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Sex-offense charges against Stormy Daniels dropped just hours after arrest

Sex-offense charges against Stormy Daniels dropped just hours after arrest


The lawyer for adult film star Stormy Daniels said that she had been the victim of an elaborate "sting operation" by police. Authorities dropped charges against Daniels, her lawyer said, just hours after her arrest.

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2 minutes ago

BBC News

The UK's heatwave and drought has uncovered ruins of a lost village in a reservoir.


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Every cloud..

1 hour ago

Boston 25 News

Boys from Thai soccer team trapped in cave speaking after being released from hospital. ...


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God Bless all the boys coach first responsers and to the one who gained his angel wings trying to save these kids & coach may he R.I.P. from the USA

This was a multinational effort. Imagine if all problems were solved this way, bringing the best minds together with a shared goal; world peace, cure diseases, homelessness, hunger... the possibilities 💗

Such a wonderful sight, all those boys and the coach and all looking so well. God is great!! So many helpers too!!

Crystal's the children who got rescued from the cave in Thailand..

They’re adorable and well thanks to god and some VERY BRAVE MEN. Now go on to live a blessed life. 😊

When we all help each other, miracle’s can happen. ❤️

Never thought I would see them come out alive! So happy for them all! ❤️

Are these the young men that were trapped

Our Prayers were answered thanking all involved for this dramatic rescue

Ok, please take them to Dave and Busters next time!!!

So incredibly grateful that these boys are ok!

All heros! Congratulations ! XO God bless you and your families always.

I was praying for a safe reunion with your families. God bless!

They're so cute, God Bless them.

Thank the Lord they are all ok!!! Xoxoxo

Make a movie.. sure I'll watch

This is such a miracle - so amazing.

Hello from Perth, WA 🇦🇺

Such joy to see them all today!

Very disciplined boys

Parabéns par vocês gereiro que Deus abençoe vocês

Very Strong boys

So Glad they are well.

What is this about I am late

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2 hours ago

BBC News

Watch live: Home, at last! The boys who were dramatically rescued from a cave in Thailand are speaking for the first time to the media with their families before they return home, after being released from hospital. ...


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Hi all, thanks for watching. There may be some sound delays as the conference begins, please bear with us.

It's the story that captivated the world:

The death of the diver who tried to rescue the boys has clearly left a big impact on them

Get to know the boys who survived in the cave together

Remembering the diver who lost his life trying to free the boys

It's the day their families have eagerly anticipated

Since this is being shown all around the world, it would have been appropriate for the men wearing sunglasses to remove them before speaking. Perhaps someone failed to tell them.

Sawadee from Florida, USA! I prayed for you daily and I'm so happy doing well. My children are adopted from Thailand. Your country by is beautiful. 💜💛💚💙❤⚽️⚽️⚽️

I am very happy to see that Thai children are in good health and Thank you so much 🙏🙏 from us Thai people for the help and kindness from around the world 🌎♥️♥️

Ce petit pays très pauvre qu'est devenu la Thaïlande a su protéger ses citoyens, émouvoir la planète, partager sa dignité. Bonne vie à tous.

Thai people are very strong and positive! These beautiful boys are a great representation of the beautiful country of Thailand

Those boys are courageous. I am so happy you all have safely returned home! Please live the best life you can for the hero who lost his life in this rescue mission. Big thanks to all !

So glad your all ok we all. Prayed every day for your safety ,your so strong minded ,please stay away from caves in future ,enjoy your life good luck in all you do from here in the uk Godbless

May the soul of the marine that died be received by angels in heaven . Happy for you guys , God bless all the navy seals and all who helped in their own little way to bring you up safely

So wonderful. God bless all you beautiful boys, your coach and your families. And God Rest the brave rescuer who lost his life. Much love from Glasgow, Scotland. X

Humanity at it best! Thanks to all who made it happen and my condolences to the family of the naval hero who lost his life. His heroic service will go down the history books.

It's a miracle Let's hope there are more miracles every day for all those trying to flee the wars and making treacherous journeys across our oceans We should be doing as much for those also

Hope the 12 boys go out into the world and make a difference. They have been given a second chance let’s all Hope they do not waste it. Respect to All involved. xxx

Thank you for keeping this Miracle Rescue must never be forgotten....watching from Trinidad and Tobago

So glad you boys and your coach will be able to hug your family and friends soon. My heart aches for the diver who died and I have the utmost respect for the divers who got you out safely xxx

It's a blessing to see them looking so smiley and healthy hopefully they will continue this way.. What they've suffered was such an huge ordeal that seeing them like this is a miracle

I hope the coach wasn’t indicted or anything, because he suffered the same tragedy and must live with that thought plus that someone died trying to rescue them.

The world watched and we were all Elated when they were free. Thank you to all those involved in their rescue and condolences to the family of the diver who lost his life .

Thank you JESUS they all came out safe! We pray for the family of the brave rescuer who lost his life! Thanks to ALL who helped these kids and their coach. 😂❤️👍🏽🙏🏽

So grateful that this resolved itself with no more loss of life. Sad for the Thai Navy Diver and his family, but very happy for these kids and coach.

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