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Stranger leaves waitress $3,000 tip because ‘the country is in a bad place'

Stranger leaves waitress $3,000 tip because ‘the country is in a bad place'


"Thanks for smiling. You work hard and the country is in a bad place,” the generous patron wrote.

It was on a $44 bill.

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A chilling 911 call was played in a California courtroom. It was the voice of a girl who had just escaped a horrifying situation where she and her 12 siblings were allegedly abused by their parents.

@jamieyuccas reporting.

Two days of heavy rain helped relieve a severe drought in Texas, but it came at a cost. The Gulf Coast has been hit with severe flooding and there are warnings of more to come tonight.

@courtzubowski has the latest.

Need a getaway? Take a look at the world's best places to visit. #Vacations18

Amid the confusion about the policy change, many still fear their children will still be taken from them.

@cbsmireya was at the border as they tried to cross into the U.S. today.

Kim Jong Un visits China for third time since March.

Should people be free to choose the country in which they live? Jackie Stevens of @NorthwesternU and @David_Goodhart debate. Whose argument is stronger? Cast your vote #OpenFuture

For many dreaming of a better life in America, the journey increasingly begins in Central America.

@OmarVillafranca reports from El Salvador.

President @RealDonaldTrump bows to public pressure to end child separation from families with an executive order.

The president today signed an executive order today that will end the policy of separating children from parents who enter the country illegally.

@MajorCBS has more:

@SBSNews Senator Pauline Hanson: “I’ve actually decided to support the government in the tax cuts which the Australian people need” #auspol @SBSNews

Pauline Hanson confirms One Nation will support the government’s full tax package in the Senate #auspol @SBSNews

Australian mother, daughter killed in Sri Lanka car crash

GOP lawmakers: House vote on immigration still necessary after Trump order halting family separation.

NOW: @LesterHoltNBC anchors @NBCNightlyNews live from Rockefeller Center.

This was a chaotic end to a chaotic plan

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