do this

He’s a dr and worried about recording to show everyone? Seems a little unethical.


Welcome to private sector health care!

She might've just been confused & walked out by herself. It happens.

nearly 30yrs ago i had to take care of a patient like this in the hospital. the person was in isolation for TB and was very very demanding and non-compliant and awful to take care of. i had this person for a few days in a row and was so happy when my week was over since this person was to be in the hospital for a few several weeks to complete the first phase of treatment. after i got off of work i went to see a friend on another unit and spent about an hour talking to her. when i was driving home i saw this person walking down the road in a patient gown, no shoes, wrapped in a blanket from the bed.. freezing cold btw. this was before cell phones. i did not want to try to talk to this person as they were very belligerent when they were in the in the hospital with security i had no idea what they would do without anybody to help me. i drove home.. a short drive about 5min. and called 911 to tell them what was going on. then called the hospital he was on the loose. i think they ended up arresting them and using the county hospital with a 24hr guard to get the treatment completed. people dont realize that the court can do that if you are non-compliant with treatment for a disease that has serious public implications like TB. THERE IS ALWAYS 2 SIDES TO A STORY. but--- this does happen where a place just dumps people on the street and walks away.

Sad medical professionals took an oath. We value money more than a persons life? Jesus Christ.

She was not drug seeking. She suffered from a diagnosed mental illness and had recently been at an inpatient treatment center (according to her Mom). She left and her family didn't know where she was. Thank God this doctor offered assistance.

Nope it's not fake and yes a hospital would if you don't have money to pay are insurance yes they will.

An understaffed Hospital and a poor neighborhood, after hours. It's horrible but not surprising

This story is days old. Way to keep up Fox.

This happens too much. Including Dallas, Texas.

Patient dumping does happen....especially to the uninsured

Mental Health Care... “ the bottom of the boot”

I heard she is homeless, a drug user and was very argumentative and became combative with nurses and doctors after she was refused a bed hot meal and meds idk the real but it’s cold out feel sad for her

That’s just wrong and I hope the hospital gets in deep sh*t over this. These people are humans and don’t deserves to be treated like this!! 😡.

This breaks my heart!!!

This is someone's mama/grandma! You don't do this to people!! The POS that did should go to jail !!

thank goodness for that doctor standing up for her

this isn't uncommon. the bf of a distant family member was hit by a truck, was paralyzed in parts of his body and was kicked out in about a day or two from the hospital.

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