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Stars 'shocked' at gender pay disparity in Hollywood

Stars 'shocked' at gender pay disparity in Hollywood


Stars are sharing their shock at reports of a significant pay disparity between Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams for reshoots on the Ridley Scott film "All the Money in the World."

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FRIGHTENING FALSE ALARM: Troubling new details are emerging about what happened in the moment before -- and after -- a ballistic missile threat alert sent all of Hawaii into a panic. Jim Avila reports. ...


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Hawaii has the worst governor. This epic missile alarm story keeps changing, the state first saying how they lost time waiting to hear from the feds. Feds said the state did not need too. This is about the 38 minute delay until Hawaii was told it was a mistake. Ige, Miyagi and that employee should be terminated.

Please get over this Abc news.. it’s old news now, it was an accident, stop turning this into a propaganda and start blaming Trump.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Another false alarm in Japan today. Any correlation?

3 hours ago

KRON 4 News

STOLEN BOX TRUCK: The California Highway Patrol is looking for a suspect accused of stealing a box truck in San Francisco.

The truck was found in Sunnyvale after it crashed. A witness posted a photo of the crash, labeling it “crazy.”



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Abner Bencheikh

TRACKING THE STORM: Ginger Zee breaks down the new storm system marching East across the country, with winter weather alerts from the Deep South to Great Lakes through the Northeast. ...


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The snow will look so nice on top of all the ice they haven’t been able to get rid of from last week.

Knowing that is like when I got lost in San Diego while on the East Coast; it's not possible.



Juan Romero

5 hours ago

KRON 4 News

SLIDING CAR SLAMS INTO POLICE CRUISER: There is some incredible video that should remind drivers just how dangerous roads can be during winter weather.

No one was hurt when a car slid on an icy road Monday in Park Hills, Kentucky.



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You could tell they were already going too fast for the conditions.

Probably tried breaking after supporting patrol car, setting the car to slide and crash.

Wendy Santos Moreno lmao he seen the cop and got scared lost it 🤣

Glad no one was hurt.

Alex Morales

‘I’M NOT A RACIST’: As stories shift about exactly what slur Pres. Donald J. Trump used during an immigration meeting, the president himself insisted he is the “least racist” person reporters know. Jonathan Karl reports. ...


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LIBERAL PROPAGANDA!!! One democrat and Six Republicans.....but you believe a lying democrat!! Obama called Libya a SHITSHOW but where was the liberals then????? Fake News!!!!!!

Even if it were true that he said shithole. What does race have to do with it. Just another way the mainstream media is using this to bash and make him look bad.

This Libtards biased news media trying to manipulate what we think and how we think. They will not change us. They all failed. Trump 2020!

The mainstream media and thier lies are a joke

You can think what you like DT. The PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH. And they do not need the Media to educate them.

Trump flip flops more than IHOP pancakes these days.

Reminds of that saying from years ago "I'm not a crook" ;)

I'm getting tired of seeing this guy.

He wrongly...and for us we suffer for it...assumes thinkx we have to believe anything he says, whether or not truth is not even remotely involved or if perchance what he says is true and those seem to be increasingly rare it seems to me.

Trump uses a "play" on words. The reporter he was talking to more than likely has never interviewed him.

If he did say it why would you say that for he is the President if the USA so act like it and get off of Twitter

Bob Hayford, we don't need "Fake News" to point out his racism! He shows us everyday in his actions. Wake up!!

Yes, you are. But, it doesn't matter. It's character that matters. It's my understanding your character is that of all that's not desired.

This Man is Obviously Lying Under would be a Injustice and a Mockery 'not to Deal with him Accordingly.

of cores he is saying he didn't say it,, he is looking for some one to blame for it,, he is looking for a way out of it like he does when he is caught in a lie!!!!

there is a difference between calling a poorly run country a s'hole and the people trying to leave same s'hole. Being from a s'hole country doesn't make you one only you can do that.

If you have to say you’re the “least racist” person anyone knows, you’re racist.

The “LEAST RACIST” still makes you a RACIST and a MORON!!🇺🇸

Hes not a racist , he has no filter. People who talks that way is not hiding anything so there's no hidden meaning (racism) in his statements.

When you have to explain to others how you are not racist then you are absolutely racist

Wow. Trumplodyte racism appears to be quite alive and well as evidenced by the waaaaay too many posted comments actually DEFENDING Trumplethinskin's irresponsible racist tirade or making excuses for it. WOW.

The country needed to hear "I am not a racist instead of I am the "least" racist. In regards to DACA: None of us determine where we are born, and those of us who were blessed to be born in a prosperous country are called upon to extend aid and compassion to those less fortunate. Trump, as well as everyone, needs to remember that but by the grace of God. I support DACA ♥️

He lies so much how would anyone believe anything he says. Maybe they should sit the child down & run all the tapes of him to prove he is a RACIST.

Anyone who has to keep saying to the American public on a weekly basis that he's not a racist... Is most likely a Racist.

If someone has to continue to defend himself and say he's not a Racist and adds more and more "I'm the least racist person you'll meet....." , you're just what you say you aren't. Not to mention...your big pie hole/videos/audios DO NOT LIKE MORON!

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