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Todd Starnes: University of Kansas flies defaced American flag on campus (on purpose!)

Todd Starnes: University of Kansas flies defaced American flag on campus (on purpose!)


"Patriots in the Heartland are furious after the University of Kansas raised a defaced American flag on campus. And it was intentional." — Todd Starnes

Someone should let the grownups in charge of Jayhawk Country know that when you pledge allegiance to the flag you do it out of love for your country.

More All News M7 Mayor Breeds top priority..tackling homelessness in SF.

"You've got to be part of the team to score points, but it's hard for him to score points for the team when the coaches were actively working against him." - @RobertGehrke on @JonHuntsman, who he feels should resign as U.S. Ambassador to Russia

"President Donald Trump appears to think we are all idiots. He just tried to fix what could be the biggest crisis of his presidency -- and he failed disastrously," writes Frida Ghitis via @CNNOpinion

.@KarlTheFog is lurking 🌁

Three people were killed in a midair collision during a possible training flight in Florida Everglades, authorities say; The search continues for a fourth victim.

"After meeting with top aides today, President Trump read from a prepared statement, offering up, frankly, what seems to be a dog ate my homework excuse on how things went terribly wrong in Helsinki" - @ErinBurnett

Column: Getting Manny Machado would let the Dodgers steal the spotlight

Rishikesh is known for its spirituality, but it's also home to a 273-foot-high perch that's said to be the highest permanent bungee platform in India.

With a giant swing and zip line, Jumpin Heights bills itself as India's first "extreme adventure zone."

An attorney representing relatives of a 10-year-old Lancaster boy who died from abuse is demanding a criminal investigation of the social workers involved in the case.

Trump administration adopting "damage control" steps to clean up "mess" of #HelsinkiMeeting

Local community colleges chosen for free or low-cost textbook program

Sometimes an investigative tip doesn't pan out and you're left with a different, but still interesting story. East Bay man trapped in cement mixer for hours Thursday gave me his first interview about what happened; thanks @AlamedaCoFire . #ABC7now

Take a look back at some of the numbers behind the Dubs’ back-to-back Championship 🏆 🏆

At the end of her tour, the mayor summed up her morning this way. "I smell enough. I see enough. Clean it up!"

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