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Stormy Daniels' charges dropped; arrest part of "sting operation," lawyer says

Stormy Daniels' charges dropped; arrest part of "sting operation," lawyer says


Charges have been dropped against Stormy Daniels only hours after the porn star was arrested in a strip club. Her lawyer said it was an "absurd use of law enforcement resources."

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Time to go home.

Thai football team rescued from flooded cave give bow at end of what has been described as their "only official media interview" #ThaiCaveRescue

Hawaii's Big Island has grown by nearly 700 acres -- the equivalent of more than 500 football fields -- because of lava from the Kilauea volcano

➡️ EU hitting Google with a record $5 billion antitrust fine over its Android mobile operating system

➡️ Teenagers spending excessive time online may be at risk of developing ADHD symptoms

➡️ A section of California's iconic Highway 1 is reopening today

The wife of Olympic gold medal skier Bode Miller is opening up about the recent death of their daughter Emeline. The 19-month-old girl drowned in a neighbor's pool last month.

The @NationalGuard in Hawaii is warning of new, immediate dangers to people living near the Kilauea volcano some two-and-a-half months after the eruption started.

Trump Putin: US president defends meeting and press conference

Between Breaths brings the story of 'the whale man' to the stage

Nearly a month after they first went missing in a cave in Thailand, 12 boys and their soccer coach are going home. @CBSThisMorning spoke to their parents who are hoping for normalcy:

Many of the Thai soccer players say they want to tell their parents "sorry" because they didn't tell them they were going to the cave. #ThaiCaveRescue #cbcnn

The Public Health Agency of Canada says it will start factoring opioid-related overdoses into its average life expectancy calculations, a trend the U.S. has been watching for years now.

Thai football team rescued from flooded cave pay tribute to diver Saman Gunan who lost his life trying to save them #ThaiCaveRescue

Asked what lesson they will take from their ordeal, one boy says: 'To be patient and strong, and not be discouraged.' Several others speak of their dreams to be pro soccer players, or SEALs themselves; to help people, to seek higher education, to make parents proud.

The EU is hitting Google with a record $5 billion fine for abusing the market dominance of its Android mobile phone operating system:

Watch live - Twelve boys and their football coach rescued from a cave in northern Thailand are making their first public appearance after leaving hospital

Terminally ill dog gets free cheeseburgers for life at Burger King

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