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Trump being "morally unfit" is not grounds for him to be impeached, Comey says

Trump being "morally unfit" is not grounds for him to be impeached, Comey says


When asked whether he believes Trump should be impeached, Comey answered, "I hope not."

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Bond set for trio accused of multiple robberies in Berkeley County #chsnews

A man suspected in the slayings of four people at a Waffle House restaurant remained on the run Monday, and authorities said he may be armed with one of the guns seized from him last year after he tried to enter the White House to see Donald Trump

Princess Kate steps out with Prince William and the newest addition to the royal family. The couple welcomed a baby boy this morning:

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"The idea that this was a hack is flat-out wrong."

Cambridge researcher behind Facebook data breach speaks out to @GMA:

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Meet Max: He’s a 17 year old partially blind and deaf dog.

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Charlotte waves to the crowd as she accompanies Prince William into the hospital where he and Princess Kate welcomed a baby boy this morning.

6 minutes ago

KOCO 5 News

LIVE: Gov. Mary Fallin is surveying wildfire damage in western Oklahoma. ...


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An Oklahoma sheriff said Friday that authorities are investigating the possibility of arson in connection with one of the wildfires, a blaze that's resulted in the death of one person.


Hello govener

Too bad she wasn't there a week ago


Oh now you want to speak about it !!!! Smh typical democrap wait a week or two weeks later after the fact

Shes used to Oklahoma Burning down and doing nothing about it

15 minutes ago

ABC News

We're at Joint Base Andrews as French Pres. Emmanuel Macron arrives in the U.S. for the first state visit hosted by Pres. Donald J. Trump. ...


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Welcome to The USA 🇺🇸🇫🇷






What’s up nows ?

Hello everyone

Hello from Orlando Florida



Welcome to USA Mr President.

Whos on board?

Who's that ?

Right on time




This is the 'May/Dec.' couple.

Hello from Poteau Oklahoma

Is this the pope?



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18 minutes ago

ABC News

Princess Kate steps out with Prince William and the newest addition to the royal family. The couple welcomed a baby boy this morning: ...


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My gosh has the placenta even came out yet? I'm trying to figure out how she looks like that hours after birth I looked like a homeless person

What kind of voodoo sorcery are they using to have her walk out so friggin flawless the same day she has her third child??!! Amazing 💜💜💜

I hope she gets to go home and put sweatpants on. What a hassle it would be to have to look that presentable within 24 hours of giving birth.

Absolutely incredible that she just gave birth this morning!! I'd be stepping out looking like a hot mess. 😂😂

Wow! Must be nice to be able to walk right out the day of and in heels! Hair done and make up. And show off the baby! 😊 I had a rough labor that ended in a section, couldn’t get up for 28hrs, and was in for 3 days! Lol I still don’t look this good and my son is almost 6 months! 😂 So wonderful tho! Happy for them. I wonder what they will name the little guy?! 😍👶🏻 👑

Gosh can she not have a day or two to rest before having to get up and go outside and present the baby

ugh! I can't imagine having just given birth and having to get dressed, do my hair and makeup, put on jewelry and heels and going out to greet the press

So let me get this straight....she JUST had her 3rd child and steps out of the hospital looking that gorgeous?! My goodness!

I’m sure she’d rather be resting instead of out here doing this. They need to let her rest and stop pushing her so hard. Congratulations guys!

Goodness, I wish I looked that good just HOURS after giving birth. I was a hot mess! Now I hope Kate has time time to get in some comfy clothes and just relax with her family, enjoying that sweet new baby. ❤️

Now THIS is a lady! Looking flawless and not half naked like most celebrities do after they give bitrth now a days

Princess Kate looks amazingly well and pretty after only few hours giving birth to a prince. WOW I was almost die on my bed rest and fat . Lol

Bless her heart. I know she has a team of people, but still she looks absolutely fantastic for just having a baby. To have to face the world after just giving birth, she is a strong woman.

You know that was terrible for her!!! God bless her for putting on a brave face and walking in heels hours after giving birth!

She’s amazing! Who looks this good less than 12 hours after giving birth... women are by far incredible! She just pushed an 8 lb baby from that body and you’d never know.

I hate that she has to come down and wave after giving birth. I know it's tradition but geez...its called labor for a reason. Give her a break.

ABC she is not and never has been “Princess Kate”.. she is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. If you’re going to call her by a princely title then she is HRH Princess William

I would still be in bed how is she up n going feel bad for her let her rest !!! But from the looks of it she’s a champ

It must be horrible after just giving birth to have someone be like, welp lets get you all dressed up and now you have to go out and pretend you're not exhausted and wave to all of these random people. 😂😂

She’s a freaking trooper to stand out looking beautiful as ever! Cause I’d look like a busted can of biscuits. 😂

She is amazing! I love her, she is such a beautiful princess! She just gave birth a few hours ago and looks fabulous! Congrats Prince Willis & Princess Kate on your baby boy! 💙

I thank God I’m not a princess! Just had a baby and you’ve got to get full make up hair and dressed and take photos… Give her massive credit I didn’t take a shower for the first week!

She’s amazing! I’ve always liked her, but I really hope she goes home and relaxes, with sweats and no makeup. She looks fantastic though!!

How can she even have energy for this! 😩 I'm exhausted just watching her! Giving birth is like running a damn marathon!

Seriously, she went out for like 3 minutes. Stop complaining people! It's part of being a royal, she knew what she was getting into!

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23 minutes ago

KOCO 5 News

A Yukon man's stolen truck was found over the weekend. Though nothing else was inside, he said what's important has been returned -- his Native American Dance regalia. ...


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so happy for the victim

40 minutes ago

ABC News

We're in Nashville, Tennessee as authorities give an update on the hunt for a gunman who killed four in a Waffle House yesterday. ...


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MORE: The suspected gunman was identified as Travis Reinking, 29, from Morton, Illinois. He was arrested in July for allegedly breaching a barrier at the White House and demanding a meeting with President Donald Trump, officials said.

If you really in the deep recesses of your soul believe race has nothing to do with're part of the problem. Have a great day.

Why weren't guns taken from this man after his White House episode? Background checks with 3 day waiting time desperately needed in this Country!

If you the Police can get to that Starbucks in 2 minutes to arrest 2 men for doing nothing, how come they can't catch this guy that killed people?

Sounds like they don’t really want to find him. Must be the friend of someone who’s important. If the car had GPS a helicopter should have been involved. This is Nashville not some backward city.

Unfortunately when a country is awash with guns these terrible incidents will continue to happen, so sad, peace from Australia 🇦🇺

A gun ban won't lead to anything but bloody civil war and a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mark my words, no one sane wants that, but it's going to happen if we keep down this path.

I'm scared to death he's holed up in somebody's house with their dead body or them locked up in a closet or the bathroom.

Jeff Brewer yeah you can raise your child the best you can. Doesn't guarantee that one of them won't do something like this.

Tha father needs to be held responsible for returning the guns to his son that were confiscated by the Police from a previous incident his son was involved in.

If they ain't in fear for their life, they either mentally ill. These excuses are all played out, just call it what it is, it's Evil.

Father does belong in jail and I’ll definitely sue him if I was one of those innocent folks family member

Law reform! Illinois took the guns knowing he had mental issues and posed a threat, but Tennessee allows for guns without permits. So the father gave him back the guns knowing all this in Tennessee.

this guy chose a place filled with people of color, yet no one has mentioned that it may be a hate crime, yet one of the first things out of their mouths were he may have mental problems.

I’m sorry. Why did we everything have to be a back/White thing? This morning s about people dying period

His Dad gave him back the guns that had been taken from him. I think Dad needs to be brought up on charges.

If he knows how to run and hide , understands wrong from right , then he needs to be locked up and keys need be thrown away !!!!!!!

Time to stop the sell of AR-15’s... it will take 10 years before we see a change because there’s so many still in circulation!

The entitlment factor has been raging for 10 years and people are PO'd because they expect special treatment. What did this guy want??

Hold up? So you telling us this dude who clearly showed signs of stalking and terroristic threats just got "released" sounds staged to me...

Yes thanks for the persons response to stop more of his plans. Thank you Lord for them that took action. You have my high five for sure.

If he spent the night in the open without a shirt, he's cold -- very cold. Note the chief is wearing a jacket, although the officer on the right has a short-sleeve shirt.

My son went berserk and shot a gun in the air in my field. Police not only took his gun, they demanded all of my guns. You dont get them back in DE.

Hoping safety for all the law enforcement in Nashville, TN. Hope he is found soon and every one is safe from him.

Law enforcement had already confiscated his weapons some time ago. They were returned to his father who gave them back to him!

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52 minutes ago

KOCO 5 News

MORE RAIN, but what is the RISK? Forecast update with Meteorologist Jonathan Conder. ...


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I'm from Lawton, you guys are so much better than KSWO. Thanks for your broadcast on fires. We would've never heard about it until complaints.

so basically it's going to rain the entire time my MIL is here and i'll be stuck in the house with her for the week??? lol

love the rain, but don't really appreciate losing my internet because of it lol

I will be driving from southeastern ok to Will Rogers Wednesday morning, should I expect flash flooding?

What time will we get rain in NW OK? Tuesday night?

Like it we need the rain good. Thank you God bless you

I appreciate how you just keep it real.

What do s our summer look like?

Jonathan your the best on channel 5 OKC

Woohoo!! Awesome job FF and Fly Boys!!💕💖

Just put some headphones on.

Love the rainy forecast!!!!

Did you guys win awards last night??

so how much rain are we

Thanks for the rain forecast. 👍🏼

Good DAY from Ponca City.

Hi Jonathan, from okc

Wash out Wednesday perry ok ?

Love that into!

We do need the rain

Sup Johnathon?! From Edmond!

That’s funny, Monica!

Hi, From Chickasha



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2 hours ago

KOCO 5 News

▶️LIVE: SO COOL! Right whales are feeding and frolicking off the Massachusetts coast. ...


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Where are you watching from?

Nice to have some fun beautiful news

From Norman. Only around 400 of these left. Zero calves were birthed this year. They are on the brink. So sad.

Del city Oklahoma

I wonder why they’re so far inland. I hope nothing is wrong.

Ponca City here. Was in Provincetown, MASS in 1991. Went out on a moonlight whale watch. Was AWESOME!!!

Purcell Oklahoma / was in Boston 2 wks ago, that would have been AMAZING to see❤️

From El Reno, Oklahoma. This is great to see.

Bubble feeding is awesome to see.

Good thing they aren’t wrong whales 🐳

This is so cool

Whales are awesome!

I'm in Bethany Oklahoma

Maybe zoom in some?

I can barely seee anything

Fort Towson, Oklahoma

NW expressway in okc

Fort Smith Arkansas

Palm Desert California

Watching from OKC 👋👋

Oklahoma City, Ok

cant hear ya

Pampa, Tx

Monterey California

Randlett Oklahoma

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2 hours ago

Spectrum Bay News 9

Habitat for Humanity goes into high gear fixing and building homes in south St. Petersburg. Find out how it is done and see if you might qualify for their help. Go INDEPTH starting at 12:30 p.m. Monday on Spectrum Bay News 9. ...

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