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Trump cancels London trip, blames Obama for embassy deal

Trump cancels London trip, blames Obama for embassy deal


President Trump cancels trip to London and says Obama's to blame.

Trump's decision was greeted with relief by London's Mayor Sadiq Khan who said Trump had "finally got the message" that he was not welcome in the capital.

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1 hour ago

KARK 4 News

Exclusive: Kidnapping Survivor Thrown Into Arkansas River Talks With Mitch McCoy.
Mitch is in the newsroom talking about the story, which has just been published online


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Read the full story here----

God be with her! I am sad that social media is delivering this message and that this is the best story that could be delivered to represent her.

Where are all these animals coming from ? What has happened to our state ? So thankful her prayer was answered.

Why did they take her. Did she know her and why did they throw her off that bridge and not 440. More to this I think.

Please don’t post her name for her protection

Nothing but a miracle from God!! Glad she survived.

the lord was looking after her she was thrown off the I430 bridge not far from murray lock and dam

Taylor the link doesn’t work

Did she know these people or was it random?

Did they find the people who kidnapped her?

We can’t click on the link in the comments

But she is physically ok?

I'm just tuning in where did this happened?

She is Alive , Keep her in your Prayers.

What's this world coming to

The Lord has plans for her!

I missed the beginning. When did this happen??

Is this the one from 430

What was the reason for the shooting?

She needs to be in protective custody!

Definitely had angels around her.

So Sad, hope they caught these guys but with the crooked Law Enforcement there good luck!

Want another story later about Arkansas call me!

Do not state her name , she still could be at risk!

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1 hour ago


Got damage from broken pipes? Homeowner's insurance may cover it.

Here's what to look for>>

Got damage from broken pipes? Homeowners insurance may cover it.

Heres what to look for>>


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Broken pipes are not the same as a natural disaster such as a flood. This is suppose to be covered by your home owners policy

They should. We cannot control Mother Nature. An we are paying insurance to protect our homes

Sorry for your headache! 😟

Baron Green

Pauline Ingram

Debbie McLain

2 hours ago


A playful penguin popped in to visit a boat full of Aussie scientists. ...


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Meagan Gervais Skelton omg 😍😍😍

Sara Griffin

Brandi Downing Vancel

Megan Bauer

Sarah Lemoine

Abbi Scott

Chris Engolia

Nicky Hebert Naquin

Darah Berghman

April Colombel

Jon Gabriel

Nina Lobozzo

Theresa Gonzalez

Carrie Peltier

Alexa Watson

Regina Adams

Penny Callahan

Dustin Newman

Rees Gideon

Joshua Griffin

Bethany Salter

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2 hours ago

KARK 4 News

Warmer temperatures are in tonight's Thursday Evening #arwx Webcast:


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About time tired of this cold freezing temps and ice n snow

3 hours ago


A hard freeze is not expected for the metro area tonight. You DO NOT need to run water. North of the lake temperatures will reach the mid 20s so another night of full precautions there if your home is vulnerable. Much warmer weather is ahead for the weekend.- David ...


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Better run that water

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