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Sherin Mathews case: Father who claimed girl choked on milk charged with murder

Sherin Mathews case: Father who claimed girl choked on milk charged with murder


Sherin Mathews was found dead near her Texas home less than a year after being adopted from an Indian orphanage.

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Many locals were saddened to hear that Glazier's Food Marketplace will soon be closing their doors – maybe their storewide closing sale can help brighten spirits.

Click to find out more about the sale >>

Many locals were saddened to hear that Glaziers Food Marketplace will soon be closing their doors – maybe their storewide closing sale can help brighten spirits. 

Click to find out more about the sale >>


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Never heard of it??

38 minutes ago

Boston 25 News

WOAH! A bus security camera captured a car going airborne before crashing into a builidng. ...


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Them duke boys are at it again

dukes of hazzard theme plays in head

Kelsey Jo WOAH!

Where did that car come from to be going that fast?

Think he had a toothache

Just send it 💪🍾

Jeff Ecv Gill that u trying to get home from a late delivery

Walter Sousa check out the car

Bruce E. Rodriguez

“Send it” level: Expert



Edward Christner imagine if that was u

Donna Pedrone here's the video

Thais De Souza here it is

Eoghan Mcmahon the galant 😂😂😂

Cory Renaud Sean Eldridge

Richard Willey

Thiago Vital Gama

Kaleb White

Kerri Lynn

Joe Brienze

Nara Barbosa

Mike Carvalhal

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56 minutes ago

KTNV Channel 13 Action News

A LVMPD Northwest Area Command traffic stop led to the confiscation of several guns and a large amount of ammunition.

Read more about the incident >>

A LVMPD Northwest Area Command traffic stop led to the confiscation of several guns and a large amount of ammunition.

Read more about the incident >> attachment


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Great job LVMPD!!! You probably saved some lives getting these off the streets!

Transporting stolen weapons?

That’s not a large amount of ammunition

That's really pretty basic tbh....

Probably would have ended in STUPID slime gang members hands.

Maybe they were going out to the desert for some fun... Since when are we not allowed to transport our guns?

Definately need more info. Were they stolen weapons?

Ill buy the ak

I'd like to buy that FDE CANIK

Are they stolen ???? Was the guy a felon ???? Why are these fire arms being confiscated?

The shooting range is in North Las Vegas. I take more than that with me for a day of fun. They must be felons. Or went to the pot store first. Lol

1 hour ago

Boston 25 News

Join us in wishing Jerry Remy all the best after finishing his latest round of cancer treatments. ...

Join us in wishing Jerry Remy all the best after finishing his latest round of cancer treatments.


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Screw this guy. His granddaughter doesn't have a mother because this piece of crap enabler.

Great news! Get it Remdawg!! Can’t wait to hear you back on the broadcasts!

Congrats Jerry can't wait to see you back in the booth

Congrats Rem Dawg!!!! Here is praying you don't need any more treatments ever!!

Good luck Jerry.. Keep the faith

Yay ! So happy you are done with your treatment ! Wishng you health and happiness <3

hope you are well...look forward to seeing you soon...God bless

Damian Lamprey isnt that the same bell i rung ? Doesnt say if its Ma General !

Hope this is the final treatment Jerry! You've had more than your share. But your loyal fans have always kept you in both their thoughts and prayers. Here's too many more broadcasts! ⚾⚾⚾

Wishing you all the very best, look forward to seeing you this spring!

Congrats and best wishes

Way to go Jerry !! Let’s get this party started 🎉😘

We wish you nothing but the best. Back in the booth Remy

God bless, ring that bell

Hope all is well & hope to see you back in the booth during Red Sox season. We need someone there with a sense of humor!

Weird visual in his hand.

Hope he has a full recovery (and finally quits smoking this time.)

Good Luck, hoping its all over and cancer is halted.

Thoughts and prayers are with you.💞💙💞

God bless you Remdawg

Wish you the best you are a fighter

That bell is the best thing to ring. New beginnings, Congratulations!

All the best to the best 🙏🙏🙏

Great news Remdawg! Congratulations 🙏

Continued prayers to you Jemy

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The Bellagio Las Vegas is celebrating Chinese New Year and the #YearoftheDog inside its conservatory and botanical garden. Watch the video below for a sneak peek and click here for even more photos >> #CNY2018 ...


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Edith Zun-mar grace is going to like this one

Robyn Taube Roth

Would love to go but to pay to park? No thanks.


Robyn Taube Roth we should all go! Emily Warren Elizabeth Warren

John Kuo

Michael Rene Romero

2 hours ago


From Jude Redfield WDRB Live Winter Storm Discussion

Jude Redfield WDRB
Live Winter Storm Discussion.


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Wow you all missed it big again.

Hi June, thank you for keeping us updated...

Elizabethtown KY

Lyndon, Ky

Some people in a Henderson neighborhood think a new school near Paseo Verde and Stephanie will cause major problems. Read why they are so upset >>

Do you agree with their objections?


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Where's the money coming from to build the school

Well since over the last couple of years there has been about 10,000 (give or take)units of housing built in that area I guess there is no other option. Also near that area the Henderson spaghetti bowl is absolutely ridiculous with traffic and accidents.

Where are they going to find teachers to place their thought they had a shortage at the beginning of the school year?

Only in Vegas will people complain about a new school lol

Ever have your driveway blocked because some moron parked their vehicle to pick up their porky pride? I live between 2 schools and twice a day it gets dangerous with crazy soccer moms and dads.

Noelle Acosta right by our house


Jaqueline Marie Katz

How they going to open a school eith no teachers to work there?

I truly pray to God every single day that I wish my life could be as simple as school traffic being the worst thing that could ever happen to me in my life. I pray for problems that simple.

Erika Poellnitz

Well we wouldn’t want our children’s education to slightly inconvenience anyone.🙄

Incredible. Complain the school system doesn’t reach enough students and then complain when we build new schools 🤷🏻‍♀️

Geez people, be glad they want to build more schools! This people complaining must not have kids. If you want to complain about something, complain about overcrowding of schools! Our school is new and in the middle of a neighborhood and the traffic “mess” doesn’t even last more than 15 minutes twice a day.

They didn’t say that when it was about the stadium.

Don't builders need to be part of a master plan for adding schools, roads etc as they build and grow the population in certain areas? What happened to this all being thought of ahead of time?


I live in a neighborhood that has access to a park/school set up like this.....parents come into our subdivision to pick up their kids, choking up the street with traffic. It is really lousy....especially when they use your property as a "turn-around". I've had vehicles actually pull onto the landscaping! The school just says "there's nothing we can do". HOA says: "we don't own the street".

You people are so stupid. Just quit having babies. That would cure the problem. You people are over crowding this valley. I know for a fact I would not want a bunch of brats hanging in front of my home everyday. Parents have no idea what there child is up to when they are not holding there hands. What a shame.

I'm just sad to see the park reduced by 2/3. The school is going to take up so much space and make that park inaccessible. I agree we need a new elementary school in the area but I wish they'd build on vacant land rather than take over a nice big park.

Wow...what is he problem!?!

what about the land zone for an elementary school on valley verde an horizonish area.

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2 hours ago

BBC Technology News

Eye candy or visual clutter?

Read and watch all our CES 2018 coverage:


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Who else loves ?

Ibrahim Ahmed

I like it!!

2 hours ago

Boston 25 News

All firefighters have been ordered out of a building in Dorchester's Codman Square, possible danger of collapse ...


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Dorchester huh? Let the whole city burn. The people too. We can finally start over. While we’re at it let’s get the yuppies outta southie too.

I can’t believe how many ignorant comments are on here. How would you feel if one of your family members were working on construction in there. This is devastating and to make jokes about it is heartless and cruel

Bobby I hope your wish doesn’t hit your family God doesn’t like ugly and things have a way of turning on you. Be careful what you wish.

I pray for the safety of the firefighters and anyone inside the building. Thank goodness this wasn't tomorrow, when weather conditions would have made this much worse to fight.

That is right up the street from me.That store has been closed down for a long time now. How the hell did it catch fire.

Prays to Boston firefighters that they are safe and also to who lives at that address

When you want to buy a building... light it on fire... hmm wonder why flames was on fire a couple of weeks ago

First off Nora Brennan after reading some negative comments thats why I asked. Also I know what it feels like to go through a fure so to answer yah question I do have kindness in my heart

These old homes and buildings in the New England states seem to be starting to be falling apart. And Boston area getting the worst of it lately.

Codman sq is in dorchester, it intersects talbot av, norfolk st, n washington st, where girls latin school is, i spent my first 12 years growing up there

My grandfathers best friend and my babysitter when I was little was one of the Worcester 6 firefighters who died. This is so scary and sending lots of prayers.

Looks like they are getting knocked down. There is not as much smoke as there was when I found this. Someone in the studio needs to get rid of that irritating noise! 🤔

The closed down liquor store is on fire. Next to it is a corner store, a closed down bar called Paul's. Next to Paul's is Citizens Bank on Washington.

Family there in Newburyport. Of course David Britt in Sandwich. Hope all are ok. What caused the fire?

Hopefully no one hurt, this happen to some housing last year now again, said this town, we are lucky in small town,

Why do people do that. "Internet prayers for everyone" as if that will do anyrhing. They cant read your prayers and its the most ungenuine thing you. Can say to any one

Hope everyone got out of the building, & tje Firemen stay safe . To dam many fires in the winter time !

Ok well it sounded like the strangest ? I ever heard when people are in jeopardy of dying to ask "why all the hearts!"

What the hell is that roof made of? They've been dumping water on this thing for an hour, it's not dying

Saint Florian bless them as they face the beast! Guide them in and out safely. #BFD #BestInTheBuisness #FirstInTheNation

I was wondering why I hear helicopters. I was asking what happened now. Prayers for Engine 18 and other Engines there as well.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the firefighters and everyone that's involved! I hope no gets hurt!🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Praying for EVERYONE’S safety!!! Not just the firefighters

God Bless the firefighters! Prayers for everyone!!!! Is it an empty building?!!!

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Some incredible surveillance video shows a man hurling himself at a door, trying to break in to a home in the northwest Las Vegas valley.

It wasn't his first visit to the house though. Find out why he came back >>


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THUG!!!!! If anyone knows him tell him to get a job!!! POS!!! who raised this vigilante????

Whoever made that door and lock should use this video in their next ad

Why is his face blurred out ?

How scary tho :((( praying that the owners gets some rest because I know I wouldn’t

Good must be in that house y he wouldn't give up. Woe

Holy crap AWESOME door!

We have an Iron Gate Around our Front door area. I feel it keeps us safer. About 10 years ago this happened to me also and I felt scared for years.


So what if I opened my door and shot his leg with a shotgun🤷🏻‍♂️

So why is the face blurred again?

What kind of psychopath does that? And why is his face blurred out?

Kiko Mcsqeako this is why always lock the door even now

I need to get a new door 🚪 I will like to get one like that one . Please let me know

Jose Portillo

Door King of Las Vegas... I had my doors reinforced by them GREAT WORK....

He’s going to be feeling that shoulder for a while. 😂

Hoang Tran i want this door and lock!

Mayra Lucero Pena

James Brownc


Dana Dane

What a stupid loser

Howard Wagner

Cody Graybeal

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