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Severe weather strikes Southeast, tornado touches down in North Carolina

Severe weather strikes Southeast, tornado touches down in North Carolina


About 75,000 homes and businesses were without power late Sunday afternoon in North and South Carolina.

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Unruly passenger tased, removed from American Airlines flight in Miami

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, appear outside a London hospital after she gave birth to their third child

MORE: Duchess Kate, Prince William present newborn baby to public outside of St. Mary's Hospital in London

MOMENTS AGO: Prince William, Duchess Kate leave hospital in London after delivery of baby boy

Bill Cosby trial: Jurors won't hear old deposition testimony from a confidante of Cosby's chief accuser, a judge ruled Monday

"We have a man who has exhibited significant instability and we are concerned for the citizens -- not just here, but anywhere else he may go," Nashville police official says of Waffle House shooting suspect

112 years ago today: The Chronicle covers the death and destruction following the great earthquake and fire. It was the paper's “comeback issue” after the combined Call-Chronicle-Examiner edition of April 19 in the immediate aftermath of the catastrophe.

Officials on whereabouts of Waffle House shooting suspect: "There have been no confirmed sightings of him, so we don't know where he is -- it is possible that he has left the area. We just don't know."

Nashville Police: “There have been no confirmed sightings of [the suspected Waffle House shooter] so we don’t know where he is… he did steal a car last week…”

WATCH LIVE: Authorities continue search for suspect in Tennessee Waffle House shooting, in which four people were killed

Officials in Tennessee are holding a briefing with the latest on the search for Travis Reinking, who is suspected of killing four people at a Nashville-area Waffle House over the weekend.

Watch on CNN: 
Follow live updates:

New research shows that many once-endangered bookstores are booming again. #WorldBookDay

The chief said, "it's a small town so you try to help out when you can," when an elderly man called the police for a ride to visit his wife.

Michael Jackson's famous moonwalk shoes are going up for auction

Saving enough money to retire can be challenging. Making sure that money lasts a lifetime can be even harder. Presented by @BrighthouseFin

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Celebrate your mom this Saturday with Seattle Children's! Tune in at 7PM to Stories from the Heart, a Mother’s Day Tribute, and donate to help kids like Emmy get the treatment they need. What better way to give back to your mom than by spreading the love? ❤️️
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Celebrate your mom this Saturday with Seattle Childrens! Tune in at 7PM to Stories from the Heart, a Mother’s Day Tribute, and donate to help kids like Emmy get the treatment they need. What better way to give back to your mom than by spreading the love? ❤️️
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Donate online at

2 hours ago

BBC News

Making friends across ethnic lines. #crossingdivides


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The left wing BBC strikes again.

BBC continuing it's neo-liberal agenda of nonsense

You know, I just make friend's with Humans. I don't care about your ethnicity other than learning about a new culture. Other than that it is irrelevant.

Ah classic BBC, putting the focus on what is truly important yet again: Race, religion, sexuality and ethnicity. Forget about seeing everybody as equal and befriending people because of their character and interests, gotta fill the black, muslim, lgtb quota amongst my friends.

Why not just make friends irrespective of ethnicity?

This is great. Meeting people from different backgrounds is knowledge, you learn so much from each other. I have many different friends from all over the place and they are great. The world is a big wonderful place filled with great people, embrace, enjoy and treat respectfully. Don't hate just love. ⚘⚘⚘

What is this, 1959 southern Alabama? Such a ridiculous piece for this day and age. How truly out of touch the media is.

Guys make friends with people because of their character, their interests and their actions. Don’t make friends for the sake of diversity and saying your ‘muti-cultured’ do it because you want to.

We are to get a Stephen Lawrence day on 22nd April every year to commemorate his murder. What a good idea. Are we to get a Keith Blakelock day on the 6th October every year to commemorate the policeman's murder at Broadwater Farm?

More of this needs to happen. Whether we like it or not we share this island together so we better start getting to know one another.

I’m looking for a Brown friend. Can anyone help? I’ll even settle for a Yellow. I just need some race cred. Please help.

There should be a lesson in school called Social Ethics. (Dump French) Where you learn how to debate, how to disagree, understand human psychology, cultures, causes of conflicts, bullying etc. Kids would come out of school better humans - period.

Rotherham? Out of all places, BBC? Seriously? When is part 2 from Telford coming then? Is this some form of making amends from the media and the authorities for having failed to act on the issues that might have stirred some of those alleged resentments? The issues everyone was desperately trying not to pay too much attention to out of fears of being perceived as politically incorrect? Hmmmm

She says she wouldn't feel completely comfortable walking around a predominantly white area of Rotherham, I think my response would be that I wouldn't feel comfortable letting my teenage daughters walk around brown areas of Rotherham since the grooming scandal. Involving skin colour is inflammatory and race baiting and would seem is only acceptable when it's the white guy getting the flack. The BBC need stop stop playing identity politics. It's pathetic

reporting on what thousands of people do every day, classic BBC giving us the important news. in other news, grass is green and lefties don't know what economics is.

This is why multiculturalism does not work! Everyone wants to stick with their own... stop pushing this nonsense

Oh we all know how Roterham is famous for its friendship! People of different ages, sexes, ethnicities were getting so well together...oh wait

Nothing wrong with multi cultural diversity until it comes to employment. Racism or any discriminations of any kinds needs to be dealt with.

A national commemoration of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence is to take place on April 22 each year: Stephen Lawrence Day

No mention of how the toxic inclusion of religion in some people's lives makes harmony and inclusion utterly impossible.

biased reporting, straight away tries to label white british as hateful.

I thnik personally the headwear should be banned

Is it illegal to hate the BBC? Because I hate the BBC and it used to be the best organisation in the world. Your a disgrace.

I am sorry but don't feel threat end by us when its our country trying to make us feel terrible for being white I am Welsh my partner English my family are half English not through my partner you came here for a better life so how and why blame white people we are different race I am far from racists cause we are one world and I have been bullied all my life for the way I look just be nice and kind to each other please xxx

You just make friends. Ethnicity doesn't matter in friendship.

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Finally, some spring weather to kick off the week!

As we celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures, share something your celebrating below :)

Finally, some spring weather to kick off  the week! 

As we celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures, share something your celebrating below :)


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I've been painting again. This is Claire my beagle.

HE DID IT! Lucien (lu-see-in) became a black belt!! It wasn’t easy and at time he wanted to quit but he powered through and is now a black belt! We are all so proud of his determination and perseverance. Way to go, Lu!!

Its an Awesome Day !!!! Day 11 of being Smoke Free !!!

Proud of this girl! She threw down to 2nd and got the runner out! The whole team did great!

Oh, and he breaks boards. 2 of them actually! Here’s proof!

Sister time my heart is full!

My granddaughter turns 3 today

My baby boy is 3 months old! 😭😍

I got all 3 of my kids ready for the day 30 minutes ahead of schedule :) Happy Monday!!

Planted all my flowers yesterday. Excited to officially enjoy my plants being outside again

I just got back from the island u guys tell me something good it has been cold and snowing

My grandson Maverick is 6 months old today.

Sebastian and Huxley are home!!! It's been a long 4 months but worth every second for these precious little ones! This grandma couldn't be prouder 😊

My granddaughter, Lily, starts preschool today! Her shirt says “Preschool Just Got A Whole Lot Cuter” ❤️

We got our puppy! This is Scout and he is a Weimaraner

We got married on Saturday after waiting 4 years I can finally call myself Mrs. Benson. And our boys (his before they were mine) actually called me mom there is no better feeling in the world!!!!

My granddaughter, Allie, brought me a dandelion bouquet, Spring is here!

Another beautiful day in Bend Oregon visiting our daughter. Going to be in the 70s today.

My son received some kitten therapy this weekend. Our friend is fostering four little cuties for the Humane Society. And so the kitten envy begins!

We get to spend the whole week at the lake and our dish tv is set up so we can watch y'all every morning while we're down her.

Got out of the hospital on Saturday after spending a week and having yo have my Gall Bladder removed

Yesterday our son turned 5 years old, we celebrated by taking him to legoland, then ate at Fritz’s train restaurant in crown center and checked out an exhibit for kids there also, we had a fun and busy weekend

Where's Kim Byrnes

today is my birthday and I want to ride my Harley (mark it peglegpat)

Gotta practice for her recital make up since she's almost 6! And super excited she shares her birthday with Abby's little one! Cinco de BABY-O'S!

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👣Congrats, William and Kate!

"Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well," Kensington Palace tweeted just after 7 a.m.

The baby boy weighs 8 pounds 7 ounces.

👣Congrats, William and Kate! 

Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well, Kensington Palace tweeted just after 7 a.m.

The baby boy weighs 8 pounds 7 ounces.


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Gratulations to both of them

Congratulations to them all,

Michelle Forgey Brosemer


Congratulations to you all

No, that's Beavis and he's all grown up.

Congratulations 😀😀

Rachel Stolte Lauren Watterson

hope it takes after the mother.

Yay glad mom and baby are well

Congratulations to you

5 hours ago

FOX 4 News Kansas City

It's a boy!
Congrats to the royal family on welcoming another healthy baby into the world. Here's live look outside the hospital.


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Congratulations William and Kathrine!

Congratulations from Buffalo Missouri! Lots if excitement in the Royal family 👶💍🎂!

I'm laughing at the camera man

Congratulations from Wellsville, Kansas

I wonder if they realize she isn't going to just pop out with the baby. I mean she does need some rest and they both need to get cleaned up first and get some quality mommy daddy time.

Nice, but we are waiting for Abby

Perhaps you should be covering the sentencing of Count Dankula in the UK instead. Making jokes in the UK is a crime....

We need some pics and the princes name!!

The lady arguing with the guy over a camera in the background as entertaining as hell

Somebody needs to let the Today show know...They are saying not yet!!!

Which Indian delivery driver does it look like

Colin this is history in the can not watch....

Love the people tacking pictures of the crowds of news people

Happy for you both! Congrats to the people of the UK.

Thanks be to God! Happy Birthday little Royal Baby!

Congratulations from Judy Getz & Linda Layton at Lincoln Towers, Freeport, Illinois.

Congratulations to the Royal Family!

Congratulations to the Royal family!

There not saying anything on the morning news

Congratulations to the new Royal Baby

Congrats William n Kate n Charlotte n new baby💝😃

Welcome to the chaos little dude

Welcome to the family little one.

What a bundle of joy number3 luck and Joy

best wishes to the parents n congratulations

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