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'The Walking Dead' will return for Season 9 with a familiar face as the new showrunner

'The Walking Dead' will return for Season 9 with a familiar face as the new showrunner


Get ready for the return of The Walking Dead.

Big changes -- and a new creative vision -- are afoot for the popular AMC series' senior staff.

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37 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

LOOSE WALLABY: Sydney police have no idea where this wallaby came from as it led them on a pursuit in the downtown area. It took six officers to finally catch it!



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His name is P Sherman, he's obviously on his way home to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

Looks like Trump

Just like the deer here sometimes end up lost in a town

Shiloh White 'straya

At least it's staying in the fast lane.

Looks like someone is jumping to conclusions...

Abir Elias HAHAH jag lovar d var hmoro som släppte känguru på gatan innan ni flög hem 😂


Carolyn Potts this is hysterical 😭. He can run faster than the car

Brenda De León... Boss I can't come to work there's a loose Wallaby pin the HOV 😂🤣

Allison Roach Rob Martin but was it a wallaby or kangaroo? 😂😂😂😂

Kevin M Lewis Get on it buddy

Stephie Lynn lolol plan Australia

Go Blue! ❤️👨‍✈️❤️👨‍✈️

Trevor Alvarez I laughed so hard

Joseph Roy wallaby

Sturko Sturks... what did you do 😂😂

Quinn LeAnne McCarty

Allie Miskela Tran

Erin Gilreath 😂😂

Robert Brown

Michelle Mcpherson 🤣

Kristen Jane

Karissa Bracy Beasley🤣🤣

Anita Echevarria

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46 minutes ago

CBC News

Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir named as Olympic flag-bearers for Pyeongchang. Read more: ...


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The veteran figure skating duo hopes to cap career with Olympic gold in Pyeongchang ^cb

BREAKING NEWS: Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir named as Olympic flag-bearers. ^cb

Virtue and Moir captured gold in Vancouver 2010. ^cb

The games will open on February 9, continuing through to February 25. ^cb

The opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang is Feb. 9. ^cb

Virtue and Moir are also Canadian Olympic figure skating team co-captains. Check out Team Canada so far: ^cb

Can’t wait for the games? Check out all the coverage at ^cb

Thanks for joining us for this live stream. It's over now, but you can get all the latest Olympic coverage at ^cb

Canada is so lucky to have a wonderful leader of their country. I envy you even more every day I have to put up with the Moron we have for a leader. Good luck in South Korea.

This is such a Special Day for so many athletes; let stop all the mean spirited comments! CONGRATULATIONS to all the Athletes!

Politicians should have to buy their Olympic clothing not have it given to them as a freebie. The athletes work hard to get to the Olympic Games.

Just an FYI to hateful Heather, Tessa and Scott aren't immigrants, they're both from London, Ontario. Great choice to represent Canada at the Olympics!

CBC. Why do you need to translate in English when they speak French? Often just repeating what was just said in English. It's annoying. Thank you, Merci - you have to overtalk thank you on top of Merci?

Congrats. Recognize the dedication and sacrifices these and all the athletes and their families have made for their sport and achieving world status. Go Canada!

Well, you're getting lots of negative reinforcement for that behaviour so maybe this will be the last time. :)

Why is Justin there. Olympics are supposed to be about sports and NOT politics! Take a selfie somewhere.

How far we have come - our flag-bearers are athletes from a sport where your uniforms is comprised make-up and rhinestones...

Congrats to Scott and Tessa you make me proud to be a Canadian Go Canada Go bring back Gold to the best country on the planet 👍❤️🙏🤗🇨🇦

Good choice, good luck, good acceptance speech. Always proud to be Canadian ! Go Canada go to all our great athletes !

Wonderful choice. All the very best to our Canadian team in the olympic games. "Go Canada Go ☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

Two wonderful athletes best wishes to you both.

Nobody cares what you think, Nancy.

Why does Justin have to taint everything by making it about him?

Look at all that wasted money giving these jokers all Olympic gear on our dime. Wouldn't surprised to see him make "Hijab Girl" the flag bearer.

Can’t wait for the games? Check out all the coverage at ^cb

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SHARK! 🦈 A photographer was capturing photos of manatees in Chassahowitzka River when a Bull shark surprisingly swam near him! Luckily, the shark didn't seem to notice him.



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That was fresh water btw, Florida is dangerous.. People should stop moving here for their own safety..

Oh it noticed him. Just didn't care, and by the way it was swimming away, looked like the shark was afraid of the man.

This one was caught in the Potomac River

This is the crap that pisses me off about the media towards sharks! I live, play, and work on the water as a full time captain. Sharks don't care about people! The times people do get attacked it's mistaken identity! "Luckily the shark didn't seem to notice him" are you kidding me! They know everything going on around them!

Mike Wads I never wanna swim in crystal river again

That shark knew he was there lol

The bull sharks swim up in the Brackish/fresh water rivers to have their babies.

Seen em in in 3-4' of brackish water right by Pine Island,,,I don't wade out there anymore.

They go inland too seen as far as ft meade...bowling green area

Thaty Barcellos depois vc me pergunta porque n gosto de praia, n entro em água e etc. porque onde moro tem tubarão até no RIO

Bull sharks can live in saltwater & fresh water. Basically any river with could host bull sharks

Wow, bet his wet suit will need a thorough cleaning.

no it noticed him that's why it darted off when he swam to close

Brian Yates now the rivers aren’t safe. I’m done!

Water is warmer in the rivers.


Wow that doesn't happen too often but definitely does happen!

What sharks in brackish warmer water? Who da thunk it 🤔😂😂

Marie Hastings Erin Dixon this is one reason why I skipped my manatee swim

Amanda Helms wasn’t this the river we were gonna go to lmao

Looked like a baby bull

Chelsea!! It could’ve been a shark for real

Jeff Rodriguez this is homosassa where we were with Charles

Cassidy English this is where we crab, I guess you weren’t all that crazy lol

Brent Wycinski that’s before homosassa

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CLOSE CALL: Bus security video gives an entirely different look at an airborne car, barely missing the bus, and crashing into the second story of a California building. The airborne driver has since admitted to using narcotics. MORE:

Courtesy: Orange County Transportation Authority


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I know what I am looking at but how the hell did that car go up in the air like that

Watching too much fast and furious

Glad the bus was running a few seconds late that night!

The duke brothers at it again, general lee took a beating on this one.

Seth here’s another view 😂

Jillian Pearl Rodrigues this is the video what you sent me a few days ago

Paddy McCauley diff view of the batmobile from earlier lol.

Megan Moriarty haha look at this one

Lol... I was wondering about the the other day... if that bus had been 1 second sooner...

Kristina Jenness this is that car in the building we looked at on Sunday! Wait until about the :20 mark 😳

And here in NYC we complain about the buses running late.

Amanda Claire Here's another video of that car crash

One lucky bus!


David Torres Daniel De Sandoval Reát which one of y’all responsible for this... it ain’t GTA V this real life.

Xavier Beckom so that’s how that car got there

Nicole Tadt show this to dad. I was telling him about it


Friggin awesome.

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A LASTING MEMORY: An Orlando mom's memory lives on in the form of a stuffed animal. After Antonio's mother suddenly passed away, his father programmed her old voicemails into the toy, gifting it to Antonio for Christmas. "I will always love you guys." ❤️



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That is so sweet a great way for Antonio to never forget what his mother’s voice sounds like. His dad is a special man to do this for him.

What a great dad! Antonio is one lucky young man!

I love finding hearts in things. Especially rocks or glass.

Jose black mirror

How sweet

James Michaels 😳 black mirror is getting too real

so wonderful!


Wow! Just wow❤️💔😇

Ricky Daniels black mirror


Brittany Nicole Bulloch. This is what I was telling you about.

James Thurston

Indira Mora-Diaz

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4 hours ago

Sporting News

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling while Lonzo Ball sits out with an injury. ...

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling while Lonzo Ball sits out with an injury.


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Didn't they just beat spurs and Mavs couple of days ago

Sorry but he isn't the difference

Who else do the Lakers have? Oh wait, never mind. The Browns have more talent on their team than the Lakers

They're not exactly doing that well WITH him. They're 15-28 overall, which means they're still under .500 with him in the lineup.

who wrote this headline? Lavar Ball...?

But the entire NBA is better without him and his father.

Ok, if that's the case....make Lavar suit up for L.A the rest of this season then? #LAVARBALL #THEULTIMATEPLAYER

Uh...they are still a losing team with him. 15-28 and only 2 games out of last place isn't much to be proud of.

They're not any better with him. What's your point?

You act like the Lakers were winning before he got there 🤔

He doesn't play against better guards of the league, because his coaches don't want him to be exposed. They would have still lost all 7 games if he played them.

we have had enough of the Ball gang....move on

The Balls pockets are deep to have someone write this BS!!

I heard that Luke Walton has lost the team anyway

And the Cavs are 2-8 with James...soooo

I thought they changed the name, bbb. Big brick brand. Lol

Dude they were other players missing not just ball, like Lopez, Ingram, pope and kuzma was missing in one of those games.

I think y’all mean without Brandon ingram

They suck with him too...

Grown men still hating on a kid? Lol

And they still suck with him.

Let his father play

what are they, 10-25 with him? kids sucks

Should sign his brothers

He must be the MVP then. 🤣

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ADORABLE: At five months old, we are finally getting a look at the first panda cub born in France 😍🐼



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So cute! 🐼

Proofread, please.

Grammar grammar Fox 13!

So cute.


Leanne Billington

Adrian E Ponce

Michelle Hartmann

Darin Scott Pack

Eügene Dubavets

Mykel Corey Carman


Evelyn Pineda

Beth Pengler

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