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Russia accused of blocking access to alleged chemical attack site

Russia accused of blocking access to alleged chemical attack site


U.S. says Russia may not only be delaying international probe, but tampering with evidence in Syria, as Moscow insists it's cooperating.

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The prince is here! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear on the steps of St Mary's Hospital with their third child #RoyalBaby

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IT'S A BOY: Britain's Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to third child

13 minutes ago

Sky News

The prince is here! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear on the steps of St Mary's Hospital with their third child #RoyalBaby ...


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Red dress just like Diana for Harry in 1984!!! Another tribute to the late princess!!

Copied and pasted!! So it's St. George's day! A day that we should be proud to be British, and its been announced that royal baby is on the way! Meanwhile, around now, another baby is due to be executed with drugs used on death row inmates because he has an undiagnosed brain illness. Other hospitals have offered to take and care for him, yet his hospital is refusing to release him. Today I am not proud to be British! I am whole heartedly ashamed that the British justice system has condemned a 1 year old to death! Absolutely barbaric! 💙💜 FREE ALFIE EVANS💙💜

Meanwhile in Liverpool Alder Hey want to inject lethal injections into baby Alfie Evans and murder him instead of letting him fly to Italy where they want to save him .. wheres your coverage of this ??

Absolutely fuming that this is allover the news yet ignoring the fact that our great British government has pretty munched sentenced a baby to death 😡😡😡

Can't believe how in another part of the UK there is a baby who is going to be injected. NO MENTION AT ALL. Sickening.

Sky news, why are you not reporting on the MURDER SENTENCE of Alfie Evans. Disgusting. Put some newsworthy news on here. Not interested in the Royal family anymore. The Queen has been begged to intervene in the MURDER OF ALFIE and nothing has been done

How come they never let kate stay in the hospital for a night or two for her own good

I don't know where they find the time to have sex so often with all the work they do

Normally I'd be thrilled but the only news I want to hear, is that they have released that poor baby to get more help!! 💜💙

And what about Alfie Evans.....

Not really bothered when one sick boy has to be saved by the Italian government because the UK government are trying to murder him. The cameras are at the wrong hospital

God is just me who feels sorry for this poor lady. She only had a baby 3hrs ago and here she is, full face on, hair done, heels on. Greeting the nation. Let her have a bloody lie down, she must be shattered poor thing xxx

She just had the baby not long ago! Give her a break... lol She is a strong lady to leave so soon after giving birth! Took me to the next day to leave the Hospital!

Jesus she must have hair and makeup ready for as soon as the baby comes out as if mothers look this good hours after pushing a baby out its so unrealistic and in other news who bloody cares babies be born everyday! And its not important!! What is important is the poor baby whos life is wanting to be ended here and has to be saved by another county sickening!

Why is it some women seem to give birth like its as easy as cracking eggs?! She looks like she's about to go on her jollies, never mind just gave birth.

Ye ye woman have babies every day and get kicked out of hospital within 12 hours. Now do you want to cover the story of Alfie that they are trying to kill #savealfie

I’m surprised she could stand straight or even walk considering how she’s just pushed out a 8lb 7oz whopper, plus she’s skinny as a twig. Down there must be like an abyss, Williams will be fuming 😀

And in other news. A fly just hitched a ride for 13 miles on the bonnet of my car. What a crazy day

All I can see is Williams hair, or lack of, looks like someone has taken clippers to him whilst drunk

I had my daughter 7.30 in the morning came out wearing my jeans and I was cleaning windows at lunch time

Save baby Alfie never mind the bloody royals that baby is well taken care of tho isn't he what about poor baby Alfie

Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾🎊 I feel bad that she had to come out right away after she had the baby for the media bless her heart

Thank you Joan Jones. I’m out right now and was wondering when Kate was going to come out. Beautiful Family ❤️❤️❤️

She looks stunning and they both look very happy, congrats..... But all I can think about if Alfie Evans 💙💜🙏🏻

I’m just curious what they will name this one. And much as I’m pleased for them this isn’t the most important news out there

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31 minutes ago

Sky News

Watch live: Meet the new prince! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will soon exit the hospital, introducing their new baby boy to the world's media.

We're outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, central London.

Watch the moment live.


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Does he have a blue passport?





Please sack kay burley


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2 hours ago


Happy Birthday WTVR! We are celebrating our 70th anniversary. Look at these early snapshots of the station and our founder, Wilbur Havens.
#WTVR70Happy Birthday WTVR! We are celebrating our 70th anniversary as the "First Television Station in the South". Check out these early snapshots of the station and our founder, Wilbur Havens. WTVR CBS 6 News

Happy Birthday WTVR! We are celebrating our 70th anniversary. Look at these early snapshots of the station and our founder, Wilbur Havens.

4 hours ago

ABC News

Did Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK, Alexander Downer, meet with former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos at a London wine bar in 2016? ...


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Alexander downer is a great person😁

And Christopher ( someone hacked my account ) Pyne, meeting with old Cambridge Analytica..organising rigging of the Australian elections aka S.A and TAS giving them power needed to introduce policy. Liberal party line; nothing to see here

LNP are Fraudsters

Classic Alexander. 300 words to not actually say "yes"

Heh heh heh. You know what? As much as I can't stand his smug face and his prissy accent... He's right.

So I take that as a Yes?

This is a very interesting story Two people met at a bar And had drinks It has to be a conspiracy

Well done Alexander. Between you speaking up, and the Steele dossier, and Flynn, gates, and Cohen flipping, you'll help bring down a presidency built on a lie.

Reading between the lines, yes we talked but I’m not saying we talked, because I have the dirt but I don’t want to make it public.

He's got a diary. If Trump is ever impeached. I'm sure the Americians will recieve copies of the relevant pages. It will be interesting to see how the Democrats go at the next mid term elections. If they manage to take control of the Senate. Trump will be in serious trouble.

An ex winner of a popularity contest holding a high paying position, no credentials, no qualifications, just appointed by someone that owed him a favour.

"Dont wish to be dragged in more than we have to"....The Downer statement...Was he not the rumour monger from a Wine Bar hello with one of Trumps buddies,whom flipped on the Farcical Fake Potus45???...Downer due back in Ozland shortly is he???...The Powers at the Lib headquarters need to banish this joke of a Politician to the Southern Pole..& ban him from opening his mouth...Poor Malcolm, how the hell did he inherit these cancerous types,that form the Liberal Party...What hope has he got????

Cant believe this guy played both of the Thompson twins in the latest tin tin movie

Sorry but I think you have him confused with. .Alexander The Great. ..

Another bludger of the taxpayers $$$.

The things that batter!Remember?What a peanut!

Man up Alexander. Admit you did a great, great service to America, Australia and the rest of the world. Except for Russia.

Is this a rhetorical question? You finally post some "news" (or at least more so "news" than tom ballard posts) and its still patrionising. He has a valid point too. It just makes the person that decided to post this as "news" also look a bit silly. Do you even ABC News?

Should never have gone to air, what a joke

don't know, don't care........

In other words yes you did just say it instead of veering around the question.

Jesus he likes to beat around the bush.

He didn't say no ....would have if it was no

This man-child is still around?

Shut up you daft, old, kook

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