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The emotional moment Comey shared with Obama after the election

The emotional moment Comey shared with Obama after the election


James Comey says then-Pres. Obama told him after the 2016 election: "'I appointed you to be FBI director because of your integrity and your ability.'"

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6 minutes ago

PBS NewsHour

WATCH LIVE: President Trump’s press secretary Sarah Sanders holds White House news briefing. ...


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What’s going on?


Here comes the hand puppet!

oy vey- now what?


Marietta Ga

No thanks.

Here comes “EYEgore”.



WHAT “Now” ???


pass. i no need lies in my life.


Here we go

Puerto Rico have power yet?

Who’s being fired now?

😖 Here we go again 😖

What is the announcement?

No thanks.

I can’t wait! Lol

More Lies coming to you shortly!

Oh, my!

The Professional Liar is about to speak !

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9 minutes ago

ABC News

We're at Joint Base Andrews as French Pres. Emmanuel Macron arrives in the U.S. for the first state visit hosted by Pres. Donald J. Trump. ...


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Welcome to The USA 🇺🇸🇫🇷






What’s up nows ?

Hello everyone

Hello from Orlando Florida



Welcome to USA Mr President.

Whos on board?

Who's that ?

Right on time




This is the 'May/Dec.' couple.

Hello from Poteau Oklahoma

Is this the pope?



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12 minutes ago

ABC News

Princess Kate steps out with Prince William and the newest addition to the royal family. The couple welcomed a baby boy this morning: ...


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Absolutely incredible that she just gave birth this morning!! I'd be stepping out looking like a hot mess. 😂😂

I hope she gets to go home and put sweatpants on. What a hassle it would be to have to look that presentable within 24 hours of giving birth.

So let me get this straight....she JUST had her 3rd child and steps out of the hospital looking that gorgeous?! My goodness!

What kind of voodoo sorcery are they using to have her walk out so friggin flawless the same day she has her third child??!! Amazing 💜💜💜

ugh! I can't imagine having just given birth and having to get dressed, do my hair and makeup, put on jewelry and heels and going out to greet the press

Gosh can she not have a day or two to rest before having to get up and go outside and present the baby

Now THIS is a lady! Looking flawless and not half naked like most celebrities do after they give bitrth now a days

You know that was terrible for her!!! God bless her for putting on a brave face and walking in heels hours after giving birth!

She’s amazing! Who looks this good less than 12 hours after giving birth... women are by far incredible! She just pushed an 8 lb baby from that body and you’d never know.

I would not take that baby out in that breeze... but congratulations 🍾 and wowza I wound not be outta bed right now if I was her lol

I thank God I’m not a princess! Just had a baby and you’ve got to get full make up hair and dressed and take photos… Give her massive credit I didn’t take a shower for the first week!

Man she doesn’t even get to rest postpartum before having to be fully dressed, in makeup and heels. It’s great they care but I hope she can just relax and get skin to skin with baby ♥️ congrats! Wishing all the luck

Wow! Must be nice to be able to walk right out the day of and in heels! Hair done and make up. And show off the baby! 😊 I had a rough labor that ended in a section, couldn’t get up for 28hrs, and was in for 3 days! Lol I still don’t look this good and my son is almost 6 months! 😂 So wonderful tho! Happy for them. I wonder what they will name the little guy?! 😍👶🏻 👑

How can she even have energy for this! 😩 I'm exhausted just watching her! Giving birth is like running a damn marathon!

She is amazing! I love her, she is such a beautiful princess! She just gave birth a few hours ago and looks fabulous! Congrats Prince Willis & Princess Kate on your baby boy! 💙

She’s amazing! I’ve always liked her, but I really hope she goes home and relaxes, with sweats and no makeup. She looks fantastic though!!

I hate that she has to come down and wave after giving birth. I know it's tradition but geez...its called labor for a reason. Give her a break.

Kayla Rillo how did she have a baby this morning and still look this perfect/released from the hospital so soon! Goals

Princess Kate looks amazingly well and pretty after only few hours gave birth to a prince. WOW I was almost die on my bed rest and fat . Lol

She had her baby a few hours ago and had to step out to smile and wave. I feel a bit sad that she had to spend the first few hours of her boys life to get dolled up.

It must be horrible after just giving birth to have someone be like, welp lets get you all dressed up and now you have to go out and pretend you're not exhausted and wave to all of these random people. 😂😂

I’m sure she’d rather be resting instead of out here doing this. They need to let her rest and stop pushing her so hard. Congratulations guys!

My gosh has the placenta even came out yet? I'm trying to figure out how she looks like that hours after birth I looked like a homeless person

Goodness, I wish I looked that good just HOURS after giving birth. I was a hot mess! Now I hope Kate has time time to get in some comfy clothes and just relax with her family, enjoying that sweet new baby. ❤️

I would still be in bed how is she up n going feel bad for her let her rest !!! But from the looks of it she’s a champ

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34 minutes ago

ABC News

We're in Nashville, Tennessee as authorities give an update on the hunt for a gunman who killed four in a Waffle House yesterday. ...


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MORE: The suspected gunman was identified as Travis Reinking, 29, from Morton, Illinois. He was arrested in July for allegedly breaching a barrier at the White House and demanding a meeting with President Donald Trump, officials said.

If you the Police can get to that Starbucks in 2 minutes to arrest 2 men for doing nothing, how come they can't catch this guy that killed people?

If you really in the deep recesses of your soul believe race has nothing to do with're part of the problem. Have a great day.

Why weren't guns taken from this man after his White House episode? Background checks with 3 day waiting time desperately needed in this Country!

A gun ban won't lead to anything but bloody civil war and a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mark my words, no one sane wants that, but it's going to happen if we keep down this path.

Jeff Brewer yeah you can raise your child the best you can. Doesn't guarantee that one of them won't do something like this.

Tha father needs to be held responsible for returning the guns to his son that were confiscated by the Police from a previous incident his son was involved in.

Unfortunately when a country is awash with guns these terrible incidents will continue to happen, so sad, peace from Australia 🇦🇺

Law reform! Illinois took the guns knowing he had mental issues and posed a threat, but Tennessee allows for guns without permits. So the father gave him back the guns knowing all this in Tennessee.

If they ain't in fear for their life, they either mentally ill. These excuses are all played out, just call it what it is, it's Evil.

this guy chose a place filled with people of color, yet no one has mentioned that it may be a hate crime, yet one of the first things out of their mouths were he may have mental problems.

If he knows how to run and hide , understands wrong from right , then he needs to be locked up and keys need be thrown away !!!!!!!

The entitlment factor has been raging for 10 years and people are PO'd because they expect special treatment. What did this guy want??

Sounds like they don’t really want to find him. Must be the friend of someone who’s important. If the car had GPS a helicopter should have been involved. This is Nashville not some backward city.

Hold up? So you telling us this dude who clearly showed signs of stalking and terroristic threats just got "released" sounds staged to me...

Yes thanks for the persons response to stop more of his plans. Thank you Lord for them that took action. You have my high five for sure.

If he spent the night in the open without a shirt, he's cold -- very cold. Note the chief is wearing a jacket, although the officer on the right has a short-sleeve shirt.

My son went berserk and shot a gun in the air in my field. Police not only took his gun, they demanded all of my guns. You dont get them back in DE.

Law enforcement had already confiscated his weapons some time ago. They were returned to his father who gave them back to him!

There was a follies girl, Sandy said let's take a picture. Then she went on and on about how dad never let her live that down.

Prayers to the family that lost an loved one may god give u peace understanding and hold u close Amen im so tired of all this Violence

Tennessee...? Does Texas need to send Texas rangers to go find him? He can’t go far. Either y’all ain’t looking or the dude is dead.

Plain and simple it begins with mental health..he’s obviously mentally’s not an excuse though!!! It’s sad and horrifying..

Okay so it os about the waffle house guy. I was thinking there was something new going on. Travis Reinking is the name not Ryan King.

Because he has mental problems does not mean he's not capable of surviving in the woods, he has been smart enough to outsmart the police so far.

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36 minutes ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

WATCH NOW: Police speak to the media about the mass shooting at Waffle House. The suspect, Travis Reinking, remains at large after allegeldy killing four people. ...


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The news conference is scheduled to begin at 11:40 a.m. Stay with us for updates.

Still holding press conferences with the same we are looking we can't find him news. Why can't you find him? One lone little skinny red headed white man. And he can't be found? Really

Brentwood didn’t drop the ball. They just said with rush hour traffic he got away and they recovered the car at his apartment. He wasn’t there. His father shouldn’t have given his guns back. That’s who dropped the ball.

They shouldn’t have to offer a reward for people to step up if they see him

This guy seems to have a very long wrap sheet across years. It’s sad he has slipped through the cracks for so long. This could have been avoided.

He stole a beamer, took it home yet they didn't arrest him? I mean the dealership would have a description that LE could give to the office. He probably watched from his apt window laughing. Smh.

Who needs a reward to turn in a murderer. Seriously

He is not a mental case. He had a plan and is executing it very well. Not caught yet, he is smart not mental.

Dude has a mental illness and a gun his do you feel about this. If I was this chief I would say how do you think I feel a nutcase with a weapon is still out there lock up your kids lock up your wife, there be a crazy on the loose.

They didn't even try to find out who he was after he stole the car, they knew what he looked like. I'm pretty sure they could have went to the office at the apartment and found out who he was

Maybe they chasing the wrong man..just think was staying in a very nice apartment complex. You have yo gave good background, maybe he kill the real owner of the apartment ..and use his name.😂

Saw a helicopter circling over the corner of Nolensville Rd & OHB at around 7am this morning. My first thought was "OMG, they're looking for him!!"

OK so in BRENTWOOD -- he went to a BMW dealership and they gave him the key 🔑 fob BEFORE ASKING for ID which he then refused and stole the car?! What tha??? ALLL OF THESE SIGNS THAT WERE IGNORED for over a year!!!!

So why do y'all keep telling the public every move I'm sure that's why ppl can't find him ..he's just to smart oh here's idea go to Taylor swift she stock him remember

How about you start with more pictures of the guy .. car pic , License plate number, and up the reward to 25k ..

Everyone needs to warn children, elderly, everyone. He needs to be caught! Unbelievable and just for nothing! Took innocent lives!

I'm wondering if all those kids came from a bar was there some kind of altercation in the bar and then he was home got his gun so he went to the restaurant

An unknown man stole the BMW and it was recovered at his apartment complex. They didn’t know it was him until after the shooting.

My 4 kids stayed home this morning , they go to 3 different schools in Antioch . They scared. They need to catch that bad guy soon

He said that they tried to pursue him but with rush hour traffic it was unsafe to other motorists and he got away

Praying still for those in the hospital and families of the deceased victims. So sad. God, I ask you to help!

He has to pop up somewhere sometime. I'd hate to know I had to watch over my shoulder with everyone gunting for me

They have cameras all over the BMW lot, they could have shown the pic to the apartment manager to compare it to the pictures they have on file there.

If they would have continued with pursuit when he stole the bmw and continued to track it until it was found and arrested him this all would have never happened 😡😡

So are we all supposed to put our lives on hold until he is caught?We have things we need to do today.

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Here's a QUICK look at the forecast so you can plan the rest of your day! ...

2 hours ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville



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Do you really think it is wise to shoot live video before you catch a criminal? Why don't you save it for AFTER he's in custody? I mean, you want to tip him off or get in the officers way? Too many reporters and videographers are in the way!

Are they looking for Joe Clyde ?

wsmv where is littlie joe got killed by his mom and dad? ty

Please turn camera-sideways online

Can you flip the camera so we can view it correctly?, Please?

News reporters, please remember. If you start a video vertically, you can not switch it once you start recording/go live. Same horizontally. Once you start, don’t “flip the camera so we can see better”. Cameras won’t flip the picture as you flip your phone.

Camera has been turned people! Lol chill

Do they have a heat sensor helicopter?

Turn the camera the other way

Did they check dairy queen just thought id ask

I pray they find him! Shocking they haven’t yet with the K9’s they’re amazingly smart.. has there been no more news about this guy?? Friends, family anyone in that area that knew him??

Are they searching here because of a sighting?

Y'all reporters plz be safe out there.prayers sent 🌐 WWG

Wat to go News 4 tip him off! No wonder the police complain all the time about you glory seekers

Have the docs picked up any scent on him?

Sideways, it won't correct itself.....Should've left it the way it is.

Call out the National Guard. Prayers for the Safety of our Officers.

Just passed through that area this morning around 600 am

She knows it's sideways it's to get the full shot

Makes me dizzy. Keeping up with the camera

Praying they find him and no one is harmed

Did the K9 pick up a scent?

Flip the camera again it’s sideways

the camera is sideways yo

Hope they find him today!

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