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Supreme Court hears case on online sales tax

Supreme Court hears case on online sales tax


At issue is a rule that if a business is shipping to a state where it doesn't have a physical presence, it doesn't have to collect the state's sales tax.

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5 minutes ago


JUST $20: That's the amount of money a thief got away with after he assaulted and robbed a great-grandfather on the street in Australia.

7 News Brisbane
Security pictures show 87-year-old Ray Browne being attacked and robbed while heading to the shops at Oxley: “They’re picking on people who can’t protect themselves.”


18 minutes ago

WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News

NOW: Police in Nashville provide an update on the Waffle House shooting.

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville
MANHUNT UPDATE: Police updating manhunt for accused Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking:

25 minutes ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

WATCH NOW: Police speak to the media about the mass shooting at Waffle House. The suspect, Travis Reinking, remains at large after allegeldy killing four people. ...


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The news conference is scheduled to begin at 11:40 a.m. Stay with us for updates.

Who needs a reward to turn in a murderer. Seriously

Brentwood didn’t drop the ball. They just said with rush hour traffic he got away and they recovered the car at his apartment. He wasn’t there. His father shouldn’t have given his guns back. That’s who dropped the ball.

They shouldn’t have to offer a reward for people to step up if they see him

He is not a mental case. He had a plan and is executing it very well. Not caught yet, he is smart not mental.

Dude has a mental illness and a gun his do you feel about this. If I was this chief I would say how do you think I feel a nutcase with a weapon is still out there lock up your kids lock up your wife, there be a crazy on the loose.

They didn't even try to find out who he was after he stole the car, they knew what he looked like. I'm pretty sure they could have went to the office at the apartment and found out who he was

He stole a beamer, took it home yet they didn't arrest him? I mean the dealership would have a description that LE could give to the office. He probably watched from his apt window laughing. Smh.

Still holding press conferences with the same we are looking we can't find him news. Why can't you find him? One lone little skinny red headed white man. And he can't be found? Really

Maybe they chasing the wrong man..just think was staying in a very nice apartment complex. You have yo gave good background, maybe he kill the real owner of the apartment ..and use his name.😂

This guy seems to have a very long wrap sheet across years. It’s sad he has slipped through the cracks for so long. This could have been avoided.

Saw a helicopter circling over the corner of Nolensville Rd & OHB at around 7am this morning. My first thought was "OMG, they're looking for him!!"

OK so in BRENTWOOD -- he went to a BMW dealership and they gave him the key 🔑 fob BEFORE ASKING for ID which he then refused and stole the car?! What tha??? ALLL OF THESE SIGNS THAT WERE IGNORED for over a year!!!!

So why do y'all keep telling the public every move I'm sure that's why ppl can't find him ..he's just to smart oh here's idea go to Taylor swift she stock him remember

How about you start with more pictures of the guy .. car pic , License plate number, and up the reward to 25k ..

Everyone needs to warn children, elderly, everyone. He needs to be caught! Unbelievable and just for nothing! Took innocent lives!

I'm wondering if all those kids came from a bar was there some kind of altercation in the bar and then he was home got his gun so he went to the restaurant

An unknown man stole the BMW and it was recovered at his apartment complex. They didn’t know it was him until after the shooting.

My 4 kids stayed home this morning , they go to 3 different schools in Antioch . They scared. They need to catch that bad guy soon

He said that they tried to pursue him but with rush hour traffic it was unsafe to other motorists and he got away

Praying still for those in the hospital and families of the deceased victims. So sad. God, I ask you to help!

He has to pop up somewhere sometime. I'd hate to know I had to watch over my shoulder with everyone gunting for me

They have cameras all over the BMW lot, they could have shown the pic to the apartment manager to compare it to the pictures they have on file there.

If they would have continued with pursuit when he stole the bmw and continued to track it until it was found and arrested him this all would have never happened 😡😡

So are we all supposed to put our lives on hold until he is caught?We have things we need to do today.

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27 minutes ago

Channel 4 News

"As long as we stick together as Europeans, everything can be sorted in the future."

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says Brexit - and Donald Trump - are "not the solution".


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another rich bloke preaching to all, including the poor, who have mostly suffered stagnant wages and pressure on services due to the EU...

asking a German about Truump or Brexit islike being lectured on drink driving by Ant

I find it admirable that a man who says "I'm not the best informed on the situation..." moves on to speaking more truth in a few minutes than most of our government can manage in 8 years.

I like you Klopp but tell that to British EU and US corrupt politicians that want just wars

Well said, Jürgen Klopp. You are absolutely right.

European perspective,is a much broader,unified perspective

It's about time we had more English managers ,buy British

He's right

Better he would have said Theresa may and Donald trump are not the solution , since he is in uk he’s afraid to mention her directly 🙈🙈

Lee Medlicott what is funny..?he is briliant couch but politics...Look at Merkel the manoacs.. Corupt Brussel...and Britain is worse...warmongers

We became complacent here in the United States..And so many Democrats and Independents stayed home on Nov. 8, 2016 erroneously believing Clinton would win as 99% of the polls indicated. We won't let this happen again for decades.

Whats means "Europeans" then? Mentality, DNA, Passports, religions? In Europa mostly emigrants still with Genetically-religious traditions, also to see via home design, regional musics, tv-chanels, dress-code, mind design never updated and wished to be Europeans :) If discussion about administrative systems , - yes, long topic what is better :) In Amsterdam topic "what is Europeans" very popular and funny :)

What a load of bull. Jürgen Klopp needs to figure out how democracy and the vote works.

Is right Jürgen!

Sports and politics shouldn't be in the same sentence. Politics divides people while sports bring people together.

Excellent another sanctimonious preaching millionaire with no sense of the real world

Absolutely right.

Not a problem with Europe, the problem is the people making the decisions in the eu.

Better if you stick to the footy Jürgen 😉

Stuart Miles I said Mr Klopp speaks a lot of sense! D

I admire the charismatic qualities of the man and his undoubted talents as a football manager and he’s entitled to have his opinion and say so too. Free speech, which is why I also like Pep Guardiola and his current political stance regarding Catalonia. I wasn’t keen in regard to celebrities being outspoken regarding our very own Scottish referendum in 2014, but concede that they were entitled to their opinion.

100% man.

Well said, Jürgen Klopp. Your are absolutely right.

Remember...... nothing else matters but money......

Doesn’t the EU play on a dry pitch?

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36 minutes ago


Cassie Heiter says more rain headed our way! #okwx

Cassie Heiter
More rain headed our way!

45 minutes ago


FUNNY OR TOO FAR??: Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says a FB post that depicted his daughter and her date with Feely was intended as a joke. However, some people have taken issue with him posing with a gun.

What do you think?WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION TO THE PHOTO? Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says his post was intended as a joke, but some took issue with him posing with a gun. FULL STORY -

FUNNY OR TOO FAR??: Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says a FB post that depicted his daughter and her date with Feely was intended as a joke. However, some people have taken issue with him posing with a gun.

What do you think?


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I am waiting for the day when the moronic liberals fear their shadow.

It's in poor taste. If they didn't feel the need to share life's private moments with everyone, this wouldn't be an issue. #freaks

Oh please! Picture of fathers doing this have been around for ever. I even made a similar joke with my own daughter. If anything we should respect him more for being a father, being there and caring about his daughter.

This pose has been done thousands of times with shotguns.They see pistol and go crazy stupid. Same issue with AR-15's.The left wants to make big issue out of AR's because of their looks, but AR is same as every other semi auto out there, in fact smaller caliper than most rifles.

If the three in the picture didn't have a problem with it what's it matter to the rest of us?? It's none of our business.... At all.

I think it’s hilarious. The gun is pointed downward toward the ground, his finger is not on the trigger. Butt hurt anti-gun freaks keep scrolling

On my wedding day I stood there handcuffed to my husband with my dad standing on the other side of me with a shotgun in hand. Lighten up people.

Awesome pic!!! Better try something else News 9, you didn't create a controversy here.

They better stick around a couple of years... My kids prom pics will have BOTH parents holding guns. Momma and dad to 4 girls. We don't play around.

Nothing new! Fathers, brothers, uncles have been doing this forever! But the far radical left is going to make anything involving a gun into a bad thing! How about minding your own damn business, the people in the pic didnt have a problem with it, so why should we???😡

Funny... he shouldn’t have to apologize...our wedding photog wanted to do the shotgun pic but it’s not our style BUT I’m not offended by it either...get a life..start minding your own business

If his kids didn't mind then it's none of anyone's business. Stop overreacting cause some choose to be proud gun owners.

I love it. Its obviously a joke or even if it were even a slight serious well people try stupid stuff at prom so some times its needed to put in some kind of fear hurt my kid and see what happens kind of thing even tho in this case it isnt seems like they are all in on it 😂

Anything that makes the weak minded left cry is a good thing..

Should of used a double barrel shotgun

Absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was a joke and he shouldn't have needed to apologize! People need to relax and quit being offended.

His finger isn't even on the trigger. It's funny. Now go troll elsewhere. Christ!

I don't take issue with the gun so much as him pretending he owns his daughter or that the guy is by default intending to take advantage of her. This is not how you encourage healthy relationship building with your children. What a prick.

It is funny. Made to be a joke. Like that movie Bad Boys 2. Where martian Lawrence's character and will smiths joke with the boy taking his daughter out.

He's making fun of a scene in Bad Boys 2. If you have seen that movie, you can see the joke in it. Now, if he's pointing the gun at the kid's head, I can see how that would be going too far.

I love it!! My dad was a cop and when my boyfriend showed up for the first time he had all his "boys" over!! To talk to him! 😂😂

Do not apologize! It’s intended to be funny as well as scare him a little like all dads would. That is what’s wrong with people these days! Everyone is afraid that someone is going to get upset. So what? Get upset. Who cares? Hurt your feel bads? Oh well! Put your grown up pants on and toughin up buttercup!

did the same when my younger sister went to prom...will prob do it when my other younger sister's just for laughs, grow up

WHO CARES!!! I think its funny! Parents used to do it all the time. These days all these people are is turning into a bunch of pansies... Scared of their own shadows!!!!

Just a dad doing dad things ain’t nothing wrong with this picture that’s what made me respect ladies between being raised by my momma and hard ass daddy’s like this .

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49 minutes ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

Here's a QUICK look at the forecast so you can plan the rest of your day! ...

1 hour ago


GUN CONTROL: Do you think increased gun control will decrease violence?

A U.S. congressman is calling for restricting access to some so-called “assault weapons” in the wake of a shooting at a Waffle House restaurant in Tennessee on Sunday that left four people dead. Rep. Jim Cooper issued a statement Sunday, calling for restricting "widespread civilian access to military-grade assault weapons."


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Nope!! Criminals whom want a gun will




No it wont bad people will always find away


Uhm Big fat NO





No, its not the guns. Its its pulls the trigger


No, a mental ill person is going to kill by any means hammer, car, knife it doesn’t matter


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1 hour ago

Channel 4 News

Don't let health scare stories ruin your day.

Here are FactCheck's top tips for spotting bad science.


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Aaw, perlease, guys, you know that 87% of people who follow C4 News on-line (and I know because I counted them ;) ) never read anything beyond the sub-heading. And half of them automatically discount it because they don't agree with whatever it was which they now not only don't know but can't remember, either.

Helen Fraser

1 hour ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville



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Do you really think it is wise to shoot live video before you catch a criminal? Why don't you save it for AFTER he's in custody? I mean, you want to tip him off or get in the officers way? Too many reporters and videographers are in the way!

Are they looking for Joe Clyde ?

wsmv where is littlie joe got killed by his mom and dad? ty

Please turn camera-sideways online

Can you flip the camera so we can view it correctly?, Please?

News reporters, please remember. If you start a video vertically, you can not switch it once you start recording/go live. Same horizontally. Once you start, don’t “flip the camera so we can see better”. Cameras won’t flip the picture as you flip your phone.

Camera has been turned people! Lol chill

Do they have a heat sensor helicopter?

Turn the camera the other way

Did they check dairy queen just thought id ask

I pray they find him! Shocking they haven’t yet with the K9’s they’re amazingly smart.. has there been no more news about this guy?? Friends, family anyone in that area that knew him??

Are they searching here because of a sighting?

Y'all reporters plz be safe out there.prayers sent 🌐 WWG

Wat to go News 4 tip him off! No wonder the police complain all the time about you glory seekers

Have the docs picked up any scent on him?

Sideways, it won't correct itself.....Should've left it the way it is.

Call out the National Guard. Prayers for the Safety of our Officers.

Just passed through that area this morning around 600 am

She knows it's sideways it's to get the full shot

Makes me dizzy. Keeping up with the camera

Praying they find him and no one is harmed

Did the K9 pick up a scent?

Flip the camera again it’s sideways

the camera is sideways yo

Hope they find him today!

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