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The math prodigy is back with 'The Imperial March' from 'Star Wars' played on a pencil

The math prodigy is back with 'The Imperial March' from 'Star Wars' played on a pencil


Girl's got SKILLS

Dani Ochoa is back with another amazing pencil song

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13 minutes ago

FOX6 News Milwaukee

A big milestone for Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo.

FOX6's Brad Hicks tells you more:


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I think they snubbed him to make lebron happy for the number one fan selection!!!

Sidney Moncrief?

41 minutes ago

FOX6 News Milwaukee

Waukesha's former fire chief is firing back at the woman he had an affair with.

FOX6's Bret Lemoine explains:

55 minutes ago

Cleveland 19 News

Have you tried cross-country skiing? ...

58 minutes ago

KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

A Palo Verde High School student accused of raping four of his classmates is being charged as an adult.



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"We make accommodations for students with a criminal history to ensure the safety of all students and staff." Ummmm.... that's the opposite of what happened here. He was placed in a new environment where no one was aware of his history, and he had access to every single unsuspecting girl at PVHS. I'm pretty sure the district failed every girl at that school with the decision to allow him back on a campus pending the criminal charges.

The school district failed the victims in this case and opened the door to the possibility of more students becoming his victims by allowing him to enroll into another CCSD school. And shame on his parents for not enrolling him in a homeschooling program when they knew what their son had done and could do again. 😡

Seriously!!??! CCSD isn’t obviously doing their job, isn’t enough the 80 grands that “disappeared” now is this scary situation!!!

If my daughter went to this school, I would be filing a lawsuit against metro and ccsd for putting her at risk by allowing this thing in the same school.

Why did they pawn him n off to another school..ridiculous

Good he deserves it

Savannah Jayy 😳

What a creep!!!!

Amber Ponen

Juliann Fox

Kill. Him or cut it off. David a whaley

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1 hour ago

FOX6 News Milwaukee

Live: Update on shooting that injured a Milwaukee police officer and another person near Hawley and Main. ...


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Live: Update on shooting that injured a Milwaukee police officer and another person near Hawley and Main.

Do you have family in blue? Have you walked in an officers shoes?

Knives are a deadly weapon, and can kill you or injure you just a quickly as a fire arm

I'm lost, how did the officer get shot?

What happened to tasers

we all know MPD needs better training!!

I thought he had knives?

Knives vs guns and cop shoots suspect and another try tasing or pepper spray come on knives so u shoot

Prayers to blood and blue

Yes !!! The CRIMINAL Had a weapon!!!

What happened to shoot ONCE you see a weapon..... now it’s shoot if YOU THINK he has a weapon or SEE A KNIFE. Sad for everybody

#BlueStrong 💙




Guadeloupe..they can throw knives


suspect armed with knives!

if they honest I'll die for red white and blue. I have done plenty for MPD

Omg around the corner from the house,what happened to there tazers,,,,??its not like the dude had a gun...smdh

How does officer get shoot that makes no sense

Pretty quick on firing that gun!

A suspect with knives was shot as well

Be safe out there

Officer shot an officer

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A stolen SUV involved in a crash in Ozaukee County, was filled with catalytic converters.

FOX6's Madeline Anderson tells you about it:


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He was thinking of the the Ozone.... that was one clean burning SUV

Andrew Jacob ... maybe they have the same problem you do with your car 😂

2 hours ago

Cleveland 19 News

There's a new bakery in Playhouse Square! ...


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Again in downtown, where u gotta pay $10 to park for a donut

Nice excellent bakery from the hill 😀

Courtney Mayle I just saw this and thought of you. They have the best cannoli in Cleveland. So jealous that you're walking distance.

Diane Chambers. This place is awesome- let’s go when it gets warm😊

Not a fan

They have awesome cannolis!

Yum. I'm in. Looks yummy.

Laura Wright Baker time for a walk!

Marcia Crabtree Judy Esper. Before or after our plays?

Terri Schubert ohhhhhhhh noooooo!!!

Courtney Mickler check it out tomorrow!

#GeneticTesting during woman's pregnancy leads to a life-saving discovery.



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Way ta go Dr. Bohman! You rock!!!

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