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Segregation and school funding inequalities still punishing Black and Latino students, report says

Segregation and school funding inequalities still punishing Black and Latino students, report says


The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights published a report showing how residential segregation and local school funding still results in markedly fewer resources for Black and Latino students. via NBC Latino

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34 minutes ago

FOX 4 News

NORTH TEXAS SNOW: SKY4 is flying over the southeast parts of the area checking out the snowfall from overnight. ...


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What is going on here

Hello from Palmer Texas

Where is this at





Donde es eso?


Where is this at?


Where's the snow?


Hi ✌️




hello where are you?

Where is this dusting at? 😂

Howdy Doooo!!


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2 hours ago


From Jude Redfield WDRB Live Winter Storm Discussion

Jude Redfield WDRB
Live Winter Storm Discussion.


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Wow you all missed it big again.

Hi June, thank you for keeping us updated...

Elizabethtown KY

Lyndon, Ky

2 hours ago

FOX 4 News

Take a look at the cleared bread shelves at Walmart in Midlothian. The roads there are also CLEAR. 🤷‍♂️🍞❄️ (Photo by Midlothian EM Capt. John Spann) ...

Take a look at the cleared bread shelves at Walmart in Midlothian. The roads there are also CLEAR. 🤷‍♂️🍞❄️ (Photo by Midlothian EM Capt. John Spann)


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... Rookies 😂

Well, when fox4 goes nuts about the weather and over reacts like you do every year, you cause a panic. I blame the media

Texans are hilarious ... bought all that bread and water for literally no snow! I lived grew up in Chicago and have never seen a snow day with NO SNOW!!!!

everybody eating sanwiches today.

This literally blows my mind LOL, I'm from Illinois and I'm used to zero below and 12 inches of snow on the ground and we still go to school and we still go to work and we do not eat that much bread!!!!!!

I needed toilet paper and laundry soap last night( no one tells me when we're running out... its up to me) and this was the scene in pleasant grove. Lol bread was gone, eggs and milk were being bum rushed too. It was funny. We have dry,clear streets this morning and a scattering of ice pellets/flakes that accumulated with the wind on patio chairs but that was about it!

Walmart in Midlothian is always understocked. I see empty shelves all the time at this facility, which is why I stopped shopping there.

southerners wouldnt make it up north lol i was raised in ohio and we blink at this styff lol its a daily thing to have 3 to 10 inches a snow.. and snow on the roads the whole winter.. business as usual... get one little snow in the south and its apocalypse lol

Well with this Texas weather you don’t know if it’s going to be snowed in for 5 days or if the roads are going to be clear. Also, the news are the ones making a big deal and then we don’t get anything so 🤷🏼‍♀️ to y’all lol

Well Texas is historically unprepared for winter weather since typically we only have about 75 to 90 days of cold and like 3 bad weather/snowy/icy days ....

Sulphur Springs Walmart looked like that too! We do our normal grocery shopping on Monday...that’s the only reason we went. It was a madhouse!

Well.....maybe if the media didn’t blow things out of proportion all the time. SMH. I miss the days of responsible journalism. People should have learned by now you can’t believe or trust everything the media says.

I learned a long time ago the media/weatherman are 90% of the time Wrong! They like to see people panic!

We Texans just handle little cold... this is another reason Texas is one of the most fluffy state in the country... Oh dang since it’s cold lets make excuses for having another chicken fried steak as appetizer

We have been so damaged by media making us think things are worse than they really are that we respond like this to everything now. A world of overreacting.

This is exactly what I was talking about the other day. Ridiculous. Get enough for a few days. This is Texas. You will not be ice/snowbound indefinitely. It will melt...You do not need 5 gallons of milk, 5 loaves of bread, 5 dozen eggs...Yes, I've seen this countless times. It creates panic & it's so unnecessary.

When the media glorifies panic what do you expect to happen? All the media does is feed the frenzie of the people in the world who are already preprogrammed worriers. You ignite pandemonium by over-exaggerating!

Meanwhile up North, roads are a mess and there's plenty of food on the shelves.;) I must have missed something on the news...

I think it’s funny! This has been a thing since I was a little girl and it has never been about the weather man! My parents generation would stand outside and look at the sky, report to each other we were about to have a Northern, stock up from the store which was far from their homes and settle in for what ever the weather brought them. It’s Texas tradition to prepare for weather and personally I think it’s fun.😂

Most of y'all are stupid. Why not grab a few thing to make sure you don't have to get out if it does get bad. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. Shoot I went and bought a gallon of milk and some sandwich stuff. Granted I was out of them and needed them. Now if you had a photo of one person that had 10 loafs of bread and 8 gallons of milk then yes that is ridiculous.

Well when the news channel calls it a "arctic winter blast" dumb people with no common sense believe it and lose their minds soo.....

We were in the Walmart on N Beach Sunday which is normally straight and stocked and it wasn’t. The shelves were bare and clothes and buggies were everywhere. We thought maybe trucks were stranded and they could not deliver their stock. Plus it was packed also. Maybe folks were stocking up in advance. Brought back my retail days of picking up after people. Don’t miss that. 🤨

Keep calm There will be long lines at wally world after while of people trying to return stuff from the argemegodon of snowflakes in North Texas of 2018 😂

So we can blame the weatherman and the media for this. People should know by now to stop jumping to conclusions about the weather or whatever other emergency situations that go on in this world. Yes bread and milk would be good to have on had but this is ridiculous

Most of the shelves are empty because of online orders not the weather. That's at all Wal-Mart especially first thing in the morning since they usually pull orders at night. Go back this evening and there will be plenty of bread

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3 hours ago

FOX 4 News

It's a SNOW DAY for folks in Canton and other cities southeast of Dallas. About an inch of snow is on the ground there. #SKY4 ...


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OmG. I am so sick of people saying: is that a snow day for Texans? We do not have the equipment or experience as other states to drive and manage ice and snow. If y’all do not like how we handle snow, go back to the north and quit this ridiculous comments! It is totally annoying!

If you guys had no trucks equipped or no salt to put in them , or snow plows to clear your streets you would know what it is like for those in Texas.... why is it that everyone has to be such negative people all the time. Prayers for those who have to travel the roads of Texas today whom normally don’t have the ice and snow to deal with .

😂😂😂😂this is what y'all consider a snow day y'all wouldn't survive in Michigan

This is snow where I'm from.... Y'all are funny how you buy out the stores, crash your cars, break into a panic and consume the news with one ice cube on a sidewalk 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Amazing that 1 inch can paralyze a city in Texas lmao !

Why the news panic Texas like crazy? Now we being bully by Michigan,Missouri, Denver and Chicago plus New York 😂😃😊😝😩😜☺️

This is what you call snow Central Park NYC January 4

1-20 is shut down due to 18 wheelers.. film that instead of buildings

That’s it? Let me guess the entire city is shutdown over a light dusting....

People don't understand, especially northerners, different type of cold in south.

Would be nice if it was just a dusting of snow.....but this ice is what makes it so difficult to travel.

Anyone know how things are in garland

It snows an inch and everybody looses their minds but our president calls other countries “shitholes” and nobody bats an eye. I think we should focus on the more important things instead of a light dusting of snow in Texas.

People here can barely drive when the sun is out. I'm glad they didn't drive in this weather

News stations be like, “you better get out there and find some ice.” I’m thinking these weatherman way over forecasted… And I thought fake news was just about Trump… Guess it applies to weather too LOL

It’s simple. Why spend money on ice equipment only to use it a few days out of the year. They won’t do it.

You betrayed us Mother Nature! We were looking for a snow day in Fort Worth!

This is Texas, we don't get snow. A drug lab mustve exploded :P

I’m super miffed up here in Dallas lol

That generally happens during the winter

All dead, buried in snow. Entombed forever in the icy block that was once east Texas. Oh, the humanity! lol

Not really too amazing considering they don't usually get that kind of weather down there. Wth. Think about it people geez!

An inch of snow, but two inches of ice underneath. ⛄️

Hey, today's my day it snowed in Texas....

Luis Marro-King lookie! everywhere else but here :(

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4 hours ago

NBC News World

LIVE: Pope Francis holds Mass in Santiago, Chile -- ...


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To live in times where we have a compassionate, honest Pope and an Orange beast in the White House of the U.S.

I want to here someone explain what's going on...everyone is watchin because it's a Pope.. I hate to tell you ... Mary won't get you to heaven... There is Only ONE way to the father and that is JESUS

This is not the platform to decide to learn about Catholicism, or criticize. If you are curious, attend RCIA classes. If you're criticizing, you have serious issues. Take it elsewhere.

Justin if you don't fallow the bible you will not see life Jesus Christ is Lord and came to save the souls

so sad to see so many deceived people... Faith is only in Jesus Christ people....! Matthew 23:9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

God Bless The Pope Amen!!!!! Pray for me and my family. My daughter Dana needs prayer. Have Mercy on her soul and let her live to be a healthy older woman. In your name I pray.Amen Thank You.......

The Pope is a vessel for the Word Of God. He was born a sinner like all. May He spread the correct gospel--death, buried, resurrection of our dear and precious Lord, Jesus Christ, God Almighty!

This man is amazing! we are blessed to have this Pope. May God continue to shine His blessings on us all.

We were not put here to be Judge and Jury ... Freedom of choice .... In the end we are all praying to the same GOD who created us all !!!

My goal is to strive to be a good hearted, kind, compassionate, loving, nurturing and caring man to EVERYONE throughout the world, every single day. Until the very end. It takes discipline and focus. .

You don't have to go threw man to find jesus.he died on the cross so we can have one on one with man can forgive your sins only your bible...wake up ..

Religion is division. "God" is not an external source and, everyone has the same capability of realizing that. Stop letting other think for you and think for your self, that's when truth starts showing it's self.

Dont' stress yourself w/ useless people who dont even deserve to be issue in your life..God loves us friends... i love u papa frances

Catholicism runs back to the time Christ was on earth. Everything else was because some guy said so.

We pray for peace, unity and honesty among the priests and the people of Ahiara diocese, Mbaise, Nigeria. Let there be peaceful selection and acceptance of a new bishop in this diocese, amen.

Can someone please explain why they dress like that? I can't imagine Jesus dressed different than others he was such a lowely and humble man.

This pope is a nice guy, but he ( like his predecessor) turned his back, on victims of pedophilia, mostly to deter negative public relations issues. I call it pulling a " Joe Paterno"

For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Mark 13:22

Stop hater “People are so cruel and judgmental. I don’t think that I have what it takes to put my writing out there for the world to rip apart and judge. There are so many haters out there.”

Watching from Hamilton Oh! Praying for all the people in Ca affected by the wild fires and mudslides! Also praying for peace around the world!🙏🙏🙏

I am not religious! Regret, however, to understand that those criticizing this expression at the end do not respect any. Including their own beliefs.

God bless. The Pope is in his element in Holy Mass & prayer. If only he resists the challenge to spoil his mission with socialism and politics.

Half of the people watching can't tell you what's going on.. many watchin because it's the Pope .. idols

God can do more in a second than what we can do for ourselves in a lifetime... I love you papa frances. For preaching us .God pls save the universe.

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