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The algorithms that can help slash your tax bill

The algorithms that can help slash your tax bill


It’s almost Tax Day. Managing finances can be complicated – but machine intelligence is changing the game. Via NBC News MACH

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20 minutes ago

KHOU 11 News

THE NEW ROYAL BABY! Just hours after giving birth the Duchess of Cambridge emerges from London hospital to show well-wishers newborn son - ...


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Royal Duties be damned.. get her butt back in the bed to rest! Even if its her 3rd and shes seasoned its tiring to deliver a baby! She has my blessings and respect though.

Already up and moving OMG I thought you had to stay in the hospital after baby I'm moving to London lol

Shout out to all the moms that get on Facebook all ratchet in that hospital gown. This lady is already dressed for mojitos after this photo shoot. 😂🤘

How does she look so fabulous hours after giving birth?

What?? Too some to be up and out showing the people your baby. They can wait.....IJS

Judy Reyes, can I look like this HOURS after having Taylor!!

Congratulations on your new son. Maythe Lord bless him today and always!

That was quick

Wow amazing mommy. Hope you get to rest. Congrats

Go rest


Amy look

She looks VERY happy !!!


Meg Sullivan

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28 minutes ago

KHOU 11 News

LIVE: The royal baby makes his first appearance!



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Goodness, she just had a baby and is already waving outside?

Congrats but seriously, let mama and baby breathe and get adjusted to one another and life! Our curiosity can wait until 3 days postpartum!

OMG just had the baby and already up and about? Hopefully she gets to rest for a while either at hospital or where they will be staying fir the time being. 🙏❤️😊👏

Awesome but I don’t think having a new baby in that wind is wise.

Boy she looks great for just delivering an 8 1/2 pound baby!

She looks great as always. Congratulations

Tricia Hargrove I will NEVER understand how she can look like that, be standing, and be in public mere hours after giving birth

Congrats from Houston Texas. Have always been fond of Prince William and terribly miss his mother. Three beautiful grandchildren that Princess Kate has blessed the family with.

Wow!! The luxury of having money. Looking beautiful after just a few hours of giving birth. And with high heels 👠. 😯 It looks as nothing happen.

Channel 11 you're on it I held my phone over an hour on channel 2 waiting to see the Royal Family and bundle of joy without sound.Congratulations to the family

Congratulations to the Royal Family. What a blessing.

She looks beautiful as always only a few hours after giving birth.

Congraulations Prince William And Kate on your new baby

Awe, such a beautiful mother, surprised she is not let to rest. Beautiful family

Congrats to the new Royal Baby Boy and to his parents, great grand parents, and to his big brother and sister! 👶❤️❤️

Beautiful, happy couple! Diana is surely smiling. ♥️

Congratulations on the new arrival

Congratulations to the royal family from Texas 🙋‍♀️

Boy oh boy! Charlotte has a big and little brother to look after her!!❤️❤️❤️

She just had the baby! What is she doing out there 😱

Wow! She just delivered and is already up and moving and looking fabulous!

Congrats Beutiful family and baby!

Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

I love when other people have new babies.

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37 minutes ago

FOX 4 News

Evacuations have been ordered in Rowlett because of a WWII mortar. This is also affecting traffic. PGBT is shut down completely between I-30 & Hwy. 66. ...


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Evacuations have been ordered in Rowlett because of a WWII mortar discovery. This is also affecting traffic. PGBT is shut down completely between I-30 & Hwy. 66.

Oh no, every snowflake is running for cover. They found a mortar that will only effect a 100 yard area but let's shut down the city....lmao

The M2 Mortar is a 60 millimeter smoothbore, muzzle-loading, high-angle-of-fire weapon used by U.S. forces in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War for light infantry support.

What a waste of time and resources. If it's a war II round it has a blast radius of about 100 feet. No need to close down the whole neighborhood.

People are asking how it could be there let me tell you: The land is old. It is possible that a mortar still exists and it is possible that it still works. At one time this wasn’t a neighborhood. 😬

A mortor cannot take out an entire city block. There is no need for that wide spread of an evacuation. This is overkill.

They cut audio from the helicopters ever since one of the pilots made an inappropriate comment about a deceased plumber that got stuck under a house. That's why there is no audio

Regardless of what size it is, the blast would only take out the house. A few blocks is all you need to evacuate. Not shut down half the town.

You know you're Mexican when everyone is evacuating and you're standing outside in your chanclas , drinking cafe and eating tamales 😂🤣 LMAO!!!

Police said a man found an 81-millimeter mortar and brought it to a house in the 4600 block of Batonne Drive.

Mortar might take house down. Weird George Bush is being shut down etc. must be close I guess mortars not like MOAB or anything

Literally there's a description in the video and all you see is "Hey what happened" "What is this" "What am I watching" "I don't know how to read"

Highway is shutdown but people outside with their dogs watching??? Um, ok.....if there truly was a threat wouldn't they be evacuating those people?

Read folks!!.... If the area around George Bush Tollway is closed from 30 to 66.... You SHOULD know the area... if you dont.... GOOGLE IT!

Its like finding a bullet, you can make it go off, but it needs 3 pieces, a mortar canon, mortar round and a person that has been trained on the use and targeting specs

Mortars are shot from army canons. They look like a nerd football. Blast radius of about 50 ft at the most

Oooooook... this is weird. How the hell did it get there, why were they keeping it, and why are they Just standing around?

81mmm police are trying to decide if it’s alive! Why would someone find this and drive it to somewhere else!

So I'm assuming somebody found this by digging in their yard Fox for can we see a view of the hole that the bomb sitting in make this more interesting

But who is to say this guy didn’t just find it thinking what cool memorabilia. Why would it be on the news unless they thought something was up?

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD! I say that because they will probably start tearing it up looking for more

I mean can they show us where the bomb is which one of these houses I like a view of the bomb sitting in the hole that they dug so I can see how big it is

Its and 81mm mortar round. The guy took it home and called police. They are trying to determine if it's still live or inert.

Theyre causing all this panic over a mortar? Is someone threatening to use it or did someone just stumble across it?

Where's an expert when you need him? It doesn't take all this to check something like that. What a waste💩

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38 minutes ago

KHOU 11 News

HOGS GONE WILD: Take a look at these wild hogs caught on video in the Spring Trails subdivision in Spring. Michelle M. recorded the video and says this "running of the hogs" happened around 6:45 a.m. last Friday.



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So they let all that food run away 🤔🤔🤔🤔

😂😂 city folk scared of a little ham!! Let them run through a Redneck yard, there be ham for dinner!!!

Poor things. We keep building and building and they have nowhere to go

Pork chops in the run.........

They are losing all of their woods as it’s getting so built up - where do they expect them to go if they don’t either kill or trap and relocate them.

Need to be shot

They know their territory

Alex Chou this is our old neighborhood.

Catching and put them on the pit

Denise Marquez ain’t trying to get mauled on our walks. 😂

Where are they going

Patrice Lenhart, this is crazy


No body cares

Matt...I thought you might find this interesting.

Adam Willard, Landra Willard, Chris Hendrix 😳

Meghan Borden lol

Jose Serrano

Ramiro Razo

Yipsel Semones

Mike Nedd Amanada Gallien

Rey Cruz Jaime D Garcia Michael-Anthony Garcia

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38 minutes ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

WATCH LIVE: Metro Police giving update on search for Waffle House shooting suspect. ...


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I don’t think he left the Sommerfield area...I think he outsmarted the police and is probably somewhere watching and laughing at this news broadcast. He is not mentally ill—he is evil. Distinct difference.


Why did dealership not have ID on him? Anywhere I’ve ever test driven a car, I had to provide them my ID and proof of insurance. If that dealership had done their job all of this might not have happened.

Law enforcement doesn’t go live & tell all plans for the search. They say what they can to throw the runner off.

Race card has NO place here. There was a brave young man of color that we are so thankful for today!

Why was he not arrested then???? This should have never happened!! Law enforcement has fair at many levels on this!

I believe that the Father needs to be held criminally responsible for giving the young man the guns back as well as those at the White House for not detaining him longer than they did which could have prevented all of this!

Fingerprints couldn't be lifted in the BMW? Would he not be on some kindof national registry after the WH episode and his other run ins with the law in IL???

Why do we need to bring race into the issue? One jerk was a killer, and the other man was a hero. Color isn't relevant in this situation or any other.

The father needs to be held criminally liable for giving the guns back to the kid.

If they can find Bin Laden, they can find him! Quit playing with people. The media is fake news in the words of your president.

I will never eat at a Waffle House again. I support NO gun free zone. Protect yourself!

I mean how do they know he didn't break into someone's house and have them hostage they aren't going to bust down everyone's doors if nobody is home the people won't be able to talk.

How is a “mental I’ll” person out smarting the police and everybody else looking for him 🤔

He could of high jacked a car or stole another car all the roads should have been blocked with in the area this is total foolness for the police if it was a school you would have blocked all areas

Hope they can catch this man soon. We in Va. have a man who shot and murdered his ex-wife a year and a half ago and he's still on the run. Prayers going for everyone involved.

I think he had already stashed food and water , clothing, more guns and ammo in a good hiding place in case things went wrong. He may have dug out several hiding places.

Metro should search every house, they will find some old person he has been holding hostage. Then he will steal their car if not already and be long gone!

So, he stole a BMW from a dealer in Brentwood, they couldn't catch him. Now, he's killed 4 people and they still can't find him. Wow.

He should have been locked up last year, when he made an attack on the White House

There is a reason he targeted these folks,imo. Not saying he isn’t crazy but if he’s taken alive then we’ll know

As long as the media is out there helping him with the helicopter overviews like we saw earlier, he will continue to get away.

There’s nothing wrong with him, seems as he’s out thinking you guys. He could be sitting back watching yaw look for him

Did they have school today in the area with a armed man running loose that’s not afraid to hurt people?

Never did anything about his “known mental illness before” so why try to pull that card now? He’s not mental he’s a terrorist!!!

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45 minutes ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

LIVE: Sky 5 flies over area where authorities are searching for Waffle House shooting suspect. STORY: ...


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Go ask his parents

I believe he had other car,

Hey NewsChannel 5 Nashville, why don't you stop giving away Metro's search pattern? Let the guy get caught then do the report after. You're literally helping the bad guy escape capture.

My 4 kids stayed home this morning , they go to 3 different schools in Antioch . They scared. They need to catch that bad guy soon

Why are they flying over a lake? You think hes swimming?

I had a dream this morning that he was in the woods behind someone’s two story house & then he got arrested. I hope he does get arrested today!

Prayers for the men & women in Blue❣️🙏🏼💞🙏🏼

If he were black and on feet , no if he were black they would have use the time and satellites to track him on film! They have that capability you know! This look like a planned campaign for guns in Tennessee!

Shoot on site


Why we looking in the water for him? Did he go swimming? Lol

That kid planned this out. He dug himself a nice hole in the ground, and since he's Naked and Afraid he's camouflage with mud. He's a walking time bomb.

The way it's looking he only wants to kill those of color

Very low flying helicopter just flew over Timberlake Village! Scared me!



Sacrificed planed plot to take guns!

Looks like little island spot he could swim to and hide.

He's probably on that little patch.

Hope they find him SOON !!!

Is this Priest Lake?

Tf he must be a fish now huh?

Penny, they still looking for him 😡



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2 hours ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

LIVE: Sky5 NC5 Nashville flies over area where authorities are searching for Waffle House shooting suspect. STORY: ...


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LIVE: Sky5 NC5 Nashville flies over area where authorities are searching for Waffle House shooting suspect. STORY:

LIVE: Sky5 NC5 Nashville flies over area where authorities are searching for Waffle House shooting suspect. STORY:

His dad needs to be arrested also for giving him the guns back!

Mental issues but he is stable enough for run and hide ,he is not sick he knew what he was doing

I love how there are so many experts in criminal psychology, gun law, mental health and police tactics on here

Yall actually think hes still in this area??! A person who commits that kind of crime would probably be in another state by now. Hair buzzed off, assuming a different identity!

No. The family shouldn't be sued. The system does not always provide the needed services if you do not have a lot of money to get the proper services.

Is this really going to help as far as police searching the same area where he possibly could not be anymore

Dude is long gone no point in searching anymore just making sure the area schools and businesses are safe

I've thought, he's got to be around the lake probably hiding in someone's boat. They should be checking there

Yes the dad will be charged. The government, that allowed his guns returned to the father, after his White House incident, needs to be put in check too!

I’m sorry the father knew his son has major psych issues and the state of IL took guns releasing them to father on terms he would NOT let his son have them back in his possession yet he did anyways

I’m just so confused this the times u should shoot they still looking for him it’s been 24hrs already at the times they should shoot they dnt ...smh

Nobody in they’re right mind gonna be associated with this loser and this cowardly killing. He’s on his own. Dead or still running on his own

If they haven't done so already, they need to be going to these homes and making sure he doesn't have anyone held hostage

The city should offer some reward money. I bet someone will turn him in for the right price. This guy has help evading the police.

This is not the search for Joe Daniels y'all. They're looking for that monster that killed the people at waffle house

So what I read the father gave him the guns back is he going to be responsible also for what his deranged son did

His dad or someone could have been waiting for him thats why he took off on foot and left his truck.

I say he's long gone by now. Do you mean to tell me somebody with only a pair of pants is out in the rain all this time? They should've been tearing those woods apart till they found him, rain or not.

Rachel they had live video at staging area and all of them jumped into tactical vehicles and took off and I have heard there are reports of rapid shoots fires

He may have called a friend to meet him at a certain place then went through the woods to get to agreeded upon location. He may be long gone. Just don't know.

I heard rapid gunfire in woods behind church. The tbi and fbi took off from staging area in tactical vehicles

Mental issues may be his problem but he knows enough to hide. Praying they find him ASAP!!

He probably made a fake profile page just yo see what the media is putting out there

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