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Ralph Northam sworn in as Virginia governor

Ralph Northam sworn in as Virginia governor


At a chilly ceremony in Richmond surrounded by his family and, further back, a number of former governors, Northam took the oath to become the Old Dominion's 73rd chief executive.

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8 minutes ago


"WE REALLY COULD USE YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS." The York County Sheriff's Office is asking for prayers after three deputies and a police officer were shot overnight during a call.

One officer was "critically wounded and his situation is very critical."
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Prayers for York County and all first responders.

good to see them get a taste of their own medicine.

God bless him and keep him safe and the rest

Thoughts and prayers for all!

Prayers for all


Very sad!


14 minutes ago

ABC News

Pres. Donald J. Trump makes remarks in the Oval Office amid continued fallout from his reported immigration remarks. ...


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I'm here



Uh oh


I'm here too


Florida here

Me too.



What he lying about now

What is lying about now


I'm here

Im here



Just left


Me too


It’s paused


Hi, from North Carolina

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38 minutes ago

12 News

Meet the puppy who’s keeping priceless art safe -- one sniff at a time. via Today Show ...


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I will go to the museum to pet the dog

Tara Hernandez look at those ears!! 💙💙

38 minutes ago

ABC News

Good Morning America
WATCH LIVE: Ginger Zee here talking Bee Migration! Shipping bees on flatbed trucks all over the country to help pollinate some state’s crops was part of my Food Forecast adventure!



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Ginger Zee I’m in Iowa and a major honey place I think in Des Moines or near who someone vandalized all their honeycombs and they don’t know if business will survive, good luck with new baby you look beautiful and happy birthday belated

that means that comes from roumania , becouse france imports alot from roumania..

He looks like a Honey Ginger ..<3

When is Zinger due to have her baby?

Dan Larkin KIFI KIDK, it's our favorite gal doing awesome things!

Maryann Schultz

Nicolas A. Bofill

43 minutes ago

ABC News

Before beehives can cross state lines, they have to be rigorously inspected—and the entire time drivers have to keep the truck cool so the bees don't fly away. Ginger Zee takes us inside the fascinating world of bees. WATCH: ...


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So California won't let an unknown larva in but, will let tens of thousands of Illegals in with all sorts of diseases...

Come on Abc news.. start reporting the BOMBSHELL on HILLARY’s CORRUPTION!! Some crooked FBI is all behind it..!!

That bull

We need more bees.

Marissa Lopez bees

Really cool, if I don’t move to Europe I’d like to raise bees. I did as a young teenager, but would like to do it again. Bees are very important for agriculture and our environment. Fascinating little creatures

That was so interesting! Thank you Ginger

And some times a lot of the bees die on the way. Bees aren't doing well. I watched a doc on Netflix.

That should be trafficking charge they can fly

What keep you from losing a bunch of bees or worse the queen bee this is bull

And the bees cross contaminate other hives with infection and disease once in California

I never knew....😲

Should have just said the truckload was full of Mexicans, Guatemalans Etc they could have passed without a glitch

So interesting!

Andrew Burpoe think this is the farm we went to

I had no idea. Interesting

Please watch out for this inspector Jasmine Lopez she wont let the bees cross over....

I didn’t know this!!

Shelly Spoerre cool!

Liz Palacios that’s crazy 😳😳

Tracy Holland Mehaffey this is what I was talking about. The bees get moved and get sick

Richard Perez bee smuggler

Scott, interesting!

Eduardo Rojas Mira

Kyle Dunphy :) 🐝

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1 hour ago

ABC News

Senator Dick Durbin: "Senator Lindsey Graham spoke up...reminding the president that his family did not come to America with great skills or wealth, but they came here as most families do, looking for a chance to prove themselves and make this a better nation." ...


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Thank you Senator Durbin, for your honesty and genuine concern. The complicity of the remaining people in that room is appalling and disgusting.

Yeah he came here legally, that's the key word you people cannot understand. Prepare for 7 years of Glory with Trump

Trump's mom came here illegally from Scotland. Melania first came here and modeled illegally without a work Visa. Both women became legal only later. He needs to use his brain before opening his yap.

Trump's made this nation a laughing stock now!!!

Dishonest Durbin, doing everything he can to make sure DACA doesn’t get done. Give these people peace of mind, shut up about everything except signing the bill! #TrumpisTryingtoHelpthesePeople

He almost got the sweet talking sniveling Homeland Secretary to tell the actual truth under oath!! One good thing- her testimony makes Cotton and the other denier show what liars they all are! She just testified under oath, that things were said.

MLK would be no where near the Democratic Party. MLK was Pro-life, Pro-God, and Pro-gun. Three things you Democrats are very much against.

Yeah, but look what his family did with the opportunity. They didn't suck welfare dry. They didn't demand free stuff. They didn't protest or riot. They didn't commit felonies. The entered legally, became Citizens legally. They voted when it was legal.

The country needs to move forward ignoring the Trump presidency as an unfortunate & very regrettable period which hopefully the country will recover from!

The only difference is the Trumps came to America LEGALLY. Yes his mothers citizenship took 6 months to complete but they were LEGAL...

Unfortunately Trump lacks any semblance of empathy that I've seen so reminding him of his families own roots is pointless

100 plus years ago the USA was in a different time and needed cheap unskilled labor to enter the Industrial Age. We have enough uneducated working class both homegrown and immigrants. We are in Cyber time frame and need specific talent. We need skilled workers. We do not need anymore criminals, freeloaders, and security risks.

Germany didn't send their best & brightest. tRump's grandfather failed to serve in mandatory military service & was kicked out of Germany. He came to U.S. & established brothels.

A "Lair" is really someone with alternative facts. "Vulgar" language will now be referred to as "Tough" language. "Sexually Charged" comments will now be "Locker Room" talk all thanks to the Trump Administration! #SMH #SmokeAndMirrors #HypocriteInChief #MAGA #ImpeachTrump

The ones here now are all on welfare and living ing section 8 housing on our dime. This ain't gonna do and you know it, Durbin. You like it because you can figure a way for them to vote for you, but that is gonna end when we send them back. No work, no stay.

The grandparents of the bully in chief were criminals and thrown out of Germany cause of tax cheating :D :D similarities to their grandson ? :D :D :D :D

Someone just needs to ask/answer a simple question...How many people can this country really sustain? If you look back at history we have more than doubled the number of people since 1950...have jobs doubled? if you wonder why wages have not risen maybe it has to do with supply and demand!! Just a simple question. I understand everyone wants a better life, but there are limits to what one country can do to fix issues for the whole world!!

When she was asked by Leahy, if she heard those is how she responded... "I did not hear him use that word'...she said while nodding her head...the head nodding was a tell...While her body language said yes her lying lips said no. SHE LIED UNDER OATH. Typically when a man, woman or child uses the body language signs of yes there is an action where the head nods up and down, that may be one time or many times. Now this action of up and down can “leak” to other parts of the body.

It's about damn time these complicit enablers start getting called out for their bs. The entire world knows he said it. His "base" could care less, and even applaud it, so stop being a chicken**** and own it. He's lying NOW because he showed his true colors and some Republicans finally pushed back.

I base my judgement of Donny on the content of his character, and it's all about lying, greed, and me, me, Me. Thankful and grateful I don't acknowledge him as my president, and I'm EVOLVED. Happy Tuesday! 🤣

Lol trumps family came here, ran every illegal operation possible, lied, cheated and his daddy made them rich. Apple does not fall far from the tree.

We must employ our labor force and except outside labor as needed. Stop trying to make the poor man stay down. US citizens don't really want to be on welfare, ask any child what he or she wants to be when they grow up. That spirit doesn't die in an adult, it just gets stifled!!!

Yes his family came here legally as a legal immigrant with the right to be legally in this country. Apparently they contributed to the society and made something of themselves

Secy Neilson recalls that Senator Graham used strong, tough impassioned language. Tell us what it is. You're an intelligent educated woman, highly regarded enough to get a presidential appointment, you can "say the words" - what were those words? Otherwise, it looks like if you remember and say Senator Graham's words then you are "ducking it" - when you say you didn't hear the president's words - tough language, - give me a break. Lying by omission. Tough language. Sen. Durbin hits on all points here. Is Ms. Neilson afraid of the repercussion of telling us the truth - we've all seen how Mr. Trump treats his best people when they go up against him.

People that I know from other countries come here for education and do the jobs most Americans Born people like myself won't do or don't want to do...some of the hardest working educated lovely people are my African friends. Most have one or more degrees and work multiple jobs.

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Paul Labile Pogba 🔥
Luis Antonio Valencia Mosquera 👏
Phil Jones 🙌
Do you agree with the Manchester United player ratings?


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I agree, I just wish we won’t let micky go, he is a good player

Hahahaha Matić 5

Shaw deserved more than that a great effort by all wing players...

Pogba 10

Jones was excellent.. only player who didnt put a foot wrong

Matic 8

Shaw 7

Matic 5, rashford 6, the game I watched the guy didn't do anything when he came on,

Pretty much

Jones getting 8 the same as pogba???? Don't think so .

You can not give magic a 5...he was amazing..

Shaw was a seven easy as was matic

Matic 5 fellaini 6? How?

Shaw a 7 for me

Pogba should have been at least a 9 he was outstanding,I'm so pleased for Luke Shaw after what he's been through this past couple of seasons getting a good run in the team also 👏👏👏👍👍👌👌👌

Jeg er ikke fornyet måten han spiller fotboll

was easy game, much harder one to come away at burnley sat come on you redsssssss

Matic not 5 he performed above 6 and mata his ground coverage was high just 7 good


Were is martial

Yes about right

Shaw a 6? 🤔 Majorly disagree. Thought he was excellent again.

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1 hour ago


WATCH: The York County Sheriff's Office holds a press conference after 3 deputies and an officer were shot during a manhunt Tuesday morning.



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The York County Sheriff's Office is holding a press conference after 3 deputies and an officer were shot while searching for a wanted man Tuesday morning. »

Were they ambushed? Sounds like a set up. I hope you catch the people quickly

Prayers for the officers and their families and all brothers and sisters in blue!!!!!

Prayers from Lenoir NC for these brave Officers , and the families and also for The Brothers and Sisters in Blue ! Blue lives Matter !!

Keeping all Officers that were shot in York County & their families in my thoughts & prayers!! Thanks go out to all our men & women in uniform for your service in protecting our communities & cities! You all put your lives on the line each & every night & I pray that you all stay safe! God Bless you all!

Praying for officers and the entire group who were evolved. Thank you for your service!

WELL if they took him in alive I guess they weren't fearing for their lives,even though he was actively shooting at them

What type of weapon did the wanted man have..

Prayers for all the wounded officers and the entire department.

Prayers for all involved and their families.

Prayers for our men in blue and their family's

Praying for the officers and family so sad

Praying for officers and their families ❤️

Prayers for all the officers and their families 🙏🙏

Praying for the officers and K9

Praying for all of their family's and for them

Prayers to all the officers involved!

Thoughts and prayers for all involved

Prayers are up for healing for the officers

Prayers for officers.n there familys

Praying for all the officers & their families

Prayers for the injured officer.🙏🏻

So sad. Praying for the families involved

Praying for the officers and their families

Sending prayers up for all involved!!

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