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Toyota Prius driver describes terrifying trek down flooded California street

Toyota Prius driver describes terrifying trek down flooded California street


"It was one of those moments where I never felt before, where your whole life flash in front of you, like, this might be it."

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5 minutes ago

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

ABC News
Pres. Donald J. Trump makes remarks in the Oval Office amid continued fallout from his reported immigration remarks.


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How is that trump tower {which was never built} doing? Did you both make enough money on that con?

Ah, one of his money laundering partners is visiting.

Is he speaking English? Rambling like a tired 5th grader

President trump IF u r in some other country just stay there forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F**K thisS***holes and all of his S***holes supporters!

seriously what is he talking about....more babble

You can come to the US as long as you're white.

White trash

49 minutes ago

WSAZ NewsChannel 3

Brandon is in with a Winter WX Update ❄️ 💨
Click here for WSAZ Weather:
Click here for school closings:


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We have almost 3in in Grayson.


It’d be Gucci if Marshall cancelled afternoon classes. I’m worried I’m going to get stuck here. I’d go home but I really can’t afford to skip out on class.

Pouring snow here in sandyville wv. Roads are pretty slick and plows arent helping.

Well its powder and pushes easy so now some salt mixture and its melting . A little ice tomorrow is better than 3" and ice

I bet Flatwoods ky has more the 3 inches of snow and it's still snowing.

I’m in lincoln co and have got almost 3 inches.

Snowing hard in Carter County, Love to watch ❄❄❄❄

Looks like more than 2 inches here in Ironton.

Watching from Grayson Ky we already got 3 and 1/16 of and inch

Hi, from Pedro Ohio 😘 your a great weather man

Carolyn from Rupert wv. U do a great job. Glad u do weather on here for all of us to watch.

Good morning Brandon....make it stop!!!!

Good morning Brandon Sorry I missed your video

Good morning Brandon from Charleston thanks for the winter weather update

Jackson,OH here and it is still snowing. Coming down good

Coming down good in slanesville WV Hampshire co

Jackson, Ohio here, still snowing!

Lucasville Ohio still snowing earlier.

Snowing in Red House and loving it.

i want 2 feet of snow in Charleston W.VA.

Catlettsburg has got abt 3 inch and still coming down

Barboursville and as of 11 am we had 3 inches. Snow still coming down

Going to be yuck in the morning

Light snow here in McAthur.

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60 minutes ago

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

'DID NOT HEAR' Department of Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen, who was in the room for President Donald J. Trump's reported "s---hole" comment, says she "did not hear that word used," but adds Trump used "tough language." ...


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What is the big deal. Everyone knows they have used this word concerning these countries. She said that other people was using strong language also in a loud manner. Get over it snowflakes and hypocrites. Move on.

Are we really having a hearing over this? Clinton steal Millions from Haiti and this is what you’re worried about. It’s not against the law to cuss. Democrats are hoping you through even sh*t to the wall it will stick. So sick of the sky is falling.

Liar! She remembers what everyone else said! Unbelievable B.S.

This needs to stop he didn't say the word so leave it be go after the person that lied and said he said something he did not, They have not gave mr. Trump a fair chance since he has been in office and this is wrong and makes me made enough is enough !!!!!!

Why does the board keep beating a dead horse, over a word. Geez, they act like they don't cuss, or they have virgin ears or something. If that is all they have to worry about then , obviously they are in the wrong profession. Who cares what Trump said. We have a problem , let's get it fixed for crying out loud.

These people have selective memory.....

Why is it so hard to tell the truth??!!

It's strange how no one will repeat what he actually said, but swears he didn't say 💩hole. Was it 💩🏠? 💩stain? 💩ty? Personally I call 🐃💩!

Isn’t it true if you look left, you’re lying? She did that about 4 times but maybe that’s just a myth 🤷🏼‍♂️ I also love how democrats all say this is exactly what he said but republicans “didn’t hear him say that” which isn’t a denial they just didn’t hear it 😅

This is why they need to have these meetings taped or videoed. That would prove one way or the other. So see Trump if you allowed cameras that could back you up, IF you did not say it. But you know you say derogatory things. So that is why you do not want them.

He was pushing pushing, he needs to retire, sounded like he was 150 years old. I watched it and she is not the only one who did not hear it, half of them do not really even know what the President proposed, they just hear and think what is their agenda. She said the room was full of people and lots of chatter and bantering. Feinstein is a liar, go to the videotape of her earlier remarks on immigrants and someone needs to hear what Graham said in 2013.

Why do they feel the need to deny it? If everything he does is the right thing, then why are they going out of their way to hedge and deny and gaslight us? They must think it is wrong or they would say sure he said that and what of it, just like all the rest of his awful comments.She is under oath but she still needs to whitewash the situation.

And another bottom feeder under oath who apparently does not mind lying for her boss as they all do. They should be reminded of who they serve !! Its the tax paying Americans . They all should be exposed on their lies .

Lol anyone else get the impression she was trying really hard to watch her words? Instead of just saying what happened. I think she was lying.

Apparently everyone in that meeting has bad hearing or a terrible memory but they all agree he used tough language. If he didn't say 💩hole what exactly did he say? That's the real question that should be asked.

Are they really having a hearing to discover whether or not trump used the word Shithole when describing shitholes such as Haiti and uganda or ethiopia?this is really worth the millions of ham sandwiches this costs?

Funny how a Republican was sitting right next to him an called him out on it. Why doesn't Trumpy boy call him out. I believe whole heartly he said it. Repeatedly! Cuz he repeat things all the time.

Please STOP with the cover-up. It's is so tedious and over-worked. Several Senators and reporters have confirmed what Trump let's move on to important things like DACA. The GOP won't do anything to Trump, so we'll have to do it in November.

Sec. Kistjen Nielsen knows how to dodge a question under oat! I have no respect for her! Of course, I"m sure she just wants to keep her position and if she answered truthfully she would have the wrath of Trump upon her. "The ultimate measure of a man (or women in this case) is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy." ~Martin Luther King. #IhaveNORespectforher

I just do not now nor will I ever be able to understand how anyone — Nielsen especially — can lie to cover up this failed president’s racism.

I don’t believe anyone who comes out saying this after this amount of time. The WH and anyone who ‘didn’t hear it’ should have stood up immediately. Not ‘days’ after. Release the recordings of the meeting.

Simply. Are we discussing federal government meetings where our elected officials are to be paying close attention to content? How is it that no one “heard” exactly what the president said or didn’t say? Ughhhhhh....

Stop all this! You are the government of the United States and you're acting like a bunch of middle schoolers! We know he said it, you know he said it, and you know he is racist. Stop wasting our time.

She’s lying !! Why would these exact words be leaked out , to the media , if they’re not true , and verifiable?? The ones who heard The President say them , made it all up , for what ?? The President tweets “ I am the least racist person you’ll meet” So I interpret this as he’s a little bit racist 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.

Why is everyone caring about the word shitholes? And not caring about the context of not wanting dark skinned people from poor countries but white educated smiles people from better off countries that wouldn't want to leave their better country of Norway?

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1 hour ago

WCBD News 2

WATCH LIVE: Authorities expected to give update on shooting where 4 officers were injured this morning.



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Praying for the officers in BEARDEN ARKANSAS

Police dog is fine he mentioned it earlier

Hope he goes LAST to surgery After officers are taken care of

Every indication is that the Dog was unharmed. It was his handler that was wounded.

Prayers for the officers and family members.

Sending prayers for the four officers!

Prayers to the officers and their families.

Prayers for all officers and family

Turn your volume up it’s fine here

Healing prayers for our devoted Policemen .

Where did this happen

Praying for them

what is the condition of the police dog?

What happened? I can't Hear?

Praying for everyone involved.

Can anyone else hear?

Turn up your volume

What happened?

Prayers, so sad

Prayers Arising

Can not hear



Hey Nancy!

Prayers sent!

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2 hours ago

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

BANNON HOT SEAT: Former President Donald J. Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon arrived on Capitol Hill this morning for a closed door meeting with the House Intelligence Committee about the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election that is expected to run several hours. ...


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You can twist and spin the facts all you want but in the end the facts are the facts and they ARE NOT fake news!!! 45 has been able to lie, cheat and steal his whole life. In the private sector he can behave any way he wants but not when you are POTUS. The majority of americans did not elect this person and have seen thru his lies and deceit from day one. At this point if you continue to support such a person you are no more and no less than a cult follower - similar to Reverend Jones......... It's ok to spend years and millions investigating the Clintons yet they want this investigation over with? WHY? The truth will set you free.

This is what happens when you mess with a man's money and business. I hope Bannon sings like a bird and tells the committee everything.

Wow Bannon shaved, brushed his hair and has a big smile on his face. Wonder what that is all about.

I'll bet this "investigation" goes on as long as Trump is president and they STILL won't have any true evidence against him personally.

Bannon is a snake I wouldn’t be surprised if he lies to the committee

What a waste of taxpayers' money!

the president lies, his kids lie, sessions lies....bannon will surely lie also. pos all of them.

Make something happen already or abort this investigation! How f*cking long does it take?!


Good, let's get this BS over with so they can investigate the REAL scandals of the dems 😀

Won’t be anything factual come out of his mouth. He will probably break into a Hillary rant

Making America Great Again Via Treason, Racism and Lies....

HEY Steve shaved for the hearing!! Good boy Steve!

Throw him right under the bus Steve

Lock him up too! Red faced algae crawl back in to the swamp you came out of.

Hoping for honest answers to questions. 50 50 chance.

When asked about his last drunken rant Bannon replied "Who flipped my underpants inside outwards?". CNN reports it was the President looking for another $h!t-H0le.

When one lies with snakes, one should not be surprised to be bitten....

Still looks like an old used car salesman!

The man in front in the gray suit, has serious health issues, starting with High Blood Pressure! Also seriously over weight!

Sad, or country has become a reality show. I wonder why? Maybe because we have a reality show fraud at the wheel?

He is a sly wolf and has plenty of money behind him. Better watch him every moment.

We know it happened just need the evidence

now we will see how many more will be going down...hope it is so many of them.. that it will be the destruction of this whole circus that is up there

what will he do? I doubt he'll be truthful..

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2 hours ago

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

ABC News
We're on Capitol Hill as Department of Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Nielson was in the room during the now-infamous immigration meeting at the Oval Office last week, in which Pres. Donald J. Trump reportedly denigrated immigrants from Haiti and African countries.


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How much was she paid? Even Lindsey Graham confirmed Trump’s racist remarks in that meeting.

She is a smart lady..

so what its over , the past is over >>>>>>>>>>

I see the liar in Chief Durbin is in attendance best have everything recorded.

Denigrated Immigrants????? Reality check, the LIE specifically covered the country, never the Citizens. Btw, gonna leave this here for your SHEEP 🐑

I am endlessly amazed at how many people seem to have sold their integrity, and their soul to work for this administration.

Have all GOP been given training in how to answer questions without answering the question training! I have no respect for any of these politicians who seem to find it very difficult to answer a question which obviously has a concrete answer. UGH!

You know Trump said it right, also if he would admit it, you'd applaud it...he tested the phrase out on response and decided it didn't poll as well as expected and now he's denying it. He is from the swamp the cult pretended to hate. Suckers. Either way, his support is near non-existent among intelligent Republicans and Independents. He won't run for reelection as he knows he cannot win.

She will lie for Trump...In fact she already did...

The United States has lost all respect anymore. Our government is so embroiled in Republican verse Democrats ... throw in our Liberals as well that common sense... integrity, honesty and compassion have been thrown completely forgotten. Shame on our government and those serving. You are not in your position to do what’s right...... you are in it for the money & prestige.

They were not raciest remarks where the video on what he said..

She’s a liar, and a Trump KKKunt. What a disgrace.

Look at the problem with America to the left of Grassly to our right the liar Durbin will be speaking soon bet you can't wait...

She is lying. Using subjective thinking to masking her lies. She is channeling kelly 👎🏽

waste of time. more lies

Testimony? This is a big waste of time.

I am finding myself to be impressed with Secretary Nielsen and how concise and to the point she has been answering the questions posed to her, also she has not put a political slant on anything she has said.

Vile Republicans.


Why all the angry face imojis? Are these all terrorists and supporters of terrror? Are these all illegal aliens and supporters of illegal immigration? Or are these all just melting snowflake haters?

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