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Schiff: GOP blocking key witnesses in effort to scuttle House Russia inquiry

Schiff: GOP blocking key witnesses in effort to scuttle House Russia inquiry


Congressman Adam Schiff places the blame largely on Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, saying the GOP chairman of the committee has blocked dozens of requests for witnesses and subpoenas, with the support of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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32 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

KUTV is live at the scene of the explosion. The fire is still active, but the driver made it out safe.
Photos: John E Chistensen, Matt Gephardt, UDOT cameras


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why are the fire fighters not putting the fire out ,they must still be at the grocery store

Yes driver is ok.

Jessica Harris this is what I was telling you about.

Thank you for reporting on the driver

I pray that the driver got out safe. Do you know kutv?

Just utilize the forest fire chopper and drop the powder on and it’s out

3 illegals were seen running away I heard

Cindy Cardenas

Tamra Austin

The race to win Amazon’s second headquarters is tightening: just 20 cities are in the running for what the company promises will be 50,000 jobs paying at least $100,000 per year.



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Any city that wants that is really going to need to reconsider if they really want it! Is there enough housing, jobs, road space for increased traffic from employees and trucks, and so on!

So the winner is the state that gave the best tax breaks /subsidies to a very profitable corp, how is this capitalism? Socialism for the rich.

Please come to Boston

My vote, a blue state, like NY!

Amazon is willing to create a huge number of fair paying jobs. It could cause infrastructure problems: traffic, highways, commutes etc. Whoever accepts the known hazards could also reap the rewards.

50000 jobs paying over 100k? That doesn’t sound realistic. No city where I want to live anyway.

Let the bidding war commence! Please throw all the money you can at this struggling company. Help them please!

Be prepared Local folks will be priced out Gentrification will happen immediately and hopefully pricing will not skyrocket like in Portland and San Francisco

Place in an area that needs the employment

Yeah, at what cost to the city that gets them??? It's NOT good, that's for sure.

JEFF come back to your old stomping ground Palmetto Middle School and Palmetto High 😁 the connection here runs deep. The other cities can never care as much as Pinecrest/Miami.

Each paying $50,000 a year?

That’s because they are high level positions not non-college educated. Good for experienced executives.

Hoping for Philadelphia to get this.

Please send Amazon anywhere but Dallas. 😂


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47 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

HUGE tanker fire CLOSED I-15 at 7200 South. We have multiple crews headed to the scene. Live reports on @KUTV2News at 9 & 10. ...


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Omg that's scary



How did this happen

Oh snap


Is anyone hurt?

Was anyone inside


i hope everyones ok

Move along... nothing to see here...

Now that’s a weeny roast!


What trucking company please

Where is this


Oh wow


Please keep everyone safe

Holy s***

This is so scary

Pray the driver is ok

Wow 😯 That’s so scary 😳

Hope everyone is okay

Holy cow!

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2 hours ago

The Dallas Morning News

We're LIVE again at the Potter's House in Dallas for the Red Carpet premiere of "Faith Under Fire" staring Toni Braxton. Braxton plays Antoinette Tuff who averted a tragedy in Georgia and saved hundreds of lives after convincing a deranged gunman to surrender.


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she looks beautiful!!

WATCH: Why some teens are intentionally ingesting Tide pods. ...


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I personaly think this was terrible to show on T.V ,what if a young child that can't read or understand sees these kids putting it in there mouths on T.V ,they may think it's ok to do.Did you REALLY have to show the kids doing it!!

why crack down... this is natural selection in real time! if they're ignorant enough to ingest harsh cleaning chemicals, we don't need them infecting the gene pool later.... here's your Darwin award🏆

Probably why Trumperdink is President. Too many people not only drank the special kool aid, but eat the soap!

What is wrong with people? Do we really live in an age where you have to tell people to not eat laundry detergent?

It's funny, as a kid you tried to stop your parents from putting soap in your mouth. Now as a parent you have to stop your kids from putting soap in their own mouths.

Natural selection trying to remove the unnatural people in the population.

Stop making them .. we went without laundry pods all these years just STOP making them .. making them look like candy is really just asking for trouble with little kids ! Stop showing videos ! I guess they say they will remove the videos remove the pods too. Disgusting ‼️

If they are that stupid, they deserve the consequences.

Some say stop making pods all together but i think that is as stupid as these teens. The pods already have a warning label on them. And its commonsense, its not food dont eat it. I thought the new generation couldn't steep any lower in stupidity but i was wrong. They have too much free time. If my kid ever did this, no more phone, computer, school, books, chores and some kind of sport...if its not snowflakes its these dumb bunnies...the future is not looking good.

The dumbing down of America. Real special people you are raising. Why don't they try another challenge like washing their own clothes!

I think it is a sad day in America when Tide Pods get more attention then human trafficking, opioid abuse, cancer cures, child abuse, missing children...the list goes on!

Just think these are the tools that will be caring for the elderly in 10-20 years. I weep for our future.

I'm still trying to figure out how small children are getting them. Most parents babyproof their homes, yet leave detergent within reach? I'm guessing not much teaching was done if teenagers are now doing so. teenagers are trying to figure out why others are being idiots and putting them in their mouths.

They seriously don't have the brains that God gave a box of kittens. To hear that kid talk just made me want to strangle him.

When 23 hours of staring at your phone just isn't enough. Eat some laundry detergent. Way to go kids!! You've got a bright future ahead. Idiots. Get a life. 😵

Why? Because they haven't been introduced to the concept of Darwinism yet 😂 but they're about to become very familiar with it lol

I had thought about writing something snarky like so many others in this feed -- proving the old adage that no one ever went poor giving people an opportunity to feel superior to someone else -- like "Just another example of thinning the herd, heh heh." But then I realized there is something truly dangerous happening here (and it is NOT simply kids doing stupid things, which they always have done, since the beginning of time, and will continue to do, if for no other reason than to frustrate their parents). What is terrifyingly sinister here is that there are shadowy forces brainwashing/pressuring these kids into following their commands to hurt and possibly kill themselves. And anyone who would do such a thing because it makes them feel powerful or clever is diabolically evil... and probably practicing for something even worse in the future.

Stupid is , xstupid does. What’s the matter with our teens today? They need to be put to work so they don’t have so much spare time on their hands. They get cuddled too much

“I really wanted the views...” A classic example of the lengths our younger generations will* go to for the dopamine response they get from “views” and “likes”...getting evermore reckless in the quest for social status coupled with the dopamine “hit” they get. (*edit)

You cannot put the blame on the parents all the time. These people are just dummies and making stupid decisions.

Your future employer will love seeing the good judgment you used trying to eat laundry detergent and posting a video of it

Are some teenagers really this freaking bored these they're eating detergent pods? Oh geez....🙄

Teens.... I knew enough not to eat laundry detergent as a 3 year old....i don't get what they find so fascinating about it... if I was a parent I would hope that my teen would be smart enough not to do something this stupid... Then again this is 2018.... My mother use to buy big boxes of tide when I was a kid... The powdered stuff....i never thought it was fun dip....

Here is idea. STOP spreading pics and idea around. Just like when they were looking for some creature, walking into traffic, while looking at phone!!

Because this what Americans do with their superiority! Over everyone else! Look! How amazing Americans are !

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