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R. Lee Ermey, "The Gunny" from "Full Metal Jacket," dead at 74

R. Lee Ermey, "The Gunny" from "Full Metal Jacket," dead at 74


He had over 60 film and television credits, including working as a voice actor in "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "Family Guy."

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2 minutes ago

FOX6 News Milwaukee

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have left a London hospital and headed home with their newborn son. ...

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have left a London hospital and headed home with their newborn son. attachment


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She’s going home already!? Damn! She looks amazing!!

13 minutes ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Celebrate spring with a trip to Foxwoods Resort Casino! Enter to win an overnight stay and $150 gift card -->> Turn on Channel 3 at 5:30pm to see if you won! ...

21 minutes ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Prince William and Duchess Kate are leaving the hospital with their new baby boy! More here -->> ...


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Prince William and Duchess Kate are leaving the hospital with their new baby boy! More here -->>

Who looks this good after having a baby..I looked like I got hit by a bus after mine.. shes sp pretty anyway..congrats

they,re NOT in OUR Country,so I dont care,,and neither should anyone in the USA,,,

Good for them. I wore yogas. She’s in an outfit and heels.

She looks amazing!! just had the baby like few hours ago and already leaving the hospital looking all fabulous.. 😯


Im sure shes feeling like she just had a baby 😂 come on!!

Big deal

How the heck is she wearing high heals.? After my kids my feet were so swollen I couldn’t even wear my sneakers 😳

she just had the baby and going home already there insurance must not want to pay the big bill Congrats and God Bless

She looks wonderful for just having the baby boy

She looks radiant and beautiful for just having a baby. Congratulations to the family.

I don't think she is leaving. She just had the baby this morning.

Gorgeous! Congrats to the royal family! She always looks so flawless!

that too fast her wounds are still open and she outside waving at people like really

Not leaving hospital she is still there tomm

Congrats to Kate and William and the other babies too

I think she must stay overnight!

Oh my god good for her .she looks beautiful.I looked 8 months pregnant after I delivered.

Already ? Wait I thought they announced she was in labor today ..geezzz

I bet the baby name will be Henry

I hope that's a warm wind blowing, otherwise, GET THAT KID INSIDE!!!

Didn't she just have this baby?

Looking gorgeous, as she always does !!!!

God bless their family!

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21 minutes ago

FOX6 News Milwaukee

Watch: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave St. Mary's Hospital in London after the birth of their son. ...


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Watch: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave St. Mary's Hospital in London after the birth of their son.

She can’t even rest after giving birth?? 😩👎🏼 up and dressed and wearing heals a few hours later. Forget that noise!

I really like that they seem more grounded, like regular people. I'll always believe that their mom raised them to be like that, instead of snobbish and stuck up.👍

How do you give birth and walk out an hour later??

Honestly, I'm happy for their addition to family like I would be for any family, but who really cares about a Royal Family that means absolutely nothing to me, or does nothing for me??? #TooMuchMediaHype!!

This seems very rushed and very strange. You couldn’t even see the baby. He just dumped the carrier in the backseat and they drove away. Very strange. It wasn’t like that with the other babies

I suppose they leave ASAP to let the hospital get back to normal and them out of the public and paparazzi view for a little peace and quiet.

Why is she leaving the hospital so quickly? They should keep her for 24 hr observation at the least!

Love that William carries the baby out, and then drives away ... not in a fancy car / limo, etc ... just their little SUV!

Wow she is up and walking and looks good. See I guess we can leave the hospital too after just a few hours. Ha ha

Is this the 1st son. Or 3rd. She's out of the hospital already and walking 😬. Thought I got breaking news on my phone that she just had 3rd child today

Are you sure she had a baby she looks great and walking in heels on top of it

Hmm, with George and Charlotte they went home right away and didn't go back into the hospital. ?????

She had the baby this morning our time. Her time is she had the baby ladt might. Its mow around 6pm their time

Royalty does not stay in hospital to much could happen

Im sure there are doctors and nurse who personally check on her at palace

Well she goes home where they are surrounded with relatives and help. Bless them all.

Yikes, the baby is just a few hours old. Congrats

I’m quite certain the doctors will come to them.

She just gave birth and has to appear in public...kudos to you

WTH she just had the baby this morning and they’re kicking her out already

Said online she gave birth this morning to a baby boy 8lbs 7oz

who knows what date birth was..could have been 3 days ago for all we know yet

Listen to your morning news .. she had the baby this morning

I assume she's got a dr back at the palace

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30 minutes ago

FOX6 News Milwaukee

Watch: Nashville police offer an update into the fatal shootings that took place at a Waffle House restaurant. ...


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Watch: Nashville police offer an update into the fatal shootings that took place at a Waffle House restaurant.

What was his father thinking to give him his guns back. Dad should be prosecuted too (when they catch up with the shooter).

Too early in the investigation to have any real truth. Probably won’t get real answers for weeks to months sometimes year/years or never

Come on people, were they truly searching for this nude guy yesterday as they claim, if so why didn't they locate him already?

I agree Marygail, his Dad should also go to jail for giving him his guns back.

He is prob watching you right now in the white Ford

Wow!!!! Good luck and be safe from West Milwaukee Wisconsin

And so Bill Vinney thinks this is funny also. What can people find funny about this.

Trying to start drama. Some people love doing that. Sad

Surprise surprise another shooting. Blame the wacko this time.

Prayers for all of the families 😔

I really hope they find him before he hurts anybody else! 😞

Maybe they thought 💭 they were tears 😭 by mistake I am hoping

Just hope they catch this guy. Put his ass in jail.

Jesse Zurn why are you laughing, do you think this is funny?

Hello from W De Pere Wisconsin

Christ have Mercy On these people

Wish we could hear it better

Hello, up here in DePere, WI

Hello from Franklin,wi

Hello, from Moore, SC

Hi from Cedar Grove WI

Hello from St. Louis, MO

Oh that's so sad

O n my...

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58 minutes ago

FOX6 News Milwaukee

It's hardly a splash in the bucket! A Campbellsport family says their latest water bill has landed them in deep water.

FOX6's Jenna Sachs has the story.

1 hour ago

WFSB - Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Happening now: The royal children have arrived. ...


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So happy for them. Are they ever going to let that little boy wear long pants????

What a little princess...waving at the people. Love it!

Nice to have good news for once

She is waving already for the cameras so cute

I'm sure they missed Mommy & wanted to see their new baby brother. <3

Wonderful news! Blessings for all. ❤️

Look at that little girl, she is going to be a great princess-waving to her public already!

So what

OMGOODNESS! Where have I been? I didn't even know they were expecting another child. Congratulations and all the best to everyone.

Trying to think of a practical baby gift. Too early for a royal toupée?

Look at the little princess wave!!! I love it!!!

Charlotte already has the "royal wave" down! Adorable!

How cute and she is a natural already with the wave!

Isn't she just a natural princess! Congratulations to the family on their new addition!!

Congratulations William and Kate on you new baby boy.

Wow, Princess Diana would be so proud! As a grandmother myself, grandchildren are everything!!

Love those two...and lil Charlotte already a little princess waving to the crowd 💕

How sweet. Charlotte waving to the crowd. Congrats to the royal family.💗

If that was me or my girlfriend no one would care

Congratulations 🎈🎊 for the new member of the family

Congratulations to the Royal Family!!

The little girl is so adorable.

A lovely moment for thi family and so happy for them !!!!

Cute as they can be ..... Awwwww !!!!! Lovely Family !!!! So happy for them !!!!

They are so adorable. GOD bless them all!

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2 hours ago

E! News

Prince William and Kate Middleton have welcomed their baby boy into the world! ...


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How did she deliver at 11:01 when you reported the story at 10:50am and I watched live news and she gave birth around 10 am...???

Her Royal Highness gave birth to a son ... not like the Kardashian’s who you can call by their names who had their babies out of wedlock

Meg Coetzee Alexa Ross Rebecca Cadman Michaela Boustred George Post geog update guys

She always looks immediately amazing after giving birth. I looked like a lumpy potato that stuck my head in a light socket 🤣. She is beautiful. Congrats to them

Aww CONGRATS Kate and Will.. Congrats Charlie & George on ur baby Brother 💙

Laura Odell well done!

Wonderful news. Congratulations to the family. 👣🍼👼

Congratulations again 🌺🚗🌹🎊🎈🚗



Wee little Prince is born.

Djouéria Alm cha kweli boiboi la retari que tu as 😂😂

Wow congrats to them

Congrats on the birth of baby Harambe!

Kristin Langenfelder

Caitlin Boggs

Karen Jeffress

Lori Hess Dorwart

Lizette Vazquez

Teresa Mubanga Zulu

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