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The truth about those 7 words 'banned' at the CDC

The truth about those 7 words 'banned' at the CDC


Reports that the Donald J. Trump administration banned officials at the CDC from using these seven words may have been overstated, according to a government document obtained by CNN

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1 hour ago

WPBF 25 News

Mike Lyons Live on another cold night!


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Please no rain Feb 10. Daughter getting married outside ❤️❤️

After waiting 25 mins for a bus at about 7:30pm, my nose and fingertips were literally numb. The wind is killer! Not bad in the sun but when that breeze kicks.... NOT a happy camper.

Hi Mike, I am watching you from Graciosa Island, Azores, Portugal! Also chilly here tonight, but no frost! Most of my life lived in Jacksonville, now here, I enjoy watching your news!

Thomas Im in Toledo Ohio 3 weeks of brutal artic cold

We were freezing at the fair. But loved it. was amazing to be at the fair and it be chilly and not so hot.. had lots of fun

I’d love the 87° record right now!!

I definitely didn't teach water aerobics today. I doubt I'm teaching tomorrow...

Brayden good news the breeze is off the Lake now and it’s warming up finally!

Me too Brayden my job will be done next weekend so Mike I need warmer air please?? Lol!

Too cold for the fair but hope to go Sunday

How cold will it be in Vero Beach tonight? Burrr!

I came from Spain to live here for a reason!! Bring back our weather pls!

Thanks for all the info Mike!Keep it up💪🏻👍🏼

That’s good St Lucie County Fair is last of Jan and early Feb!! People will love it!

I had to use hand warmers for the second time this winter.

Brayden that’s awesome we live in Ft Pierce!!

What will it be tomorrow at around 8 am in Boca??

I have family visiting from Oswego N.Y. and they’re freezing 😂

How long will this weathet last. I am ready for some heat 😂😂

Brayden I’ll take it 45 here but rain Sunday, but better than all the snow! Lol!

Thomas yea 50° here this coming Sunday as a high very happy!

Mike chase the cold weather aeay 😄

Yay, I will leave the weather in your capable hands

Thanks for keeping us educated and informed... you are awesome 😘

Is it supposed to be colder tonight?

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2 hours ago

WPBF 25 News

Here is this year’s choice for the ArtiGras commemorative poster. The artist is Jen Callahan who says she chose the macaw because she loved the color and vibrancy.

The painting was unveiled tonight at the ArtiGras kickoff party.


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Wow so very talented - love it

2 hours ago

WPBF 25 News


ABC News
WHAT GOES UP: Adorable pup loves this high-flying game with his owner!

2 hours ago

WPBF 25 News

What an amazing picture Cris Martinez, Meteorologist WPBF took tonight. Wow!Love my city ❤️ ...

What an amazing picture Cris Martinez, Meteorologist WPBF took tonight. Wow!


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Cris Martinez, I love West Palm Beach too. Are you from this area?

Fountain in downtown West Palm Beach. In the summer, children run and play in the fountain.

Good job Cris , Pretty picture !!!!! Now crank up the heat !!!!!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous pic!

Dyllan Darryll.

Thomas Tran

2 hours ago

FOX23 News

#BREAKING: Firefighters are at the scene of a fire at the former Harvard Cleaners location near Pine and Harvard. Hazmat is there as a precaution. ...


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I am an old, old woman...but does ANYONE notice there is no such thing as an UGLY Tulsa firefighter? Every one a hero...but if I were only 49-1/2 years younger....just sayin'.... REALLY, am so grateful for all they do.

Oh okay. Back to watching cats being terrorized by cucumbers!


Thank you TFD

Where is the first? Sorry can't hear because of the fire trucks

Hi from Borger Tx! Stay warm and safe!

Good job tfd

That’s Pine and Harvard

Don't let this stop you from getting a hot & ready 5$ pizza

God, Please keep all these firefighters safe. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

The Harvard cleaner moved I thought.

Do they know how long the business has been closed?

Vicki it says the former Harvard Cleaners so it isn’t there anymore

This is where I had my wedding dress altered 16 years ago. This place has a special place in my heart and always will

It used to be Harvard Cleaners.

This is the back of the building correct?

Is pine and peoria is pine and harvard

That comes out to $8.68 like how hahaha

Isn't this pine and Harvard

Homeless gotta stay warm

So much for all those clothes..😔

Harvard cleaners?

Thank you Charlotte.


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