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"The Sweat of Their Face": Portraits of workers

"The Sweat of Their Face": Portraits of workers


An exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington features depictions of workers - an untraditional subject of portraiture.

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44 seconds ago

7News - WHDH Boston

MEET THE NEW PRINCE! William and Kate made their first appearance with the newborn just moments ago. The name of the child has not yet been released.


20 minutes ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Celebrate spring with a trip to Foxwoods Resort Casino! Enter to win an overnight stay and $150 gift card -->> Turn on Channel 3 at 5:30pm to see if you won! ...


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yes please

Pick me!!!

29 minutes ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Prince William and Duchess Kate are leaving the hospital with their new baby boy! More here -->> ...


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Prince William and Duchess Kate are leaving the hospital with their new baby boy! More here -->>

they,re NOT in OUR Country,so I dont care,,and neither should anyone in the USA,,,

Good for them. I wore yogas. She’s in an outfit and heels.

Who looks this good after having a baby..I looked like I got hit by a bus after mine.. shes sp pretty anyway..congrats

She looks amazing!! just had the baby like few hours ago and already leaving the hospital looking all fabulous.. 😯

I hope that's a warm wind blowing, otherwise, GET THAT KID INSIDE!!!


Im sure shes feeling like she just had a baby 😂 come on!!

Big deal

How the heck is she wearing high heals.? After my kids my feet were so swollen I couldn’t even wear my sneakers 😳

she just had the baby and going home already there insurance must not want to pay the big bill Congrats and God Bless

She looks wonderful for just having the baby boy

Not leaving hospital she is still there tomm

Comments are more amusing than the article. Must be Rachel's Rays and Wendy's yarn weavers gang.

She looks radiant and beautiful for just having a baby. Congratulations to the family.

I don't think she is leaving. She just had the baby this morning.

Gorgeous! Congrats to the royal family! She always looks so flawless!

that too fast her wounds are still open and she outside waving at people like really

I thought the baby was just born this morning?

Congrats to Kate and William and the other babies too

She looks amazing and he was a big special

I think she must stay overnight!

Oh my god good for her .she looks beautiful.I looked 8 months pregnant after I delivered.

Already ? Wait I thought they announced she was in labor today ..geezzz

I bet the baby name will be Henry

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2 hours ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Happening now: The royal children have arrived. ...


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So happy for them. Are they ever going to let that little boy wear long pants????

What a little princess...waving at the people. Love it!

Nice to have good news for once

She is waving already for the cameras so cute

I'm sure they missed Mommy & wanted to see their new baby brother. <3

Wonderful news! Blessings for all. ❤️

Look at that little girl, she is going to be a great princess-waving to her public already!

OMGOODNESS! Where have I been? I didn't even know they were expecting another child. Congratulations and all the best to everyone.

Trying to think of a practical baby gift. Too early for a royal toupée?

Look at the little princess wave!!! I love it!!!

Charlotte already has the "royal wave" down! Adorable!

How cute and she is a natural already with the wave!

Isn't she just a natural princess! Congratulations to the family on their new addition!!

Congratulations William and Kate on you new baby boy.

Wow, Princess Diana would be so proud! As a grandmother myself, grandchildren are everything!!

Love those two...and lil Charlotte already a little princess waving to the crowd 💕

How sweet. Charlotte waving to the crowd. Congrats to the royal family.💗

If that was me or my girlfriend no one would care

Congratulations 🎈🎊 for the new member of the family

Congratulations to the Royal Family!!

The little girl is so adorable.

A lovely moment for thi family and so happy for them !!!!

Cute as they can be ..... Awwwww !!!!! Lovely Family !!!! So happy for them !!!!

Charlotte has the royal wave down to a “t” ! Definitely a princess !

They are so adorable. GOD bless them all!

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