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Saudi women allowed into stadiums for first time to watch soccer

Saudi women allowed into stadiums for first time to watch soccer


Saudi Arabia's 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is King Salman's son and heir, is seen as the driving force behind these changes, seeking to boost his popularity by curbing the influence of ultra-conservatives.

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Danish inventor Peter Madsen set out in his submarine with journalist Kim Wall in August — but she never returned alive. He has been charged with homicide.

Bannon ordered to testify to grand jury

Simone Biles and others shouldn't have to return to the Karolyi ranch, @nrarmour writes.

Sen. Joni Ernst doesn't "appreciate" Trump's rhetoric, but doesn't believe he's a racist.

Five world landmarks reimagined: The Arc de Triomphe could have been a giant elephant, more dodged design follies

Live from court: Day 1 of Larry Nassar sentencing hearing.

New book: If our democracy is dying, President Trump is not the only culprit via @usatoday

Facebook smiles belie accusation of tortured, starved children

Jane Fonda reveals she had cancerous growth removed from her lip

Woman convicted in fatal buttocks-injection procedure dies in prison

In an interview with Xinhua, Rod Alberts, Executive Director of the North American International Auto Show, said that the NAIAS aims to be the gateway for consumers and car manufacturers around the world

Japan's public broadcaster sent out a false warning of a North Korean missile on Tuesday, just three days after Hawaii residents received an erroneous message.

[email protected]_umm's beef with @Twitter has come to a triumphant end.

#Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a Telegram post, says US President #Trump's decision to recognise #Jerusalem as capital of Israel a "blatant" action that "will not get anywhere".

Studies have generally shown that the 3-D test is slightly better at detecting cancers than the 2-D test.

3 minutes ago

ABC News

Pres. Donald J. Trump makes remarks in the Oval Office amid continued fallout from his reported immigration remarks. ...


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I'm here



Uh oh


I'm here too


Florida here

Me too.



What he lying about now

What is lying about now


I'm here

Im here



Just left


Me too


It’s paused


Hi, from North Carolina

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17 minutes ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

Is it just us or does this dog look like he's taking a snow day selfie? Keep sending your winter weather photos to [email protected]! ...

Is it just us or does this dog look like hes taking a snow day selfie? Keep sending your winter weather photos to!

27 minutes ago

ABC News

Good Morning America
WATCH LIVE: Ginger Zee here talking Bee Migration! Shipping bees on flatbed trucks all over the country to help pollinate some state’s crops was part of my Food Forecast adventure!



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Ginger Zee I’m in Iowa and a major honey place I think in Des Moines or near who someone vandalized all their honeycombs and they don’t know if business will survive, good luck with new baby you look beautiful and happy birthday belated

When is Zinger due to have her baby?

that means that comes from roumania , becouse france imports alot from roumania..

He looks like a Honey Ginger ..<3

Dan Larkin KIFI KIDK, it's our favorite gal doing awesome things!

Maryann Schultz

Nicolas A. Bofill

32 minutes ago

ABC News

Before beehives can cross state lines, they have to be rigorously inspected—and the entire time drivers have to keep the truck cool so the bees don't fly away. Ginger Zee takes us inside the fascinating world of bees. WATCH: ...


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So California won't let an unknown larva in but, will let tens of thousands of Illegals in with all sorts of diseases...

That bull

Come on Abc news.. start reporting the BOMBSHELL on HILLARY’s CORRUPTION!! Some crooked FBI is all behind it..!!

Marissa Lopez bees

Really cool, if I don’t move to Europe I’d like to raise bees. I did as a young teenager, but would like to do it again. Bees are very important for agriculture and our environment. Fascinating little creatures

That should be trafficking charge they can fly

And some times a lot of the bees die on the way. Bees aren't doing well. I watched a doc on Netflix.

What keep you from losing a bunch of bees or worse the queen bee this is bull

Should have just said the truckload was full of Mexicans, Guatemalans Etc they could have passed without a glitch

And the bees cross contaminate other hives with infection and disease once in California

I never knew....😲

I had no idea. Interesting

Andrew Burpoe think this is the farm we went to

I didn’t know this!!

Please watch out for this inspector Jasmine Lopez she wont let the bees cross over....

Tracy Holland Mehaffey this is what I was talking about. The bees get moved and get sick

Shelly Spoerre cool!

Eduardo Rojas Mira

Kyle Dunphy :) 🐝

Scott, interesting!

Cameron Sawyer

Mary Null Andrew Krumpe

Alex Feliciano 😮

Louis Mags J Manganiello

Brad Arends

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37 minutes ago

CBS News

Jorge Garcia, a 39-year-old who has been living in the U.S. for 30 years, shares an emotional goodbye with his family before being deported to Mexico ...


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For all of you idiots who can't read, he's been trying to establish citizenship for 13 years. He pays taxes, works hard and has never even had a traffic ticket. Seriously.....what is wrong with this country that we allow this.

The left-wing media Loves to make emotional videos like this to advance their leftist agenda when in reality he had 30 years to become a citizen

I used to be proud of my country. Now it's an embarrassment! #shitholepresident

Why didn’t Jorge Garcia take care of his immigration status sooner??....30 Years???

I wonder how many stolen Social Security numbers he's used over the years...

30 year's and didn't think to become a citizen?? You would think he would want all those benefits we get right?? How can you live and work in a nation for a lifetime without being a citizen?

In no way shape or form can this be the right thing to do. It is morally reprehensible and shameful. I guess it depends on your definition of a great America.

It's really a slap in the face to those who jump through all the hoops, pay the fees, and go through the proper channels in order to be here legally.

The real story is why didn't this guy do what he NEEDED to do for his family in 30....30!! FREAKING YEARS?????

This is sick! The man is not a criminal! Most of our ancestors came here easily. Why are we punishing men/women who did nothing more than want a better life for their families? This is immoral.

I guess it was Trumps fault when this guy did not do the right thing 20 years ago...19 years ago...15 years ago...12 years ago!!! 5 years ago!!!

Why did he wait so long to become a citizen? He came here in 1988 and did not start his path to citizenship until 2009/ His fault he did not start day one, in 1988.

Instead of concentration on criminals and drug dealers, the focus on family members that have done NOTHING TO DESERVE being kicked out of this country which was built on immigration and hard working people looking to fend for themselves and their families. The pay taxes and follow the law. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!!!!!!!!

CBS only reports anything that makes Trump look bad, they are so one sided and in love with Hillary.

Why would you wait 30 years before trying to get your paperwork correct?! Because the previous administration ignored it. Its NOT being ignored now.

If you are going to live in another country, then you should become a legal citizen of this country! It is sad though, he had years to become a legal citizen. Best of luck to him!

So we ship back those trying at least instead of searching for the felons & criminals....stupid move.

I wonder how thoroughly CBS covered deportations under the Obama administration? I personally knew 3 men who were ripped from their families by Obama’s orders.

It is very sad and emotional, but 30 years is more than enough time to get everything taken care of and become legal.

He was nine years old when he came to the United States. He was not in control of his life. How awful. This man knows nothing about Mexico. Just awful. Destroying families. Children brought into this country should not be punished.

I am not, nor will I ever be Ok with illegal immigration. The law is the law, and our foundations being that we are a nation of laws is a big draw for people to immigrate to the U.S. That being said... Ok the fault here is with the immigration system in general. He probably should've stated earlier, but nearly 13 years is long enough for immigration to do something.

He should have got his citizenship, my mother did and there has never been any problems, 30 years is Long brought to decide, citizen or not.

I don't understand how people who claim to be Christian can support an administration that is willing to break up families like this. This man has been living and working in the United States for thirty years; this is his home, not Mexico. If immigrants who came here illegally in the past have committed no crimes and are simply wanting a better life for themselves and their families, I fully support a pathway to if not citizenship, at least legal recognition. My views aren't all that different from the Republican party of the past; the party of Reagan they most certainly are not anymore.

He had 30 years to become a citizen and didn't that's intirely his fault. If U r here illegally you have no right to be here at all. It'd not like he didn't know it was going to catch up to him sooner or later , I can't feel sorry for someone like that

So he's had 29 years to get right and has not . Now he wanna cry not going to get good out of bad .

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50 minutes ago

ABC News

Senator Dick Durbin: "Senator Lindsey Graham spoke up...reminding the president that his family did not come to America with great skills or wealth, but they came here as most families do, looking for a chance to prove themselves and make this a better nation." ...


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Thank you Senator Durbin, for your honesty and genuine concern. The complicity of the remaining people in that room is appalling and disgusting.

Yeah he came here legally, that's the key word you people cannot understand. Prepare for 7 years of Glory with Trump

Trump's mom came here illegally from Scotland. Melania first came here and modeled illegally without a work Visa. Both women became legal only later. He needs to use his brain before opening his yap.

Trump's made this nation a laughing stock now!!!

The only difference is the Trumps came to America LEGALLY. Yes his mothers citizenship took 6 months to complete but they were LEGAL...

MLK would be no where near the Democratic Party. MLK was Pro-life, Pro-God, and Pro-gun. Three things you Democrats are very much against.

Yeah, but look what his family did with the opportunity. They didn't suck welfare dry. They didn't demand free stuff. They didn't protest or riot. They didn't commit felonies. The entered legally, became Citizens legally. They voted when it was legal.

Unfortunately Trump lacks any semblance of empathy that I've seen so reminding him of his families own roots is pointless

The country needs to move forward ignoring the Trump presidency as an unfortunate & very regrettable period which hopefully the country will recover from!

100 plus years ago the USA was in a different time and needed cheap unskilled labor to enter the Industrial Age. We have enough uneducated working class both homegrown and immigrants. We are in Cyber time frame and need specific talent. We need skilled workers. We do not need anymore criminals, freeloaders, and security risks.

A "Lair" is really someone with alternative facts. "Vulgar" language will now be referred to as "Tough" language. "Sexually Charged" comments will now be "Locker Room" talk all thanks to the Trump Administration! #SMH #SmokeAndMirrors #HypocriteInChief #MAGA #ImpeachTrump

Germany didn't send their best & brightest. tRump's grandfather failed to serve in mandatory military service & was kicked out of Germany. He came to U.S. & established brothels.

The grandparents of the bully in chief were criminals and thrown out of Germany cause of tax cheating :D :D similarities to their grandson ? :D :D :D :D

The ones here now are all on welfare and living ing section 8 housing on our dime. This ain't gonna do and you know it, Durbin. You like it because you can figure a way for them to vote for you, but that is gonna end when we send them back. No work, no stay.

When she was asked by Leahy, if she heard those is how she responded... "I did not hear him use that word'...she said while nodding her head...the head nodding was a tell...While her body language said yes her lying lips said no. SHE LIED UNDER OATH. Typically when a man, woman or child uses the body language signs of yes there is an action where the head nods up and down, that may be one time or many times. Now this action of up and down can “leak” to other parts of the body.

Someone just needs to ask/answer a simple question...How many people can this country really sustain? If you look back at history we have more than doubled the number of people since 1950...have jobs doubled? if you wonder why wages have not risen maybe it has to do with supply and demand!! Just a simple question. I understand everyone wants a better life, but there are limits to what one country can do to fix issues for the whole world!!

It's about damn time these complicit enablers start getting called out for their bs. The entire world knows he said it. His "base" could care less, and even applaud it, so stop being a chicken**** and own it. He's lying NOW because he showed his true colors and some Republicans finally pushed back.

I base my judgement of Donny on the content of his character, and it's all about lying, greed, and me, me, Me. Thankful and grateful I don't acknowledge him as my president, and I'm EVOLVED. Happy Tuesday! 🤣

Lol trumps family came here, ran every illegal operation possible, lied, cheated and his daddy made them rich. Apple does not fall far from the tree.

No, Democrats want them here becacuse they are losing their voting base in the Afro American communities who are tired of being exploited..They need a new voting base to keep the Democrat Party alive; as it is decaying and losing its socialist position across the nation..Its the same reason they want to do away with the Electorial College..Democrats are professionals at dumbing down their constituents..They take from the poor and the weak their dignity, independance and give them government handouts from credle to grave..They rely on their dependance of housing, food, clothing and security, cell phones, car payments, utilities..Nothing has changed a Democrat..It goes back to the plantations and the slave owner who provided basic minimal security, housing, clothing food for labor, hard labor; refusal, brought the whip and neck shackeles..Because instead of a vote they gave their labor from credle to grave and to each exceeding generation..It relied on a hand out instead of a leg up..A cycle that continues to this day but just a vote instead of the labor..Trump a non Politician has changed the cycle and is offering the leg up..He is offering independance, dignity, self-worth, self-esteem, self-reliance and most of all Self-determination..Something Obama never offered..Something Hillary didn't offer..In one year Trump is moving forward with a vision, a plan, a direction for the entire nation..Yet all Democrats are concerned with is their exploitation of illegals coming into this country to put a bigger strain on our economy and create a socialist voting base without reguard for its consequences.

Secy Neilson recalls that Senator Graham used strong, tough impassioned language. Tell us what it is. You're an intelligent educated woman, highly regarded enough to get a presidential appointment, you can "say the words" - what were those words? Otherwise, it looks like if you remember and say Senator Graham's words then you are "ducking it" - when you say you didn't hear the president's words - tough language, - give me a break. Lying by omission. Tough language. Sen. Durbin hits on all points here. Is Ms. Neilson afraid of the repercussion of telling us the truth - we've all seen how Mr. Trump treats his best people when they go up against him.

We must employ our labor force and except outside labor as needed. Stop trying to make the poor man stay down. US citizens don't really want to be on welfare, ask any child what he or she wants to be when they grow up. That spirit doesn't die in an adult, it just gets stifled!!!

Dishonest Durbin, doing everything he can to make sure DACA doesn’t get done. Give these people peace of mind, shut up about everything except signing the bill! #TrumpisTryingtoHelpthesePeople

Yes his family came here legally as a legal immigrant with the right to be legally in this country. Apparently they contributed to the society and made something of themselves

People that I know from other countries come here for education and do the jobs most Americans Born people like myself won't do or don't want to do...some of the hardest working educated lovely people are my African friends. Most have one or more degrees and work multiple jobs.

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53 minutes ago

ABC News

This chimp just wants one thing: his friend's love. The mastiff's a tough customer, but gives in! ...


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i never thought michelle obama could look so cute.

We have owned different mastiffs for over 45 years and they remain puppylike all their lives. They are gentle giants if in a loving caring environment. This mastiff is adorable and definitely showing his personality!

wait till the mastiff gets hungry

Are videos like this what the upcoming Facebook changes will be pulling from my feed? If so...that doesn't make me happy.

Mastiffs are the most amazing dogs. I love them so much.

Mastiffs are he BEST dogs!!!

That dog has the patience of a saint.

i love mastiffs they are so beautiful ths one looks like the one we had hes passed but i still love them

Ah very cute! Watch out dog, that little monkey may look and act cute but in a year or two, that monkey will rip your face off

Animals warm my heart!!!

Was waiting for the dog to chomp its head.

Aww so cute. It’s nice to open Facebook and see something cute instead of something cruel and negative.

Mastiffs are amazingly wonderful dogs. A friend has a french mastiff and she's the freaking sweetest ever

If that was a Pit Bull, that monkey would be dead.

Cheralene Jaurigue This reminds me of the first time you tried to hug me a couple years ago....( you might not remember but I do!!! Lol) .. and I was all like "I'm not a hugger".... and you were like "Come here!!" Lol Now I can't keep my hands off you when I see you😂😂 😘😘❤❤❤

Abel playing with Scooby back in the day lol Adamaris Benilde Nora Martin Martin

Chimps are cute but not as pets. They will bite and attack when they reach adulthood.

They got it a chimp, it ate all the toddlers.

Why do people have a monkey in the house? Stupid 😖😖

When the chimp grows to an adult it will give the mastiff a run for its money

All a Chimp wants are his parents - where is his mum???

Leticia Trejo You should get one of these as your next pet... The dog, not monkey.. But she monkey would be cool 👌 Martin Castro

So the chimp is bruiser and I am the dog Frank Noriega lmao haha it's on point!

Erika Reece- why the hell don’t you have a chimp yet? Hurry up! It’s next on the list I think. If you get a sloth I will count that as well and come right over.

and then one day the chimp ripped the mastiff's head off....

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57 minutes ago

CBS News

One of Dr. Larry Nassar's victims describes what his multiple sexual assaults did to her:
"For me, it was a girl wanting the pain to stop so badly that she woke up for months to the thought, 'I want to die.' For me, it was a girl getting out her gun and laying it on the bed just to remind herself that she has control over her own life."


Comment on Facebook

they put up with the abuse long enough to get the gold medal then complained later. that is the way it usually works.

He is a registered Democrat

Momo Medüza I hate people that say "im not a victim". It downplays all the feelings associated with being the victim of a crime. Like someone that is sexually assaulted is weak.if the cant find their way thru life after.

What takes them so long to report this?

Now it's 15 minutes of fame again...

This girl refused to accept any financial restitution from the guy (the judge asked her twice to reconsider). She said no bc she did not want to take money away from the perpetrator's own children. She truly just wanted him locked up to protect others. It was quite amazing to watch her speak. And she's only 16!

Who is Larry Nassar??

Very brave young ladies, I hope he rots in hell

I listened to this. What an amazingly strong woman she is..they all are

What a brave, brave girl ! I hope he gets whats coming to him....

I know what we should hang Nassar by! ~Carole Hill Martin~

Thank you for being so courageous.


White girls seem to be their preferred victims

This guy should be locked up for life! Pedophile that will never stop abusing....ever.

Larry you sick fuc

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1 hour ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

Watch News 4's live doppler radar as the winter storm moves through Middle Tennessee. ** Note: This live feed does not have audio. ** ...


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Hi chaz!



Kenny Mixon

Hey there

Still snowing hard in LaVergne!


Do we know where the doppler is yet ?

Hi all!! Ty for the awesome job!

Snowing hard in Bellevue

Still snowing in McMinnville tn


Is it gonna keep snowing

Did you say we was getting 2 feet of snow? Alright!!

Snowing in Whites Creek!

Are the school closing for today or tomorrow???

How much more???

Schools are closed today and at this rate tomorrow too

Portland here -- it's snowing !!

Snowing in Beersheba Springs❄❄

How much snow is McMinnville supposed to get?

Portland TN ⛄️❄️❄️❄️❄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️

Goody I get to drive through the whole storm lol ugh

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1 hour ago

CBS News

Police in Australia went on a high-speed chase -- but it wasn't after perpetrators in a car, it was after a wallaby hopping on the highway. ...


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If you wallaby a comedian, then you'd better hop to it and study these funny kangaroo jokes.

I love how the cop is so lazy just sits there and record and not helps out

"Highspeed chase" it was going 3mph

“Tie me kangaroo down sport...” 🎶

Brian BeardGang Fowler he was walking on the rail

George did one of the Roos hop away? 🤪

Jennifer Hanson Sheahan Have you witnessed such a thing?! Lol

Maybe the Wallaby is a night runner?

Did they catch him?? I hate when we don’t see the ending!

Hey that wallaby was not speeding! It was hopping defensively! LOL

and they didn't shoot him, revolutionary :-)

LMAO......thats just to funny!!!

You must have goals! "People with goals succeed because they know where they're going." - Earl Nightingale.

Gotta love that... only in Australia.

Poor baby! Well, how did it end??

Look how fast those things go !

Talk about "hop" pursuit!

The LAUGH of the DAY 😅 He wasn't wearing a seatbelt and when he stopped he resisted the officer by speeding away again !!!

I ain’t gonna be no Wally burger!

Lol omg he was out bye lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

What da hell 😂

Who let the “Roo” out again? Kelsey Tobias Robby Smith

Does he going get a ticket?? lol 😂

Jim ---> Ozzie's cousin;-)

Wreckless jumping???

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2 hours ago

WSMV News 4, Nashville

Hey friends! Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren checking in... ...


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Be careful walking, when I saw on tv, lol. I was yelling at the tv go home Daphne. But, I am nurse and I have to work, too

Our yard in Clarksville is gorgeous.

One of your cars/vans just went down Sander Ferry, my neighborhood. That road is always slippery. Be careful.

Channel 7 in Jackson is reporting an additional 6 inches on top of the 8 we got in in the last storm.

Tonight's low 6, tomorrow's weather 95 degrees. Tennessee weather, HAHA

Jamestown, Fentress County, has had snow since about 6:30....roads are slick. Pouring the snow!

Snow coming down in Summertown! Love it. About 2 or so inches. Keep it coming.

The snow dome has risen. Murfreesboro is covered in snow! ☃️

On my way back from Knoxville sounds like gonna be fun in an 18 wheeler

Hi there! Still coming down in Portland Tn :)

Krysten Cherry don't knoxville have a news and weather FB page? You asking about knoxville on a NASHVILLE news and weather page 😂😂 nashville have too many areas to cover to be worried about knoxville.

Hi Daphne! How much snow for McMinnville tn?

Checking in to see when the snow moves out!

Snow still coming down in Columbia yuck

When the snow going to quit in columbia.tenn

Way more snow in Murfreesboro then I thought

How much longer is it going to snow in Nashville?

Ellithorpe Family are up and ready to sled !

My kids say hello and it’s super slick and ready to go sledding

Crossplains here!! Hello we got maybe 4 or 5 inches here

still snowing in Westmoreland. 2 inches so far

My mom just called from Hopkinsville, said they got about 7” ❤️

60's bythe weekend- -Love it, wish it would sty that way !!!

Do you know how much Springfield has

Hi from Hickman county !! We have a lot of fluffy beautiful snow coming down still

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