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The best tech of CES 2018

The best tech of CES 2018


Weโ€™re calling it now: Sonyโ€™s robot dog is the cutest gadget of the year.

Here are Mashable's picks for the top tech products from CES 2018.

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32 minutes ago

Fox Carolina News

Grab a box of tissues for this one. Christian Owen said her grandfather had a massive stroke on Monday, and today, she surprised him with her daughter - his first great granddaughter! Just look how happy he is! ๐Ÿ˜

His family has also started a GoFundMe account to help pay for his care and transportation:


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Aww bless him, praying for a full recovery for him

Christian Owens is a very dear friend of mine, and she loves her grandfather and her baby more than life. If you see it in your hearts to donate to the cost and care of him, she has a go fund me account set up, as he will most likely be in a nursing home for the remainder of his life.

All in the feels ๐Ÿ’•, God bless his sweet soul.

God bless him and heal him ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡

So Sweet

Aww bless this family

Thank you so much everyone!!!


34 minutes ago


Finally! A hijab-wearing model will be featured in a mainstream hair ad for the first time. ...


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She is gorgeous. If she wants to wear a hijab that's her choice. It's a head covering the same as a nun's habit, a yamuka or any other headpiece a person chooses to wear for various reasons. My mother told me that when she was younger females always covered their head before entering a church, and she's of a Christian faith.

Someone who can't show their hair being hired to promote a hair care product is literally the stupidest thing I've read all day.

To everyone confused how a model could sell hair products without showing her hair... Do they show people's dirty asses in toilet paper commercials?

This is absurd. The Hijab is a symbol of oppression

I don't have a problem with the hijab as an item of clothing. On some women it can look very attractive. But I do have a problem with the cultures that pretty much mandate hijab wearing as compulsory

Kind of defeats the purpose, doesnโ€™t it?

Here is what she should really be saying: โ€œmy hair looks lifeless and flat after I take off this scarf, no matter what shampoo I use!โ€ #confessionsofahijabwearer

Let's showcase garages in car ads, I am all for equality but this is just silly.

Iโ€™m all for diversity & inclusion but if you canโ€™t see the so-called results of using the hair products because she canโ€™t show her hair then there is literally no point. Use her in another ad where she can showcase the product.

Really...we are just going to blindly believe her to tell the truth...more bullshit! This is out of hand.

We got ads for women shaving bare legs but a hair commercial for hijab wearing women (who, believe it or not, still have hair!) Is "absurd and stupid"....okay.

Why is hair on a woman sexualized? That's the crux of the issue. Im all for respecting other faiths. But I can't help wondering why the mere fact women have hair bothers men?

Obviously all ladies care about their hair... but advertising the benefits of the product and then saying โ€œsorry you canโ€™t actually see how great it worksโ€ just cracks me up lol.

Sorry but why t Do women have to cover their hair to keep men from becoming horn dogs. Take a cold shower and suck it up.

if her hair is covered why use her.....the selling point of hair care is to show shiny long thick hair.......not a head covering.......if that is all it takes then anyone could be a model.

Ok. I'm totally down with inclusion, but a hair care ad? I mean the woman is clearly BEAUTIFUL but to put her in this sort of ad is just a little silly. A makeup ad, sure. Nail polish, awesome. Fashion, great. But this is just....dumb. Honestly, she's breathtakingly stunning. I hope to see more of her and other women from various backgrounds in movies, TV and print.

The world is still insisting to treat women with hijab as if some aliens that you need to understand. I think what is strange is men and women who are exposed in streets (like the stupid No Pant Day like we need to see dirty underwear) not people who are decent and covered.

Honestly thought one big plus of wearing a hijab was not having to waste time on your hair. Like, a BIG plus. If I had all the time I spent on my hair back, I'd add 10 years to my life.

Amenaa! i love her! โค๏ธshe has a video about hair care and i find it lovely that women who wear a hijab will feel represented. Also, they can watch her videos and get great advices from a hijab wearing woman.

This is awesome they have hair produces for people who don't show their hair but will not go near the natural hair texture of black women awesome ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฟ so much for diversity ๐Ÿ™„

I find it very conflicting that Women who chose to promote modesty through religion would wear that much make up. The highlighting and contouring on her face is ridic! The whole idea is to be chaste and understated. Cover your hair or don't idc

Do they offer products they make the hair stay down and not have like hat hair or not making frizzy for when the hijab comes off? No shade, real question.

Everybody's so worried about being PC they make dumb adds like this . It's a HAIR commercial, WHERE IS THE HAIR?? ๐Ÿ˜‚

I don't get what the problem is.... Muslim women have hair just like everybody else they would want to care for it condition it clean it like everyone else... so why not Market at to Muslim women by using Muslim women in the ad? I don't need to see a tampon in use to understand that there is a market for it.

Erica Muffley Shak Sabuur. How you gonna have a hijabi who can't show her hair in a hair ad wearing a hijab?!?! I'm so confused.

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49 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

CHILD PORCH PIRATE: Deputies in Deltona say a woman forced a child to steal a package from a porch. Investigators say the 6-year-old boy was caught on surveillance taking the package. STORY: ...


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Teaching her child to steal. He doesn't have a chance in life.

What the hell has happened to these people that think this is ok. Whereโ€™s their morals and integrity. Guess they never had it

Lock them both up

She's a real piece of...ya know

Not her child. Clearly states she "was taking care of him" in the article.

That security footage sure is helpful.

No wonder kids don't know right from wrong

No doubt about it, future Democrat. Like the parents. Lmfao! I

Keep the family honored tradition gotta start em young

If they find out who the driver is make sure they are not allowed to have anymore kids fix the person for life

Sooooooo you blur out the entire person???? So helpful. Good job.

Be on the lookout for a kid that looks like a fuzzy blob.

What is wrong with people teaching kids to do this?

And the witch smiles for her arrest photo. She is proud of what she has done

Another mother of the year award ๐Ÿ˜ข

If people would read before commenting SMH ๐Ÿคฃ

What a low life, manipulating a child's mind to excuse your laziness.

Poor kid grow up and be just like her

Forced or taught?

What a wonderful mother.

What a shame

My god.....what kind of parents teach their children to STEAL ????

Wow, parent of the year. Next time tell him to rob the bank.


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60 minutes ago

Fox Carolina News

ICY ROADS AGAIN Tonight into Friday morning as lows reach the 20s, but the good news is that a lots of warmth and melting is in our future! We'll break that down along with the arrival of our next rain LIVE on The Ten O'Clock News! -Ben ...

ICY ROADS AGAIN Tonight into Friday morning as lows reach the 20s, but the good news is that a lots of warmth and melting is in our future! Well break that down along with the arrival of our next rain LIVE on The Ten OClock News! -Ben

1 hour ago


You never know what people are going through.You never know what people are going through.

IG: sdatu

You never know what people are going through.


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It's usually those who are misbehave who need to be loved the most.

A pleasant exchange rarely costs much and it makes two people happy

Yeah ok so when will people care what i am going thru

To create the life of your dreams, the time has come for you to love You. Focus on Your joy. Do all the things that make You feel good. Love You, inside and out. Everything will change in your life, when you change the inside of you. Allow the Universe to give you every good thing you deserve, by being a magnet to them all. To be a magnet for every single thing you deserve, you must be a magnet of love.โ€ ~Rhonda Byrne

Wait yet you rip on republicans and Trump every day.

Be a witness, not a judge. Focus on yourself, not others. Listen to your heart, not to the crowd.

Mark, consider that we are being kinder to your buddy, than is needed. Two sides, if you're here to cause conflict.

1 hour ago


WATCH THIS: The park ranger shakes the water bottle while it is 12 degrees outside and then -

ICE! Read more here:


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It's called science, kids don't know that word. Like poisonus and laundry detergent

Super chilled water. You can duplicate this by placing bottled water in your freezer for about 4 hours.

You are agitating the cold molecules

I heard Butthead laughing

Science! Look it up!


2 hours ago


Ellen Pompeo proves sheโ€™s a badass in an interview about being the highest-paid woman in a primetime drama. ...


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We would not have to us gender, if their was equality in pay.

If she was a man, what she gets paid would not be given a second thought.

Grey is awesome ! Great new episode tonight !

No one, man or woman, is worth $20,000,000/year unless they are curing cancer.

Never cared for her!! I'm surprised!

I think it's a matter of longevity as much as it is merit. I'm sure she's a very competent actor though.

Get it, girl. Fan for life.


Go Ellen!!!

Love this.

Marta Price Hammonds Yaaassss๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Rita Ann Turner ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Sarah Ashman Annie Jacoby Russo


Kelley Swaluk

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IT'S OFFICIAL! They cut the ribbon on the Crystal Lagoon in Wesley Chapel today. It won't be open to swimmers until spring, but now they'll begin plans for lagoons in Polk and Hillsborough counties! STORY: ...


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In a state surrounded by water with vast lakes and swamps and rivers, we built a giant artificial lake. Why not build something we don't have? Make an artificial mountain.

Letโ€™s build a beach when the state we live in is literally surrounded by them and also filled with natural springs. ๐Ÿ™„

Wait?? They r building 3 of these in Tampa Bay? Why? Um the ocean is 30 mins away? Wtf

The pictures make it look much nicer than it actually is in person. The homes are small cookie cutters. The traffic is going to be awful. Iโ€™m over Wesley Chapel.. too much growth! I would rather see the cows!

Over building central Florida.... take that crap elsewhere....

I can't wait to go pee in the water

Waste of water! Enjoy the real & natural offerings of our State, before they are gone. A real spring, a real beach, a real lake.

I don't know why you people are complaining so much it's another tourist attraction I think it's beautiful the problems going to be the alligators

Total waste of money and natural resources!

Is this part of the plan for the native habitat restoration project to help with restructuring water flow south and outwards without causing new flood plain issues? Or just a way to make another over priced over valued community visually more appealing?

Marion county says NO thank you! We like our crystal clear NATURAL springs here. Please donโ€™t bring that kind of man made intrusion here.

I'm really getting sick of the helicopters flying around. Stop already other people live around here to that don't want this stupid thing in there backyard.

Alternatively we could just go to the friggin beach. There's only a gazillion of them within driving distance.

A big pee pee pool. I promise the sand and water will not be the same color an hour after its open! Very pretty though!

I am lucky I guess I live 2 minutes from the gulf .very pretty around here Mother Nature why oh why do they have to build something .we do have Disney world

So many fake lakes lagoons and such in Florida. What the heck??? The beaches Real Natural beaches are Besutiful.

Yes it looks like it will be open to the public. The article says, โ€œThe amenity will cost $25 a month for residents whose homes are built around the lagoon, but it will also be open to the public for a fee.โ€

Ok thatโ€™s awesome but 25$ a month for people who live around it but whatโ€™s the fee for people outside the residential area! Does not say!

How is water filtered. It's going to be bug and germ infested just like sunwest park in Hudson or whatever that name is of the supposed natural spring. It was a disgusting mess!!

Where's this water shortage we are having can build this more houses and condos but control me to water my lawn 1 day a week

I hope they open up the new roads before hand traffic is going to be awful once this is open! Itโ€™s already getting bad Iโ€™ve lived there for 13 years the population is growing fast!

Instead of the lagoon, why doesn't the county bring in the high paying jobs they promised with, connect a city? The only jobs in this area is mimimum wage. So its more people driving to Tampa to pay the mortgage.

Would rather enjoy the springs...maybe it will keep some ppl out of the natural swimming holes I'm all for it build more .

Salina this is LITERALLY down the street from Mayras house. We MUST hit this up when you get here ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

They need to built one or more in the california desert, palm springs area,or between cali and Arizona ,there is lots of open land in this place, that will made more since them having this is florida....

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