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Trump pushes to expand use of medication to treat addiction

Trump pushes to expand use of medication to treat addiction


Experts have long argued that medication-assisted treatment should be the standard of care for addicts of heroin and other opioids.

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Meet the artist who transforms old tree stumps into works of art.

In The Know
This Romanian artist turns old tree stumps into beautiful artworks.

Thanks Gabi Rizea Sculptura lemn

15 minutes ago

Cleveland 19 News

New moms deal with many struggles from breastfeeding guilt to baby blues to depression. But what happens to you if you deal with this and you were hoping to be the "Perfect Mom?" ...

22 minutes ago

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

Today Show
Here's a live look at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where Duchess Kate and Prince William are expected to appear with their new baby boy later today.


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3 kids in 4 years?

Brett Usina look at perfect Princess Charrrr doing her adorable wave! Love her!

Congratulations U.K

30 minutes ago


Yahoo News
WATCH LIVE: Authorities provide update on Waffle House shooting incident that left 4 dead, shooter still at large


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Trump repealed the law Obama had restricting mentally unstable people from haveing guns

those sound like some killer waffles.

31 minutes ago


This giant umbrella protects you and your bike from getting wet when it rains ☂️🚲

(via In The Know)


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Aqeel Gill

Maria Alejo

Victoria Holt

Not good in my opinion. A good wind gust could blow u off the bike.

Jennifer Thomas Gulland

Wendy Nutei

Mackenzie Allen If we had these we would’ve biked more

how much this umbrella ...

Joseph Steven Llena

Ramjam Batiller Beejay Bergg Ponla

Jamie Abraham You need this for rainy days lol

WATCH: Royal siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive at the Lindo Wing with their dad, Prince William, to meet their new baby brother, who was born this morning. The name of the new royal baby has not been announced yet. ...


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Any man who can handle two toddlers with such grace and calm will have no problem with being King Of England. Cheers sir, and congratulations!

Princess Charlotte, I feel the world has fallen in love with you, the same way the world fell in love with your grandmother! 💕 your sweet little wave was perfect !

Charlotte has it down !

The little Princess has the "royal" wave down perfectly.

Charlotte has that princess wave down pat! What precious children. Congratulations to the royal family on another healthy baby!

Princess Diana would have been so happy to be a grandma to William and Kate's children. She would have been so happy.

Shakespeare’s b’day... two reasons to name the baby “Will”!

Can you imagine how scary that must be at that age?

Her little waving hand - so cute!

So the lil lady,waves to the public,how cute

I love how Prince William is such a hands on Dad and a doting one too!! So opposite of his own Father. Princess Di is so proud of her boys!!!

I love how Charlotte has the royal wave down pat, and knows how to serve the crowd. 😄❤️

Oh that little Charlotte is a doll! Congratulations to the royal family on their new Prince!

Jessica Bordelon I can’t with her!!! 😍 That wave!! ❤️❤️❤️

Miss Charlotte waving to the crowd touches my heart! A born Princess!

Kids are the most beautiful in the world

I heard on the news that it's down to two names; either Prince Albert or Prince Arthur. Hopefully down the road will have another King Arthur! 👑

Congratulations God bless this family

How sweet Princess Charlotte has the wave .

I thought the kids might be scared of all the people. Then Charlotte waved. Such cute kids ❤️

They seem to be such a sweet little family. Happy for them

That wave omg she is absolutely precious!!!

What a sweet family and Charlotte definately loves the attention.

Awww the little princess waving is so cute!

Princess Charlotte has her "wave" perfected! So precious!

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1 hour ago

WCBD News 2

Heavy rain, gusty winds, and isolated thunderstorms will impact the Lowcountry through tonight.WEATHER ALERT DAY
- Heavy rain likely through tonight
- Some flooding possible along the coast with high tide (3:24 PM)
- Strong, gusty wind could cause minor damage including some power outages
- Isolated severe thunderstorms possible

Heavy rain, gusty winds, and isolated thunderstorms will impact the Lowcountry through tonight.

1 hour ago

WCBD News 2

Tired of waiting in the line for security at the airport? There's an easy way to sign up for TSA precheck in Charleston this week ✔️ ...


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Just some well intended feedback for the reporter - watch this video and pay attention to how many times you smack your mouth, tongue, teeth (however it happens). I couldn't finish watching this video because of it. Maybe focus on not doing that for future live/recordings. But thanks for the information.

We can actually get an appointment in Charkeston?

TSA is worth every penny

Lasts for years too

Especially if you travel alot

It’s very much worth getting

Hey hey hey its raining

1 hour ago


This beer is infused with fried chicken 😱

In The Know: Foodie
This Virginia beer get its secret ingredient from one of the nation's most popular fast food restaurants 🍗🍺


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Nen Manteufel

What a terrible thing to do to a perfectly good piece of chicken

Nick Webster

Billy J Gregory

He wasnt even wearing gloves throwing in that chicken. 🤮

Stephanie Drury

Hell yea

Jacob :o


Alex Cumbow 🤢

Southern fried beer Michael J Hinde 😍

Rachel dinner and beer in one 🤔🤷‍♀️😂😂

Samuel Mimms

Jeremy Baker

James Warrington

Karlie Price fried chicken and beer mixed omg

Luiza Costache kfc 😂😂

Its so good!

ShawnBoy Estelle

Ace Walton I found you this 😂

Erica Stirling find this beer and bring it back with you when you come on Wednesday.


NO NO NO!!!!

Rashint Tiwari Manish Chaudhary Ar Nitin Parate look at this shit😂😂😂

Jay Mueller 🤮

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