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Texas family sues over patient's death after police confrontation in hospital

Texas family sues over patient's death after police confrontation in hospital


Family alleges confrontation with police involved use of excessive force.

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14 minutes ago

KRON 4 News

TRAGIC: A grief-stricken father breaks his silence after losing his young daughter in a deadly crash.

TONIGHT at 8 on KRON 4 News, his other daughter is clinging to life.



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Goddamn you reporters have no shame, just to get views going up in his face asking him questions. Let the man grieve in peace.

My deepest and most sincere condolences, may your precious and beautiful daughter Rest In Peace in The Lords loving care, this is so heartbreaking, I will keep you all in my prayers, ❤️🙏❤️

No words can take this family's pain away. Such a sad and tragic thing to happen. My condolences and prayers are with you.

So sorry your family has lost this Angel.

as you can see bad people who are able to go to this extreme pray for the family 😭

Praying for the family in this difficult time. Just devastating!

He broke his silence because you nag nag nag!

Heart breaking. 😭

I am so sorry for your loss

Praying for this family


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23 minutes ago


Did you miss last evening's #FaceOffAt9 with Zakka Jacob ? Catch the best from the show here, all summed up in under 3 minutes. #PakHafizHypocrisy

Don't forget to watch FaceOffAt9 on CNN-News18 at 9:00 PM on weekdays

51 minutes ago

WFLA News Channel 8

WHOA! A DRONE rescued two teenagers from a strong current in Australia. Full story >> ...


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This is so cool!!!!

Wow so awesome

Zach Lowe

1 hour ago

KARK 4 News

Exclusive: Kidnapping Survivor Thrown Into Arkansas River Talks With Mitch McCoy.
Mitch is in the newsroom talking about the story, which has just been published online


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Read the full story here----

God be with her! I am sad that social media is delivering this message and that this is the best story that could be delivered to represent her.

Where are all these animals coming from ? What has happened to our state ? So thankful her prayer was answered.

Why did they take her. Did she know her and why did they throw her off that bridge and not 440. More to this I think.

Please don’t post her name for her protection

Nothing but a miracle from God!! Glad she survived.

the lord was looking after her she was thrown off the I430 bridge not far from murray lock and dam

Taylor the link doesn’t work

Did she know these people or was it random?

Did they find the people who kidnapped her?

We can’t click on the link in the comments

But she is physically ok?

I'm just tuning in where did this happened?

She is Alive , Keep her in your Prayers.

What's this world coming to

The Lord has plans for her!

I missed the beginning. When did this happen??

Is this the one from 430

What was the reason for the shooting?

She needs to be in protective custody!

Definitely had angels around her.

So Sad, hope they caught these guys but with the crooked Law Enforcement there good luck!

Want another story later about Arkansas call me!

Do not state her name , she still could be at risk!

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2 hours ago

KRON 4 News

DREAMER DEBATE: Happening now, Congress is debating the DREAM Act and the government spending bill.

Earlier today, the House passed a temporary government-wide funding bill that would avert a government shutdown this weekend.



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Everyone hating on DACA, you’re last names are extremely NOT American.

Kids grow up here, they don’t know other country, this is there county

Americans first !! When we've solved our problems and our kids have good schools and our elderly are taken care of then we can help "dreamers" until then NO !!!

Quit spreading hate and go read the bible you will need it when judgement day comes

All you people who oppose DACA are pure evil and have no compassion at all. Families are being torn apart! People that have been here for 30 plus year are being deported for WHAT?? Because their only crime is coming over here illegally!

This is country of emigrants

they call them dreamers why don't they call them what they truly are ELEAGELS !!

Give the people who have been here for years, pay taxes, opened businesses, work, have gone through our school system, served, A PATH

You can not call yourself a law abiding citizens if you break the law no excuses. And if your heartless for that then when someone robs you don't complain.

Why havent americans been able to reach there dreams because we are busy getting dreams for people we dont even know, if countrys are so good why dont they stay there,, we do need some new american goverrnment that will defends us americans AMEN

just build the wall and send the illegal dreamers back and us stop funding them, American citizen first

I see nothing wrong with taking care of the people who have been here working hard to make America what it is I don't care what their race is

how bout people that were born here 1st .We are the dreamers .dreaming of everything illegals get for free with our tax dollars

What they need to kick out and send to another country is people who don't know how to work with each other and resolve issues peacefully

Kids grow up here should be stay here

Stop dreaming and do something about it. Go apply for residency and do it legally.

"Come on people - GET IT TOGETHER! You can do it." 😐

What does Melania have to do with this? Lol.

Mary McDuffie immigrants aren't allowed to get public assistance 😑

Just because I'm all for being documented does not mean I have a problem with other nationalities Coming to America

Where do they come up with 80% of the people are for this ? No one polled me or anyone I know. I believe they are pulling these numbers out of their a**es... 💩

I really appreciate the the coming over a taking on opportunity that we take for granted but the give set the bar high for everyone so God bless all of the dreamers

Dreaming is a dream, are people belong we're Ancestors have been placed, we had no dreaming. The past 500 years have been a nightmares and someone else from another country decided to displace The indigenous people Throughout the Americans.

I have no problem with people of other nationalities being here but if I have to be documented by the government so do they

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2 hours ago

KARK 4 News

Warmer temperatures are in tonight's Thursday Evening #arwx Webcast:


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About time tired of this cold freezing temps and ice n snow

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