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Trump administration may have violated federal law by exempting Florida from offshore drilling plan

Trump administration may have violated federal law by exempting Florida from offshore drilling plan


By exempting Florida, Secretary Zinke showed he is "more concerned with politics than proper process when it comes to making key decisions that affect our coastal communities," the top Democrat on the Senate Energy Committee said.

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"The current supply of cannabis in the retail market is, I would say questionable." Pesticides, mold, fungus, chemicals -- what's in marijuana?

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Amazon named 20 finalists in the race to win its second headquarters Thursday, narrowing the pool of cities and states competing to secure an expected 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in investment.

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On "@IngrahamAngle," Laura Ingraham called upon lawmakers to release a memo circulating Congress that reveals alleged FISA abuse.

Is the Women's March more inclusive this year?

[email protected]_Labrador on Mueller probe: "[Democrats] were so interested in the Russia collusion story until their Russia collusion story actually started unraveling." @IngrahamAngle

Great to see rain here in the #BayArea! Scattered showers through tomorrow. Short break SAT & then more rain's coming SUN. #whereyoulive

Women's March co-president Tamika Mallory said "uniformity" is not the goal, but "unity" is essential. #womensmarch2018

"The constitution is the constitution and people have rights." California attorney general responds to rumors of an “imminent immigration enforcement sweep.

Congressman Pressed on Assertion of 'Possible Terrorist Nexus' in Las Vegas Massacre

[email protected] on new Russia investigation documents: "I think the national interest is harmed by keeping it a secret from the public... we have to be transparent." @IngrahamAngle

Aetna to pay $17 million after mailing revealed patients' HIV meds

The Nile hippo loves its mama, Tuma, and apparently isn’t leaving her side.

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KKTV 11 News

Warm before the storm? ...


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Good evening!

Bring on the snow.

Thanks for the updates Brian!!!!


Sup Lee

Trail time with the dogs!!!

Hey Don, Linda and Brenda lol



No Don lol

Hi Shelly

Looks like no work Monday lol

Great report! Good job. TY

ok net problem

I think we will be fine

Chris Sperling looks like it comes in a few hours after you get back. yay!


Of course no snow in the springs

Thank you! Great job!

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KKTV 11 News

We posted pictures earlier, but we want to make sure these two are caught! Call 719-542-STOP (7867) if you recognize either man.

20 minutes ago

KKTV 11 News

This is what firefighters were up against tonight in the apartment fire off E. Pikes Peak Ave. Thank you to Lawrence for the video and to firefighters for getting it out!


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Angie Hernandez SergioyJustina BuZo Tina Sanchez-Hernandez wow

Chaz Archuleta

Kojiro Starks

38 minutes ago

Fox Carolina News

Grab a box of tissues for this one. Christian Owen said her grandfather had a massive stroke on Monday, and today, she surprised him with her daughter - his first great granddaughter! Just look how happy he is! 😍

His family has also started a GoFundMe account to help pay for his care and transportation:


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Christian Owens is a very dear friend of mine, and she loves her grandfather and her baby more than life. If you see it in your hearts to donate to the cost and care of him, she has a go fund me account set up, as he will most likely be in a nursing home for the remainder of his life.


God bless him and heal him 😆🙏😇


Aww bless him, praying for a full recovery for him

All in the feels 💕, God bless his sweet soul.

So Sweet

Aww bless this family

Thank you so much everyone!!!

Praying for this sweet family.

The race to win Amazon’s second headquarters is tightening: just 20 cities are in the running for what the company promises will be 50,000 jobs paying at least $100,000 per year.



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Amazon is willing to create a huge number of fair paying jobs. It could cause infrastructure problems: traffic, highways, commutes etc. Whoever accepts the known hazards could also reap the rewards.

Any city that wants that is really going to need to reconsider if they really want it! Is there enough housing, jobs, road space for increased traffic from employees and trucks, and so on!

So the winner is the state that gave the best tax breaks /subsidies to a very profitable corp, how is this capitalism? Socialism for the rich.

Please come to Boston

My vote, a blue state, like NY!

C’mon give it to Detroit or a city in the south that needs a pick me up! The East Coast and Miami are saturated.

50000 jobs paying over 100k? That doesn’t sound realistic. No city where I want to live anyway.

Let the bidding war commence! Please throw all the money you can at this struggling company. Help them please!

Place in an area that needs the employment

Be prepared Local folks will be priced out Gentrification will happen immediately and hopefully pricing will not skyrocket like in Portland and San Francisco

Each paying $50,000 a year?

Yeah, at what cost to the city that gets them??? It's NOT good, that's for sure.

JEFF come back to your old stomping ground Palmetto Middle School and Palmetto High 😁 the connection here runs deep. The other cities can never care as much as Pinecrest/Miami.

That’s because they are high level positions not non-college educated. Good for experienced executives.

Hoping for Philadelphia to get this.

Please send Amazon anywhere but Dallas. 😂


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55 minutes ago

KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

A Palo Verde High School student accused of raping four of his classmates is being charged as an adult.



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"We make accommodations for students with a criminal history to ensure the safety of all students and staff." Ummmm.... that's the opposite of what happened here. He was placed in a new environment where no one was aware of his history, and he had access to every single unsuspecting girl at PVHS. I'm pretty sure the district failed every girl at that school with the decision to allow him back on a campus pending the criminal charges.

The school district failed the victims in this case and opened the door to the possibility of more students becoming his victims by allowing him to enroll into another CCSD school. And shame on his parents for not enrolling him in a homeschooling program when they knew what their son had done and could do again. 😡

If my daughter went to this school, I would be filing a lawsuit against metro and ccsd for putting her at risk by allowing this thing in the same school.

Seriously!!??! CCSD isn’t obviously doing their job, isn’t enough the 80 grands that “disappeared” now is this scary situation!!!

Why did they pawn him n off to another school..ridiculous

Good he deserves it

Savannah Jayy 😳

What a creep!!!!

Amber Ponen

Juliann Fox

Kill. Him or cut it off. David a whaley

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Fox Carolina News

ICY ROADS AGAIN Tonight into Friday morning as lows reach the 20s, but the good news is that a lots of warmth and melting is in our future! We'll break that down along with the arrival of our next rain LIVE on The Ten O'Clock News! -Ben ...

ICY ROADS AGAIN Tonight into Friday morning as lows reach the 20s, but the good news is that a lots of warmth and melting is in our future! Well break that down along with the arrival of our next rain LIVE on The Ten OClock News! -Ben
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