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"Sh*thole countries" respond to President Trump's rhetoric

"Sh*thole countries" respond to President Trump's rhetoric


While some governments are treading cautiously, at least one nation maligned by the U.S. leader is demanding an explanation.

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20 minutes ago

KRON 4 News

TRAGIC: A grief-stricken father breaks his silence after losing his young daughter in a deadly crash.

TONIGHT at 8 on KRON 4 News, his other daughter is clinging to life.



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Goddamn you reporters have no shame, just to get views going up in his face asking him questions. Let the man grieve in peace.

My deepest and most sincere condolences, may your precious and beautiful daughter Rest In Peace in The Lords loving care, this is so heartbreaking, I will keep you all in my prayers, ❤️🙏❤️

No words can take this family's pain away. Such a sad and tragic thing to happen. My condolences and prayers are with you.

I can't even imagine what this father is going through being a mom of young girls, this is just unfathomable, my prayers for this family no one should ever go through this 😔🙏🏻

My heart goes out to him and his family how tragic

So sorry your family has lost this Angel.

as you can see bad people who are able to go to this extreme pray for the family 😭

Praying for the family in this difficult time. Just devastating!

He broke his silence because you nag nag nag!

Heart breaking. 😭

I am so sorry for your loss

Praying for this family


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41 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

KUTV is live at the scene of the explosion. The fire is still active, but the driver made it out safe.
Photos: John E Chistensen, Matt Gephardt, UDOT cameras


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why are the fire fighters not putting the fire out ,they must still be at the grocery store

Just utilize the forest fire chopper and drop the powder on and it’s out

Yes driver is ok.

Thank you for reporting on the driver

I pray that the driver got out safe. Do you know kutv?

Jessica Harris this is what I was telling you about.

Glad driver is safe

3 illegals were seen running away I heard

Cindy Cardenas

Andy Nguyen

Kenzie Parker

Tamra Austin

Rita Jensen

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56 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

HUGE tanker fire CLOSED I-15 at 7200 South. We have multiple crews headed to the scene. Live reports on @KUTV2News at 9 & 10. ...


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Omg that's scary



How did this happen

Oh snap


Is anyone hurt?

Was anyone inside


i hope everyones ok

Move along... nothing to see here...

Now that’s a weeny roast!


What trucking company please

Where is this


Oh wow


Please keep everyone safe

Holy s***

This is so scary

Pray the driver is ok

Wow 😯 That’s so scary 😳

Hope everyone is okay

Holy cow!

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58 minutes ago

CBS News

Mere days after former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie left office, he was stopped by TSA at Newark Airport for evading a security checkpoint. ...


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Just a regular slob like the rest of us now. 😂

I would imagine Christie was pretty easy to catch. You know he wasn't going to make a run for it.

From the same guy that closed down a tunnel out of spite.

Everyone has to follow the rules, buddy!! No one is above the law when it comes to TSA—rightfully so.

Evading? Christie? Are you kidding me? Can't imagine that Christie has evaded anything in years. Perhaps, a salad bar.😊

Great news, TSA doing their job, and Christie learning he doesn't have a job as NJ gov. And Christie, let me add you don't have the power to block the streets to Manhattan nor can you shut the beaches down to the public so you and your family can commandeer them and the ocean. Welcome to real life!

No special treatment lard ass, get in line with everyone are nobody now💩💩💩

Does not pay to be a bully , hope Trump is paying attention !

Privileges are over truffle shuffle 🐷💩🤡...hahaha

so glad he is out of office he will not be ridiculed by you jerks as much anymore, maybe you people can get a life somewhere

Crazy Krespe Kremes Christy tried to pull a fast one. Guess all that talk about waiting in line for your turn was just hypocrisy.

Ain't nobody no

What he have, memorabilia of bridgegate hidden inside a cupcake?

He was smuggling chocolate cake over the maximum weight limit.

Maybe all of the people who Trump had makeing Hillary out to be someone that need lock up should in fact being locked-up them self seems to be a lot of law breakers that are being charged or could be at any minute

That's funny! Can you imaging the nightmare if you had the seat next to his fat ass on the plane?

Christie is going to be the person who walks Ivanka’s dogs.

Lol! When you go from the biggest ass to just being a regular arse

No Christie you're a regular joe now buddy😂

They need to bait him with donuts so he uses the correct line.

Tell fat ass the beach is closed. Go find a donut shop.

He still thinks he is better than anyone else at the airport

Everything has a beginning and a end.

Why is this news the man was doing his job big deal .

He needs to just go away! Far far away!Well Hell! Maybe he was trying to!

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2 hours ago

CBS News

The upcoming reboot of "Roseanne" will tackle modern-day politics, and feature a "gender creative" child. ...


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Thank You President Obama for making America Great again, thank you for fixing the economy that bush wrecked, thank you for bringing family values to the White House.

I was going to give it a chance but I'm sorry I can't support someone who supports trump

It's disappointing to hear that rosanne supports trump

I had planned on watching until I read “gender creative” character😡? Oh please. Just tell me how many kids that age even know what that means much less are practicing it? Hell, I don’t even know what that means!!👎👎👎

Frankly I would not watch a show that features a character supporting trump .. . he gets too much attention as it is.

The reboot probably won't last long. A lot fans of the original series won't be tuning in because Roseanne is an avid Trump supporter. Conservatives won't tune in because of the gender fluid character.

I won't be watching, but I am sure some crap repugs will. And then when you show the "gender unidentified" boy on, they will stop watching.

Well crap. Was going to watch, but not now. Gender creative? Guess Rosie didn't lose all her liberal ideas after all.

I didn't like your show before and knowing you support 45 is reason enough NOT to watch it now. Looser then, looser NOW!

They don't believe in giving hormones to cows, but will give hormones to a child to change it's gender. That moral highground is shallow.

nope, not if it were the only show on tv. She was supposed to leave the country but she's still here. Nope, not ever CBS,. after all the good programing you may havew lost a viewing family... Ted.

I LOVED Roseanne, I am so happy it is coming back, Im hoping not too political, we just need some good ole gut busting giggles. Crazy Jackie, smart mouth Darlene...Miss them ♡

won't watch..if she is a Trump supporter..tells me a lot about herself in real life, and we do not share the same values of being an American ..

Used to love Roseanne and watch that show all the time, finding out she's a Trump supporter, I'm totally done with her now, I doubt she or anyone else cares but with me it is what it is now 👎👎👎👎👎👎No longer a fan of hers......................blah!!!

Didn’t watch it before and certainly won’t watch it now! Trump will be the downfall of this show! Good luck 🍀

Roseanne the actress is a Trump supporter, but Roseanne the character supporting Trump is way out of character. I don't why Roseanne couldn't play the role as a Democrat. Isn't the point of acting pretending to be characters who think, say and do things you normally wouldn't?

Wow! So only working class people vote for Trump? I work...I have a masters degree...I pay taxes, own property, and guess what....I didn’t vote for Trump (nor would I ever)! Very disappointed because I always liked this show, and hate to see she is supporting him and pushing her political agenda on her viewers. Why can’t she be an independent or not bring politics in? If it’s crazy and pushing his agenda, then I refuse to watch it.

I thought everybody supported freedom to have an opinion? You seriously wouldn't watch a show because of the actresses political view? That's so crazy. I didn't vote for Trump, he's crazy but I'm not upset with people who did. They had the right to choose who they wanted, same as I did. You can't want equality for all and not support people's right to vote for who they choose. You do not have to have the same opinions! It's a show, you don't have to sleep with her

Democrats won't watch because of Roseanne been a trump supporter. Reps won't watch because the grandson is gender creative. Don't see much future to this reboot.

You don't have to support Trump to watch people, it's a fricken television show. I'm sure there's plenty of shows you watch that they support him and we don't know. Who cares. To each his own.

Trump supporter. Why? The Electoral College elected Trump. 3 million + short of popular vote. Very sad to represent Trump as a redeemer of the working class.

The same Roseanne Barr who at a Padres game obnoxiously sang our National Anthem then grabbed her crotch and spit on the ground.

Oh Roseanne, doesn’t having to say anything positive about Donnie Cheeto make you throw up a little in your mouth?

I am not a fan of tRump but I think it's a good idea to get the conversation going on this divide in our country, instead of all the hate we are seeing day to day.

She was working class when she supported the Democrats in the 90s. Very confusing she would support trump as if she couldn’t see through to the devil.

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2 hours ago

KRON 4 News

DREAMER DEBATE: Happening now, Congress is debating the DREAM Act and the government spending bill.

Earlier today, the House passed a temporary government-wide funding bill that would avert a government shutdown this weekend.



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Kids grow up here, they don’t know other country, this is there county

Americans first !! When we've solved our problems and our kids have good schools and our elderly are taken care of then we can help "dreamers" until then NO !!!

Everyone hating on DACA, you’re last names are extremely NOT American.

Quit spreading hate and go read the bible you will need it when judgement day comes

This is country of emigrants

All you people who oppose DACA are pure evil and have no compassion at all. Families are being torn apart! People that have been here for 30 plus year are being deported for WHAT?? Because their only crime is coming over here illegally!

they call them dreamers why don't they call them what they truly are ELEAGELS !!

Give the people who have been here for years, pay taxes, opened businesses, work, have gone through our school system, served, A PATH

You can not call yourself a law abiding citizens if you break the law no excuses. And if your heartless for that then when someone robs you don't complain.

Why havent americans been able to reach there dreams because we are busy getting dreams for people we dont even know, if countrys are so good why dont they stay there,, we do need some new american goverrnment that will defends us americans AMEN

just build the wall and send the illegal dreamers back and us stop funding them, American citizen first

I see nothing wrong with taking care of the people who have been here working hard to make America what it is I don't care what their race is

how bout people that were born here 1st .We are the dreamers .dreaming of everything illegals get for free with our tax dollars

What they need to kick out and send to another country is people who don't know how to work with each other and resolve issues peacefully

Kids grow up here should be stay here

"Come on people - GET IT TOGETHER! You can do it." 😐

What does Melania have to do with this? Lol.

Just because I'm all for being documented does not mean I have a problem with other nationalities Coming to America

Where do they come up with 80% of the people are for this ? No one polled me or anyone I know. I believe they are pulling these numbers out of their a**es... 💩

I really appreciate the the coming over a taking on opportunity that we take for granted but the give set the bar high for everyone so God bless all of the dreamers

Dreaming is a dream, are people belong we're Ancestors have been placed, we had no dreaming. The past 500 years have been a nightmares and someone else from another country decided to displace The indigenous people Throughout the Americans.

I have no problem with people of other nationalities being here but if I have to be documented by the government so do they

You are right Gaby Rodriguez Your president doesn’t pay so why should all middle class pay if the rich get away with not paying s.. t

Wait now you want the Americans the leaders of the Free World which one is it is he the leader of the Free World or are the Americans I'm confused

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