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Starbucks CEO orders 'unconscious bias' training after arrest of 2 black men

Starbucks CEO orders 'unconscious bias' training after arrest of 2 black men


"I'll say the circumstances surrounding the incident and the outcome at our store on Thursday were reprehensible," Starbucks' CEO Kevin Johnson said in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ "Good Morning America" today.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Police: Suspect in Waffle House shooting stole BMW, eluded police chase days before attack that killed four

Sandy Hook father Neil Heslin: Alex Jones has profited off the lies he told about me. He needs to face the consequences. via @NBCNewsTHINK

Pompeo likely to fail committee vote, but is all but assured Senate confirmation

Evacuations have been ordered in Rowlett after the discovery of a World War II-era mortar. This is also affecting traffic. PGBT is shut down completely between I-30 & Hwy. 66.

For NFL hopefuls, the exhaustive draft process can "seem like horse trading"

Mosque shooter's high school teacher paints portrait of bullied youth, during sentencing hearings

Analysis: People really do find love on Tinder. That’s what keeps me swiping.

Here's what to do when your tax refund is seized for student loans

Southwest Airlines has canceled dozens of flights over jet engine inspections ordered after a midair explosion horrifically killed a passenger last week.

Analysis: CNN gets the direction of anti-Mueller rhetoric between Fox News and Trump backward

Asylum seekers crossing illegally into Quebec could be shuttled elsewhere in Canada starting this week. @jonmontpetit

Waffle House shooting suspect arrested for trespassing near White House in 2017, officials say

SHARE: @TCU frat @PiKappaPhi holds BBQ fundraiser for special needs cheerleader organized with help from cheerleader @CamiBranson

IT'S A BOY: Britain's Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to third child

19 minutes ago

Channel 4 News

"As long as we stick together as Europeans, everything can be sorted in the future."

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says Brexit - and Donald Trump - are "not the solution".


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another rich bloke preaching to all, including the poor, who have mostly suffered stagnant wages and pressure on services due to the EU...

I like you Klopp but tell that to British EU and US corrupt politicians that want just wars

European perspective,is a much broader,unified perspective

It's about time we had more English managers ,buy British

Well said, Jürgen Klopp. You are absolutely right.

He's right

Sports and politics shouldn't be in the same sentence. Politics divides people while sports bring people together.

asking a German about Truump or Brexit islike being lectured on drink driving by Ant

Well said, Jürgen Klopp. You are absolutely right.

Absolutely right.

Yep 100% agree.

I admire the charismatic qualities of the man and his undoubted talents as a football manager and he’s entitled to have his opinion and say so too. Free speech, which is why I also like Pep Guardiola and his current political stance regarding Catalonia. I wasn’t keen in regard to celebrities being outspoken regarding our very own Scottish referendum in 2014, but concede that they were entitled to their opinion.

100% man.

He is spot on

Not a problem with Europe, the problem is the people making the decisions in the eu.

Top man.

Well said, Jürgen Klopp. Your are absolutely right.

Remember...... nothing else matters but money......

Well said, Jürgen Klopp. You are absolutely right.

Doesn’t the EU play on a dry pitch?

Sign on.

Speak up all you want!

Stuart Miles I said Mr Klopp speaks a lot of sense! D

Cara why's ya man so spot on

Mmm he's German isn't he

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28 minutes ago


Cassie Heiter says more rain headed our way! #okwx

Cassie Heiter
More rain headed our way!

37 minutes ago


FUNNY OR TOO FAR??: Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says a FB post that depicted his daughter and her date with Feely was intended as a joke. However, some people have taken issue with him posing with a gun.

What do you think?WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION TO THE PHOTO? Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says his post was intended as a joke, but some took issue with him posing with a gun. FULL STORY -

FUNNY OR TOO FAR??: Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says a FB post that depicted his daughter and her date with Feely was intended as a joke. However, some people have taken issue with him posing with a gun.

What do you think?


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I am waiting for the day when the moronic liberals fear their shadow.

Oh please! Picture of fathers doing this have been around for ever. I even made a similar joke with my own daughter. If anything we should respect him more for being a father, being there and caring about his daughter.

A handwritten sign with the word "gun" on it would've offended some.

They better stick around a couple of years... My kids prom pics will have BOTH parents holding guns. Momma and dad to 4 girls. We don't play around.

On my wedding day I stood there handcuffed to my husband with my dad standing on the other side of me with a shotgun in hand. Lighten up people.

If the three in the picture didn't have a problem with it what's it matter to the rest of us?? It's none of our business.... At all.

I think it’s hilarious. The gun is pointed downward toward the ground, his finger is not on the trigger. Butt hurt anti-gun freaks keep scrolling

If his kids didn't mind then it's none of anyone's business. Stop overreacting cause some choose to be proud gun owners.

Awesome pic!!! Better try something else News 9, you didn't create a controversy here.

Funny... he shouldn’t have to apologize...our wedding photog wanted to do the shotgun pic but it’s not our style BUT I’m not offended by it either...get a life..start minding your own business

Anything that makes the weak minded left cry is a good thing..

Should of used a double barrel shotgun

It's in poor taste. If they didn't feel the need to share life's private moments with everyone, this wouldn't be an issue. #freaks

This pose has been done thousands of times with shotguns.They see pistol and go crazy stupid. Same issue with AR-15's.The left wants to make big issue out of AR's because of their looks, but AR is same as every other semi auto out there, in fact smaller caliper than most rifles.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was a joke and he shouldn't have needed to apologize! People need to relax and quit being offended.

WHO CARES!!! I think its funny! Parents used to do it all the time. These days all these people are is turning into a bunch of pansies... Scared of their own shadows!!!!

Nothing new! Fathers, brothers, uncles have been doing this forever! But the far radical left is going to make anything involving a gun into a bad thing! How about minding your own damn business, the people in the pic didnt have a problem with it, so why should we???😡

I love it. Its obviously a joke or even if it were even a slight serious well people try stupid stuff at prom so some times its needed to put in some kind of fear hurt my kid and see what happens kind of thing even tho in this case it isnt seems like they are all in on it 😂

His finger isn't even on the trigger. It's funny. Now go troll elsewhere. Christ!

There's got to be a million prom pics just like this. Get over it.

Just a dad doing dad things ain’t nothing wrong with this picture that’s what made me respect ladies between being raised by my momma and hard ass daddy’s like this .

It's his life. Who cares how we feel about it? If enough people don't like it does he go to jail??

Do not apologize! It’s intended to be funny as well as scare him a little like all dads would. That is what’s wrong with people these days! Everyone is afraid that someone is going to get upset. So what? Get upset. Who cares? Hurt your feel bads? Oh well! Put your grown up pants on and toughin up buttercup!

IT'S A JOKE -- an old one at that! People are too sensitive these days!

did the same when my younger sister went to prom...will prob do it when my other younger sister's just for laughs, grow up

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57 minutes ago


GUN CONTROL: Do you think increased gun control will decrease violence?

A U.S. congressman is calling for restricting access to some so-called “assault weapons” in the wake of a shooting at a Waffle House restaurant in Tennessee on Sunday that left four people dead. Rep. Jim Cooper issued a statement Sunday, calling for restricting "widespread civilian access to military-grade assault weapons."


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Nope!! Criminals whom want a gun will




No it wont bad people will always find away


Uhm Big fat NO





No, its not the guns. Its its pulls the trigger


No, a mental ill person is going to kill by any means hammer, car, knife it doesn’t matter


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1 hour ago

Channel 4 News

Don't let health scare stories ruin your day.

Here are FactCheck's top tips for spotting bad science.


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Aaw, perlease, guys, you know that 87% of people who follow C4 News on-line (and I know because I counted them ;) ) never read anything beyond the sub-heading. And half of them automatically discount it because they don't agree with whatever it was which they now not only don't know but can't remember, either.

Helen Fraser

1 hour ago


GOV. FALLIN TO VIEW WILDFIRE DAMAGE: #News9's Caleigh Bourgeois is headed to western Oklahoma. Gov. Mary Fallin will tour the area Monday to view damage caused by recent wildfires.

Caleigh Bourgeois
Headed to Western Oklahoma....



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Stop at Hutchs 118 in Watonga for lunch we’d love to see you!!!!

3 hours ago

Channel 4 News

There have been more than 50 homicides in the UK capital so far this year - this is every single one of London's victims. ...


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How true Enoch powells words have become..

RIP all of them......Theresa May and Amber Rudd should hold there heads in shame...cuts to the best police force in the world have made the street's of our capital totally unsafe

50 what? Are we in the US again?

Thanks to the Jihadist mayor. Liberals voted for a terrorist in a suite and now they are paying big time with their lives.

"homicides"? this is part of the issue, we are morphing into 'merica.

Ban Knives ! Ban Free Speech ! LoL. Orwell's "1984" was a warning, not an instruction manual, you fools.

Murders. We’re not American! 50 in 3.5 months, that’s a lot 😨

A lot of them were older than I expected I thought that it was a bunch of kids fighting over drugs

Try naming the perps and see what picture it paints

I was going to comment on the use of 'homicide' and say something about American creeping into English, but on reflection, I get it - you can't say murder until someone is convicted...

God knows what the answer is, probably more police would help, but this is becoming outrageous, it's gone beyond the pale ... there has to be an iron hard zero tolerance of drugs, and education, education education!

Murders Ch4. Shove the new world order.

Khan doing a Great job for london

London is not the USA. Murders. Thanks to the Tories cutting the police so much.

Wow. While 50 murders is a lot I feel this number would be much greater if guns were legal. Thankfully they're not!

& 20000 less Police offices across the country and greater inequality both of these will have contributed to the rise both of these are as a result of Tory Policies.

Heart braking. What is the police force doing about stopping this carnage.May each and everyone who have lost there lives in this murdering city of London.

Why just London victims? People do live outside the m25.

A national commemoration of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence is to take place on April 22 each year: Stephen Lawrence Day

Lilly may 1 ☹️ bring back a life for a life, hanging costs nothing but keeping them with there human rights in prison is costing us tax payers money, money if rather spent elsewhere.

Which sex were the perpetrators?

50 homicides in 3 1/2 months..What a luxury.

For comparison and perhaps perspective......Transport for London (TfL) has published its annual Casualties in Greater London report, which shows that the number of people killed or seriously injured on London's roads fell by three per cent in 2015 to the lowest number since records began and by 42 per cent on the 2005-09 baseline for which road safety progress is measured. Overall, the number of people killed or seriously injured fell from 2,167 to 2,092

Henry Vincent shouldn't be on the homicide/murder list with the real victims of crime

And let me guess it's got fk all to do with Immigrantion

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3 hours ago

Channel 4 News

“I knew he was a shallow, lazy ignoramus.”

Leading Republican commentator Ann Coulter was one of Donald J. Trump's biggest supporters.

But she now says he is in danger of losing his base if he continues to break his campaign promises.


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More trump bashing C4, nice to see you haven’t given up on the liberal agenda....

Ann Coulter is either a sociopath or a cynical opportunist pretending to be one for money -- actually, she's a sociopath either way. There's little reason to take anything she says as useful to a news journalist seeking the truth.

Coulter is undoubtedly one of the most cynical, destructive and dishonest individuals on the planet.

I'm from Tyneside. Are they familiar with the term "gobshite" in the US?

GRAB HER BY THE PUSSY!!! TRUMPET once said... I think she was waiting for 2 long years...& NOTHING HAPPENED!!!! He MUST RESPECT HIS PROMISES!!!

No one manages to flip flop like a republican

You’re correct Coulter; you haven’t changed, you’ve always been an idiot

Has C4 or any media channel ever thought that Trump got anything right? No bias here.

Just another Republican nut job.

Good. This is the way it should be. Zero loyalty to politicians or party. You vote for their policies and if they don't deliver, you dump them instantly. People would get better leaders if they operated like that. Instead of todays primitive identity politics.

Trump is loosing his mind a long time ago.

Maybe, she'll have a nervous breakdown and write goofy bestseller about it.

Come on she has had work done this year

This woman is just bonkers. Why does she get any kind of privileged platform for comment?

Reichstag Annie got conned, but she bought it so it's all on her now.

Cutting tax is just to make him look good in the reelection!

Does trump realize if he loses the loser crowd, he might actually gain more normal people that want him to do what is good for the country?

Trump didn't put Hillary in prison Trump was never going to follow threw on his promises!

DJT must be a genius. The way he has reignited an arms race worldwide. The. White House has become a revolving door in terms of staff. Dirt cheap.

It is because he cannot remember what they were ????.

If you dislike Ann watch the roast of Rob Lowe


Who put this heffa on TV.............?

Stop making stupid people famous. Pay no attention to her or anyone like her. The more we learn to switch off and ignore these sort of people the sooner they will disappear. Attention is their oxygen.

It would not surprise me to find she is still on his payroll to stir up the smoke as 45 continues to rape The White House. Condolences from Canada. :(

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Finally, some spring weather to kick off the week!

As we celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures, share something your celebrating below :)

Finally, some spring weather to kick off  the week! 

As we celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures, share something your celebrating below :)


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I've been painting again. This is Claire my beagle.

HE DID IT! Lucien (lu-see-in) became a black belt!! It wasn’t easy and at time he wanted to quit but he powered through and is now a black belt! We are all so proud of his determination and perseverance. Way to go, Lu!!

Its an Awesome Day !!!! Day 11 of being Smoke Free !!!

Proud of this girl! She threw down to 2nd and got the runner out! The whole team did great!

Oh, and he breaks boards. 2 of them actually! Here’s proof!

Sister time my heart is full!

My granddaughter turns 3 today

My baby boy is 3 months old! 😭😍

I got all 3 of my kids ready for the day 30 minutes ahead of schedule :) Happy Monday!!

Planted all my flowers yesterday. Excited to officially enjoy my plants being outside again

I just got back from the island u guys tell me something good it has been cold and snowing

My grandson Maverick is 6 months old today.

Sebastian and Huxley are home!!! It's been a long 4 months but worth every second for these precious little ones! This grandma couldn't be prouder 😊

My granddaughter, Lily, starts preschool today! Her shirt says “Preschool Just Got A Whole Lot Cuter” ❤️

We got our puppy! This is Scout and he is a Weimaraner

We got married on Saturday after waiting 4 years I can finally call myself Mrs. Benson. And our boys (his before they were mine) actually called me mom there is no better feeling in the world!!!!

My granddaughter, Allie, brought me a dandelion bouquet, Spring is here!

Another beautiful day in Bend Oregon visiting our daughter. Going to be in the 70s today.

My son received some kitten therapy this weekend. Our friend is fostering four little cuties for the Humane Society. And so the kitten envy begins!

We get to spend the whole week at the lake and our dish tv is set up so we can watch y'all every morning while we're down her.

Got out of the hospital on Saturday after spending a week and having yo have my Gall Bladder removed

Yesterday our son turned 5 years old, we celebrated by taking him to legoland, then ate at Fritz’s train restaurant in crown center and checked out an exhibit for kids there also, we had a fun and busy weekend

Where's Kim Byrnes

today is my birthday and I want to ride my Harley (mark it peglegpat)

Gotta practice for her recital make up since she's almost 6! And super excited she shares her birthday with Abby's little one! Cinco de BABY-O'S!

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👣Congrats, William and Kate!

"Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well," Kensington Palace tweeted just after 7 a.m.

The baby boy weighs 8 pounds 7 ounces.

👣Congrats, William and Kate! 

Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well, Kensington Palace tweeted just after 7 a.m.

The baby boy weighs 8 pounds 7 ounces.


Comment on Facebook

Gratulations to both of them

Congratulations to them all,

Michelle Forgey Brosemer


Congratulations to you all

No, that's Beavis and he's all grown up.

Congratulations 😀😀

Rachel Stolte Lauren Watterson

hope it takes after the mother.

Yay glad mom and baby are well

Congratulations to you

5 hours ago

FOX 4 News Kansas City

It's a boy!
Congrats to the royal family on welcoming another healthy baby into the world. Here's live look outside the hospital.


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Congratulations William and Kathrine!

Congratulations from Buffalo Missouri! Lots if excitement in the Royal family 👶💍🎂!

I'm laughing at the camera man

Congratulations from Wellsville, Kansas

I wonder if they realize she isn't going to just pop out with the baby. I mean she does need some rest and they both need to get cleaned up first and get some quality mommy daddy time.

Nice, but we are waiting for Abby

Perhaps you should be covering the sentencing of Count Dankula in the UK instead. Making jokes in the UK is a crime....

We need some pics and the princes name!!

The lady arguing with the guy over a camera in the background as entertaining as hell

Somebody needs to let the Today show know...They are saying not yet!!!

Which Indian delivery driver does it look like

Colin this is history in the can not watch....

Love the people tacking pictures of the crowds of news people

Happy for you both! Congrats to the people of the UK.

Thanks be to God! Happy Birthday little Royal Baby!

Congratulations from Judy Getz & Linda Layton at Lincoln Towers, Freeport, Illinois.

Congratulations to the Royal Family!

Congratulations to the Royal family!

There not saying anything on the morning news

Congratulations to the new Royal Baby

Congrats William n Kate n Charlotte n new baby💝😃

Welcome to the chaos little dude

Welcome to the family little one.

What a bundle of joy number3 luck and Joy

best wishes to the parents n congratulations

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