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Study blames pot farms for poisoning of endangered owls

Study blames pot farms for poisoning of endangered owls


According to a study, rat poison is contaminating endangered northern spotted owls in California forests -- and marijuana farms appear to be to blame.

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49 minutes ago

CBC News

Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir named as Olympic flag-bearers for Pyeongchang. Read more: ...


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The veteran figure skating duo hopes to cap career with Olympic gold in Pyeongchang ^cb

BREAKING NEWS: Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir named as Olympic flag-bearers. ^cb

Virtue and Moir captured gold in Vancouver 2010. ^cb

The games will open on February 9, continuing through to February 25. ^cb

The opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang is Feb. 9. ^cb

Virtue and Moir are also Canadian Olympic figure skating team co-captains. Check out Team Canada so far: ^cb

Can’t wait for the games? Check out all the coverage at ^cb

Thanks for joining us for this live stream. It's over now, but you can get all the latest Olympic coverage at ^cb

Canada is so lucky to have a wonderful leader of their country. I envy you even more every day I have to put up with the Moron we have for a leader. Good luck in South Korea.

This is such a Special Day for so many athletes; let stop all the mean spirited comments! CONGRATULATIONS to all the Athletes!

Politicians should have to buy their Olympic clothing not have it given to them as a freebie. The athletes work hard to get to the Olympic Games.

Just an FYI to hateful Heather, Tessa and Scott aren't immigrants, they're both from London, Ontario. Great choice to represent Canada at the Olympics!

CBC. Why do you need to translate in English when they speak French? Often just repeating what was just said in English. It's annoying. Thank you, Merci - you have to overtalk thank you on top of Merci?

Congrats. Recognize the dedication and sacrifices these and all the athletes and their families have made for their sport and achieving world status. Go Canada!

Well, you're getting lots of negative reinforcement for that behaviour so maybe this will be the last time. :)

Why is Justin there. Olympics are supposed to be about sports and NOT politics! Take a selfie somewhere.

How far we have come - our flag-bearers are athletes from a sport where your uniforms is comprised make-up and rhinestones...

Congrats to Scott and Tessa you make me proud to be a Canadian Go Canada Go bring back Gold to the best country on the planet 👍❤️🙏🤗🇨🇦

Good choice, good luck, good acceptance speech. Always proud to be Canadian ! Go Canada go to all our great athletes !

Wonderful choice. All the very best to our Canadian team in the olympic games. "Go Canada Go ☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

Two wonderful athletes best wishes to you both.

Nobody cares what you think, Nancy.

Why does Justin have to taint everything by making it about him?

Look at all that wasted money giving these jokers all Olympic gear on our dime. Wouldn't surprised to see him make "Hijab Girl" the flag bearer.

Omar Khadr will be the flag bearer

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2 hours ago

Action News Jax

HOUSE OF HORRORS: Police say an escaped 17-year-old led them to her 12 brothers and sisters, shackled and malnourished in a California home.



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Put them both in prison for the rest of their lives

I wonder if the government allowed them to get welfare for all those kids? If so, that's where the system is messed up. People should not be allowed to keep having kids if they can't take care of them! This is what happens...the kids suffer!! So terrible!

This makes me so mad 😡 those poor kids looking for love and a stable home and this is what they got, there are so many loving people that want to have children. They are children not animals. 😡 lock them up throw away the key and don’t feed them so they can feel what those poor babies went thru.

How can you do that to your own children smh people are sooo damn sick

They should be starved and tortured while chained to the jail

Some parents are sick in the f*cking had 13 kids for what????? The welfare NOT because you wanted to love them and give them the very best life possible smfh

What is wrong with people?? Pure evil!! 😑

How do people do that kind of things to others... let alone their own kids.

Getting that tax benefit no doubt.

California liberals

The face (and hair) of a monster.

29 yrs omg!! I can't even imagine.


Why why why!!!???!!!!

Sick people!! Starve them , no. Just beat them!

Not in a Liberal state. I thought the rest of the country needed to be more like those states? Haha. Should shoot people like them.

Chris White

Christie Newman

Angela McConnell

Lydia Higgins

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2 hours ago

Fox News

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen testifies at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on DHS Oversight. ...


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Texas here!

Good morning.





Hello there

Minnesota listening





what is this???

Love our President 💝

Don't talk, do!!!!

Build the wall, if you're in this country illegally Deport them

Get em out of here!!

Kentucky here

Rhode Island listening

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3 hours ago

Fox News

Fox Business
DOW 26K WATCH: The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened above 26,000 for the first time ever. If the Dow finishes above 26,000 today it will be 7 days since Dow 25,000, making it the shortest stretch ever between 1,000-point milestones.


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Thanks to President Trump. I bet Schumer and Pelosi are making Millions on the stock marked, thanks to him.They should give those crumbs to the underprivileged!

Look at the number of Americans who were laid off last year & the ones who will be laid off this year. The Stock Market Tripled during President Obama's administration & it is still booming today thanks to President Obama.

Why is no one saying great job, President Trump. The answer is because everyone wants to criticize him instead of praising him. President Trump will be the greatest President ever. ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

People still trying to give Obama credit is hilarious 😂😂 So your theory is that for 8 years straight we ran a 1.5% GDP growth, worst of any president since WW2, added $10 trillion in debt, more than the previous 43 presidents combined, saw median household income drop, saw massive increases in welfare and food stamp recipients, saw home ownership decline, the gap between the wealthy and the poor increase dramatically and now, now that he’s gone, his policies just somehow magically kicked in? You ate paint chips as a child didn’t you? 🤔

I think it’s so funny that Obama blamed bush for 8 years. And now he thinks he’s the reason our economy is so good. He was a joke of a president.

Thank you President Trump for all you do for America everyday. We know many on both sides of the aisles make it very hard for you. We know you get frustrated at times and use salty words. It’s ok, we understand. 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

Absolutely amazing and even more amazing is the Democrats still continue to whine like little puppies as they continue to try and take down the man responsible for it all. Just unbelievable and to think some of them were my friends that I actually thought were intelligent. WTF was I thinking.

NOOOOOO!!! The media told us it would crash, what happened? Oh wait, I should ask Killary "what happened"?🤔😂😂

Libs 3 months ago: “Trump colluded with Russia” Libs 2 months ago: “But the dossier said...” Libs 1 month ago: “Trump is mentally unfit to be president” Libs this week: “but Trump said shithole...” Stock Market: “hold my beer...”

If this happened during Obama’s presidency it would be 24 hours a day of left wing celebrations. You don’t hear a peep out them now !!!!

Where is Obama so the left can thank him? probably fixing Chicago or Baltimore or one of the other Democrat run cities he was to busy to fix while he was in office ..glad he finally had time to fix the economy ..

And this is why we elected Trump! Watch the liberals come up with some new b.s. now. They always keep you wondering what ignorance they have coming up next.

Liberals were just drooling at the thought of blaming a Stock Market crash on Trump as soon as he was elected...Now they want to give credit to Barracus Obtavius. Just too funny.

I think you should get the guy that said with Trump the market was gonna crash and interview him after you replay the video..does he still have a job?

The Dow Jones is like gravity, What goes up must come down. Eventually it will tumble back down and greed will be the leading catalyst for that to happen. History has a habit of repeating itself, eventually.

And the Democrats still want to give the "Food Stamp an Chief" (obama) credit for this.....

I've been watching and working with investing in the stock market for many years and would never thought I would see a market like this. Plus, it is helping what I own. There will come a down market, that means (it is on sale) and look how many buy for a sale.

The stock market typically reflects confidence in the current leadership. Apparently, not everyone is falling for the negativity the msm and liberals throw on President Trump day after day. Praying for wisdom, strength and justice.

That's called the "President Donald J. Trump Effect" Don't count on hearing about this from those #PRESSTITUTES in the lamestream media, though. #TrumpPence2020

The only thing I can say is that all the networks and economists stated the markets would crash if Trump were elected. Now all I hear is “crickets.” 🤔🤔🤔

This is historic their has or never will be again a movement in the stock market like is taking place rite now !!? Thanks to our Great President Donald J. Trump!!! #America First

It's just "crumbs" people - nothing to see here. BTW - all of you demoncrap supporters who receive your "crumbs" from this administration - just send them back or refuse them - they are just crumbs.

This man is "MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" just like he said he would. Oh and I don't think there is only one race making money off of this it is all races! No racism here!!!!

Liberal trolls who said the stock market was going to crash after Trumps election are saying good stock market a year after he left is due to Obama.... Still having trouble seeing how that's possible. Either the stock market is Trump's fault after his election or is Obama's fault a year later, can't have it both ways. FYI, after tax cuts go into effect, it's most definitely Trumps fault so accept reality that Obama is gone snowflakes!

Wow! It’s sad bc this could’ve happened under obama already but he prevented strong recovery. Thank you President Trump

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