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This is not the first time transgender athletes have run in the Boston Marathon. Here's why it still matters.

This is not the first time transgender athletes have run in the Boston Marathon. Here's why it still matters.


While transgender runners have been participating in the famous marathon for years, barriers to full inclusion in the sport still remain -- and that's what advocates hope the recent wave of coverage will draw attention to.

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Unruly passenger tased, removed from American Airlines flight in Miami

A man suspected in the slayings of four people at a Waffle House restaurant remained on the run Monday, and authorities said he may be armed with one of the guns seized from him last year after he tried to enter the White House to see Donald Trump

MORE: Duchess Kate, Prince William present newborn baby to public outside of St. Mary's Hospital in London

Live mock draft: Our NFL beat writers make picks for the teams they cover

MOMENTS AGO: Prince William, Duchess Kate leave hospital in London after delivery of baby boy

Prince William and Duchess Kate make their first appearance outside the hospital with their new baby boy!

Bill Cosby trial: Jurors won't hear old deposition testimony from a confidante of Cosby's chief accuser, a judge ruled Monday

"We have a man who has exhibited significant instability and we are concerned for the citizens -- not just here, but anywhere else he may go," Nashville police official says of Waffle House shooting suspect

Officials on whereabouts of Waffle House shooting suspect: "There have been no confirmed sightings of him, so we don't know where he is -- it is possible that he has left the area. We just don't know."

Will be at @NASA Headquarters this afternoon to swear in Jim Bridenstine as the new Administrator. Under the leadership of @POTUS, team @NASA & the National Space Council are restoring America’s proud legacy of leadership in space. Watch live at 2:30

Newsom highlights liberal bona fides in his first ad in the governor's race

WATCH LIVE: Authorities continue search for suspect in Tennessee Waffle House shooting, in which four people were killed

2015 Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam jailed in Brussels case.

New research shows that many once-endangered bookstores are booming again. #WorldBookDay

Saving enough money to retire can be challenging. Making sure that money lasts a lifetime can be even harder. Presented by @BrighthouseFin

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KIRO 7 News

LIVE: French President Emmanuel Macron arriving at Joint Base Andrews, MD. Read more about Macron’s visit to the United States here >> ...


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46 minutes ago

KIRO 7 News

Eagle cam or traffic cam? WSDOT tweeted this video over the weekend during the northbound I-5 closure. We're thinking the eagle decided to hang out on the 520 bridge to avoid the heavy traffic.

Keep one step ahead of the backups weekday mornings with the KIRO 7 RealTime Traffic Team. We have double the coverage to keep you moving. >>


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Judging by the seagull that flew over, I bet they were trying to run the eagle off but he got tired and had to land.

I sure hope the eagle paid its fair share in tolls!

Neah Bay

I seen 2 yesterday I 5 north by SeaTac a

54 minutes ago

ITV News

"Why am I responsible for policing Facebook? Facebook should police Facebook."

MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis on what it would take to drop his legal battle against the social media firm.
Read more:


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Martin can’t even police his own site, go ahead with your legal “battle” and give your winnings to the victims of that Crown Currency shower that you promoted on your website!

He is 100% correct the number of Martin Lewis adverts I get is stupid absolutely crazy. Hope he wins.

I hope he wins ...too many scams advertised on FB and nothing is done if you report them

Good on you.hope you win big far to many scams out there ripping decent people off.

Quite right - crazy how many ads have your name/pic attached !

Hope he wins he's right,

Hope he gets it sorted out

Good for you martin ive seen lots of ads saying your involved when your not

I really hope he wins

Good on ya

Ha Ha Sugarcube.

Facebook bans those who criticize terrorists and supports isra'el fight against terrorism from Gaza

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1 hour ago

ITV News

Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's hospital to meet their new sibling.

For full updates on the royal birth:


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How lovely and calm. Should see me getting my kids out the car! Lol x 💙

Princess Charlotte is such a cutie all those lovely waves..

He's more hands on with his children than Charles ever was with those two boys ...So much like their mother ❤

How exciting our kate will be out in a minute all glamorous and padded up .while Alfie’s mummy feels as though her heart has been ripped out .

Why pt an hour long programme on which stated the bleeding obvious, a newsflash was all that was needed.

Aw, a Royal baby boy on St Georges Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🍾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Congratulations will and Kate x

This isnt about being a royal, its about a family who are all happy and excited about their new baby boy. Congratulations to them all x

Princess Charlotte is so cute with her little wave😘

BREAKING NEWS ITV News i've heard through a source the baby's name is Rodney,you know after Dave.👍🇬🇧️

Beautiful kids, Princess Charlotte is soooooo cute bless her!!! 💜💜😄😄

They definitely produce beautiful children. All the very best to them all.

Princess Charlotte following in the footsteps of her Great-Grandmother - the Queen, at such a young age, waving and smiling.

This has made my year!! O at last i can sleep soundly in my bed tonight for this news. God bless ITV, god bless The Royals, God bless you one and all!!

Love the fact her doesn’t need to worry about shutting the door and locking his very expensive car 😳

Princess Charlotte looks so much like her mother here

They are both cute but that little princess Charlotte 😍 bless her x

Beautiful photoes of george and charlott so pleased for them and charlott is the double of her granma

Ah love Charlotte and her little waves

Bless princess Charlotte she loves the lime light

Totally love all this the young royals rock xx

Looking forward to seeing Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the Royal Wedding... Hope they attend x

Charlotte seems to walk on tippy toes. Such a cutie 😍

Aaaah Beautiful. Congratulations on your New Prince xxxx

Lauren Coupland aw man princess charlotte waving 👋 soooo cute!! Xxx

Oh please get rid of that awful old man who is with your man outside the hospital! Is he a fool oh the children are all strapped in of course they are all children are strapped in a car seat !!!!!!!! Did William have glasses on look and you will see fgs awful coverage! Dull dull dull

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2 hours ago

ITV News

These volunteers make meals out of food destined for the landfill to feed hundreds of struggling people.

This Swansea cafe's rule is 'pay as you feel' - so nobody goes without a meal.

Read more here:


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yes and in parliament they eat food which we pay for and its the most expensive stuff

Brilliant idea - wish more would follow

Wonderful and using food that would get binned too. More power to those people.

What a fantastic idea it should be done in all areas.

People should be shocked by this in 2018 but no is as it's the norm now in Tory Britain😡 well done to these good caring people.

we are setting this up here in sittingbourne its an idea ive had for a few months we also do a monday kitchen for anyone who needs a meal

Brilliant idea

Would love if something like this was done in my area!! Helping people who can't afford to feed themselves and stopping waste!!

Have a look at Street Food Project in Penzance. We do something similar each night (but still outside for now) We’re on Twitter too ❤️

This is a great idea.keep up the good work.need more of these.

Great work guys.

Wow brilliant

Wow amazing

Wonderful idea ..

fab idea xx

Abbie Ludlam

Elizabeth Tierney

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2 hours ago

ITV News

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to leave the Lindo Wing shortly with their new arrival.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a son at 11:01am this morning, weighing 8lbs 7oz.


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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to leave the Lindo Wing shortly with their new arrival.

Why the angry faces don't understand. A woman has just had a baby. It's lovely news. People are so awful. So happy for them

My girlfriend's daughter has just had a baby....don't see the world stopping by to congratulate her!. It's a baby for gods sake....women have been doing this since time began....

If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Simple! We’ve had a new Royal arrive and all people can do is hate! Take your negativity elsewhere!!!

Might not be to do with alfie....but alfie needs more news coverage than a chuffin healthy newborn......long live alfie 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙

For those who are Alfie Evans supporters please for the sake of the royal family and the sake of our sanity go to feed where there is coverage thanks this isn't the news feed for you

Alfie isnt having the lethal injection 😂there taking his life support off

Everyone show your love and appreciation for the royal baby and his family with hearts and uk flags. A royal child born on st George's day what a glorious day to be British 🇬🇧🇬🇧❤❤🤴🤴

Why do people not realise that Alfie's brain is beyond healing. He's only alive because of machines. Going to Italy will just prolong the poor little boys existence, even if he survives the journey

This has nothing to do with prolonging a baby that nature should of already taken care of😠😡 if it wasn't for technology' he would be at peace now😡😡

My heart goes out to Alfie’s family but why all the hatred for this family it’s not their fault or the innocent baby that’s just been born

Why are people complaining about a baby that has been born no body is ever happy unless they are moaning about someone or something just get on with your life's. Congratulations to Kate and William.

Please stop!! Alfie is not being executed, you start to lose the argument even more than before. Dignified doesn't describe some of the people calling for Alfies supporters

Congratulations William and Kate on the birth of your new baby boy. Such a lovely couple. Diana would be such a proud grandma today and every day 💞

It's sad about baby Alfie, and I'm sure we all feel it, but thus is a happy time too, it's not Kate or William or the babies fault. No need to be nasty about any one

I hope everyone who is interested in just another baby is happy that you couldnt care about our country murdering children!!! ROYALS SHOULD BE TREATED THE SAME AS NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!

What about Charlie that his machine was turned off last year and this year a baby called lexi nobody did anything bad like u all doing on Kate and Williams lives

Karen Callaway is one of the people who voted for our country to murder innocent souls. Dont treat royals different to normal public. They cost UK more money then anybody!!!

okay i get that but really people keep going on if his ill his ill and im sure if doctors or what ever could do something they would no point writing it on here!! this is a happy moment :)

They don’t choose what coverage they have! I’m sure they would prefer to not have hundreds of paps outside after she’s just given birth!

Why angry faces samanth Jane because people are more bothered about the royal family child when there a littel boy that's getting killed and the royal family won't stand up and say something

If anything would of gone wrong everything would of been done to save that child! So unfair! 23 medical staff for 1baby! And they won't even allow Alfie one to take him to Italy! Disgusted!

Italian drs are now at alder Hay to collect Alfie now please just let us have a happy day happy that Alfie has been given the chance of treatment and happy for the royal family

I feel for Alfie’s family but what has he got to do with this baby? It’s a happy occasion fgs 🙄 congratulations to William and Kate 😍💙💙💙

It’s not the Royal’s fault that there baby was born today! I’m sure they didn’t decide about Alfie!! Why don’t people comment on his page?! It’s really sad but nothing to do with this baby!!!

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2 hours ago

NBC News World

A notice has been placed on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace following the announcement of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child.


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3 hours ago

NBC News World

Dozens have been killed, and even more injured and arrested, amid protests over social security reforms in Nicaragua.


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Social Security. That's what you get when other's follow Americas lead.They saw Wall Street take control of Social Security monies here and thought they could get away with it there. Takes a special kind of deviant to pull that off boy's. LOL

Overcome evil by doing good. The Bible In America alot of food gets thrown out. It is a waste. The Bible says daily bread. Prices could be lowered by 50 percent. Let's not be greedy.

Let the Nicaraguan people solve their own problems. We have enough here with carrot top in the WH

Let those people throw stones till they achieve what they want

Party hardy you freakin' radicals! Meanwhile...our 🇺🇸 health care system sucks!

Nicaragua needs help, don't let this country becomes another Venezuela!

It's your problem...not mine.

NBC News World you got the story wrong, again.

3 hours ago

NBC News World

Armenia's riot police scuffle with protesters and deploy tear gas to disperse a mass rally.

Seventy people were arrested, including protest leader and opposition lawmaker Nikol Pashinian.


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Well, you are still sleeping, NBC. You should have already found out what has happened today instead of showing yesterday's materials.

These people want acknowledgment of the atrocities propagated by the Turkish government . Give it to them. Humans are doomed .

This is an interesting story. And the fact that NBC is reporting on it, means it is somehow tied to a larger agenda.

Lucky they aren't shot...

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