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Sea lion attacks and injures woman in San Francisco

Sea lion attacks and injures woman in San Francisco


A woman is recovering from injuries after she was bitten by a sea lion while swimming in San Francisco's Aquatic Park on Thursday, the fourth attack by a sea lion in the same area in less than a month, officials said.

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31 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

KUTV is live at the scene of the explosion. The fire is still active, but the driver made it out safe.
Photos: John E Chistensen, Matt Gephardt, UDOT cameras


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why are the fire fighters not putting the fire out ,they must still be at the grocery store

Yes driver is ok.

Jessica Harris this is what I was telling you about.

Thank you for reporting on the driver

I pray that the driver got out safe. Do you know kutv?

Just utilize the forest fire chopper and drop the powder on and it’s out

3 illegals were seen running away I heard

Cindy Cardenas

Tamra Austin

47 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

HUGE tanker fire CLOSED I-15 at 7200 South. We have multiple crews headed to the scene. Live reports on @KUTV2News at 9 & 10. ...


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Omg that's scary



How did this happen

Oh snap


Is anyone hurt?

Was anyone inside


i hope everyones ok

Move along... nothing to see here...

Now that’s a weeny roast!


What trucking company please

Where is this


Oh wow


Please keep everyone safe

Holy s***

This is so scary

Pray the driver is ok

Wow 😯 That’s so scary 😳

Hope everyone is okay

Holy cow!

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1 hour ago

Fox News

Senate leaders addressed the Senate floor regarding the passage of a possible temporary spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. ...


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Has anyone notice that it's been a long time since the democrats have even mentioned us the American people? They never mentioned us it's always the illeagls. That's who they're working for 😡😡😡

In Obamas first term, when dems had control of senate and house..why wasn't a permanent plan set for Daca? Why does this have to be done by tomorrow? Fund the military first!!!

Schummer is on the side of One World Order, he knows if they don't get DACA he will lose voter base! You swore to uphold the constitution of the United States, you took an OATH!

My kids have dreams to. They are drowning in student loans and the interest keeps going up. They were born in the USA, their Dad is a Marine Veteran, but that means nothing to these a**holes.

Look at how hard the democrats fight to spend our money on illegal immigrants. That tells you everything you need to know about them. AMERICANS FIRST!!! NO DACA EVER

Daca fight is over increasing democrat voter base....nothing to do with compassion...they have ALWAYS been free to leave & take their law breaking/criminal parents with them

Budget was due September 30. House passed all twelve appropriations bill. All vetoed by Democrats in the Senate. Schumer is a liar, the biggest hypocrite in history.

Democrats are putting 800,000 illegal immigrants ahead of active duty military members. That’s what this is about.

This guy is such a joke! he needs to have physical and a cognitive test. I bet he would not pass it along with Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi! Demand they get tested!

Republicans have been negotiating. Dems just keep digging their heels in. You got CHIP for 6 yrs, not the 1 requested. If the government shuts down, its on the Dems shoulders.

I urge people to vote OUT Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats who have aided, assisted and abetted to trying to ruin this Country.

Once again the Democrats put their agenda over what is right for America especially the military. I think the Senate and Congress should shutdown right along in this whole Democrat created sh&t storm.

Stop this foolishness! Americans first! We have American children starving and living in shelters and on the streets in America. We need to take care of them first! Where are your priorities? Sad

Let’s be honest Chuckie - you Dems care more about illegals then American citizens and just want a whole new base of voters!

You are right... our government should not be run this way... all democrats should resign! You are the problem!\

I’m a dreamer and I’m a citizen should have got their citizenship you snooze you loose sorry there’s rules that need to be followed

Our Military should be the top priority...that issue directly impacts our homeland security. Why does immigration have ANYTHING to do at all with funding our military!!!!!!!!!!/?????

what it comes down to is Chucky & Nancy care more about illegal kids than they do about American ones.

Build the Wall, and place Schumer, Pelosi, Booker, Mad Max, and the rest of the Dems on the OTHER side of it. That's where they want to be. Have any of the Democrats actually worked this year?

Slitherin' Chuck the Swamp Creature, you are a cynical, corrupt, vile little man lacking any moral core. Your party is a poisoned dagger aimed at our nation's heart.

get rid of Shumer and pass the budget. EVERYONE knows that the Dems are just try to stand up for Illegals while hurting the people that protect the country. The Dems have NOT passed a budget in 9 years

Our military veteran and homeless should come first in America take care of the issues we have here. It not our fault there parents didn't do things legally

How many YEARS Mr. Schumer have YOU and others like you did nothing more than TALK about a budget? DO your job!

Let me get this straight, the dems are willing to shut the government down to protect ILLEGALS??? BEAUTIFUL!!! They all need to go

Democrats care more about illegals than our veterans 😡

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