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R. Lee Ermey, actor in 'Full Metal Jacket,' dies at 74

R. Lee Ermey, actor in 'Full Metal Jacket,' dies at 74


R. Lee Ermey, the actor known for his Golden Globe-nominated role as an intimidating drill sergeant in "Full Metal Jacket," has died at the age of 74

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3 minutes ago

CBS News

WATCH: Prince William and Duchess Kate make their first appearance outside Saint Mary's hospital in London with their new baby boy, born this morning. ...

20 minutes ago

CBS 12 News

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge show off the new Royal Baby. ...


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Happy Birthday to the newest Prince!!! Born 1 week to the day after my Birthday. Great people were born in April!!!


35 minutes ago

CBS News

Saving enough money to retire can be challenging. Making sure it lasts for life can be even harder. ...

42 minutes ago

CBS 12 News

Watch Live: Nashville Police hold news conference on manhunt for Waffle House gunman.
Shots fired near scene today:


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Hope they took his dad into custody as an accomplice to murder.

So sorry for your loss sharon scott

Prayers to the families.

So sad Gun laws must change my only child was murdered senselessly a year ago his father I bet knows where he is no doubt especially when he returned the guns to him after the DC incident

Can’t understand why this guy hasn’t been caught yet and the fact he wasn’t wearing clothes someone has to be harboring him the family should be questioned just saying!

He returned the weapons to his son after he the law he would keep them away from him.

That punk needs to come out of hiding!

This guy is not mentally ill because he knows to hide after committed that vicious crime!

Seriously the community needs to help out the cops. Grab your guns and hunt him down!

I hope they got him and alive needs to face his punishment

Someone get their rifle and hunt him down.

Hope he is not holding an one hostage and dose he have a gun

The father promised to keep the weapons away from him

Vale NC I back the blue. Be safe

They should charge the dad!

Condolences to you, Sharon!

waste of money colleen

Why the dad?was he involved?

Okeechobee Florida safe

Thank you 🙏🏽

Ya where is the dad

What are we watching?

Another fail from FBI

Didn’t happen this is so sad

Did they get him

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1 hour ago

CBS News

WATCH: Two children who got caught in a dangerous rip current in California needed rescuing from lifeguards. Here are tips on how to escape these dangerous waves:


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Needed rescuing from the lifeguards?

I have an above ground pool. The ladder stays out of the pool when no one is in it. I don’t allow the kids in the pool unless there is an adult with them.

Go sideways

CBS News your first sentence on this post is a mistake. Please correct or look foolish.

Uhh...they where standing in the wayer 😂

It's "by", not "from", the lifeguards.

another reason why i dont go in the ocean

1 hour ago

WFLA News Channel 8

MANHUNT: WAFFLE HOUSE KILLER- This is a live look from the Antioch, Tennessee area where authorities are searching for a man suspected of opening fire at a Nashville-area Waffle House over the weekend, killing 4 people. ...


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MANHUNT: WAFFLE HOUSE KILLER- This is a live look from the Antioch, Tennessee area where authorities are searching for a man suspected of opening fire at a Nasville-area Waffle House over the weekend, killing 4 people.

MANHUNT: WAFFLE HOUSE KILLER- This is a live look from the Antioch, Tennessee area where authorities are searching for a man suspected of opening fire at a Nashville-area Waffle House over the weekend, killing 4 people.

MANHUNT: WAFFLE HOUSE KILLER- This is a live look from the Antioch, Tennessee area where authorities are searching for a man suspected of opening fire at a Nasville-area Waffle House over the weekend, killing 4 people.

Jason they heard gunshots in the woods in Antioch so they are looking for that shooter that killed those folks at the waffle house

Deborah He does have mental issues he is documented as mentally ill. His family had called emergency services a few years ago because he was convinced that Taylor Swift was stalking him

Welcome to our National problem of lack of/inadequate mental health care! Not sure why the Dad gave him his guns back..... Yet again another systemic failure.

From what I understand all of the schools in this area are open with a very strong police presence and they did search all of the schools before they decided not to close them

Wannetta, he shot someone else? I thought they confiscated his guns when he was deemed mentally ill in Illinois?

They’ll say the boy:man had mental issues. He’ll be caught without being gunned down and then taken to Burger King to eat.

Sheliah. As a parent you are first to know when your child is not acting right or is showing mental illness. I believe they failed their son by not getting him the help he needed.

I’m thinking he may be in a completely other location by now. Has anyone else suspected he had this planned enough to have a getaway car stashed a short walk through the woods?

His father is responsible for this they took his guns from him the last time he shot somebody gave him to his father and his father gave him back including the gun that he did the shooting with

That's true but he should meet up somebody worse than him that will clip his fingers off one by one or slowly gut him... oops didn't mean to sound too cruel

Betty I hear you on that but I would much rather that they find him dead before he hurts anyone else

Why wasn't this man who is definitely Mentally deranged apprehended before all this happened? He has been doing crazy things before this.

If I meet him up I would really enjoy running up in his face disarming him shoving that gun down his throat breaking his kneecaps and...

He had gun taken away from him before. No one tbought to get him help? Parents need to take responsibility for what he has done.

Karen...agree...if his father returned the guns to him knowing his sons history and troubles he is def partially responsible

He probably went sonewhere and shot himself! I swear I don't wanna hear tht they took him in "without incident" 😔😒Ijs!

He was deemed mentally ill because he took his gun to school and shot another student in school but the student didn't die

I didn't mean to put eyeballs... This is terrible. Our would is coming to the end... People need a whole lot ta Jesus.

I just got on here any new sightings what about the dad since he gave him the guns back anything going on with that situation??? So sad!

I stated above that the father is partially responsible.... once again ... all the signs were there and no one took heed

The metal issue crap with all these shootings is getting old. Especially when the dad gives the guns back. Just sayin

Michael, it's an open place for people to say what's on their mind re This, not just what you think we should discuss

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1 hour ago

CBS News

Shania Twain is now scaling back comments about President Trump she made in an interview with the Guardian: "The question caught me off guard. As a Canadian, I regret answering this unexpected question without giving my response more context." ...


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Thank God she can’t vote. Like we need another moronic Trump supporter.

Liberalism's war on the Truth continues.

Being bombastic and shouting insults is not being authentic. There is no bigger habitual and compulsive liar than #BenedictDonald, Donald Trump.

Why does it matter to ANYONE how she votes??? Please explain this to me. What Shania Twain does or how she votes has no effect in my life what so ever.

She should learn what constitutes “honest”.

Though I always liked her as an preformer, I could care less about her political views

She's made some poor decisions in life. Why would I think she'd make a good political decision?

she should be checking her "feelings" at the door.

Why apologize for what you feel??... you meant it... Why take it back???...fear of losing your audience...yall ppl are driven by emotions... GTFOH!!!

She shouldn’t have to defend her response. I think many people voted for the very reason she stated. Unfortunately, if you think differently you’re made to feel bad. Apparently, only certain voices should be heard.

CBS trashing her for the truth...

Oops. A little too late. She’s done plenty of interviews. To use that as an excuse makes me think many in her fan base has called her out. She spoke quite confidently about her impression of #45 and approving of our Womanizer in Chief. To each their own.

You ever notice how when you disagree with the liberal and start calling you names you are the most hateful people in the world the Democrat Party really needs to sit back and take a look at itself

She is not an American. Who cares what she thinks? But for her to say Trump seems honest, is laughable. He has been caught in more lies than most leaders around the globe.

Absolutely ridiculous! There is no reason why she should apologize. This just goes to show how intolerant liberals truly are. Liberals think no one else can have an opinion, especially if it doesn’t match their mind set. How sad.

Love Shania's talent but boy, what would EVER make her say she would have voted for trump if she were an American? Of course, you don't have to be smart to be a fabulous singer and entertainer....maybe that explains it. YIKES!

With all due respect, Shania just learned a American lesson. That American Republicans, and American Democrats, are the New Era Nazi Party. YOU SHALL NOT BE FREE ,TO HAVE YOUR OWN OPINIONS! ! ! She should NOT have apologized, if she respects " FREEDOM "

That's what the left does....shames u for having different beliefs and they call conservatives fascists.....hypocritictes

Holy smokes she can't even vote and the liberals and the news outlets shriek by hearing her say she would vote for trump. Really... awww yes the left is so tolerant... Okay so here we go I eat meat. I love bacon.. I approve of discipline and spanking. I believe in hard work. Only free ride should be if you join the military and then get to go to college for free. If you think you deserve a handout find a tall building and identify as a bird as long as it takes to ummm well yeah... Only two sexes exist besides the rare anomaly but we don't make policy law or rules based of anomalies so get over it. We need to bring prayer back into school along with God. I dont give two cents about Hollywood for their political views. Most importantly it is a opinion that works for me doesn't have to work for you.. You don't need to shriek curse name call cry.. Throw a tantrum just agree to disagree and act like an adult.

She said what she trying to wiggle out of it...tooo late...I hope your record sells and concerts take a dive...

Go ahead girl and stick to your statement, you haven't sold a 8 track in a long time so it's not going to hurt your career.

Shania Twain should be honest and voice her opinion that's her right if she so chooses. Just like my right to never support her career again. It's a free country.

No worries Shania Twain. He hoots and toots like a Chimpanzee or Orangutan, and it only backfires. We the understanding, know what you mean. You owe no apology to anyone.

maybe she should call Scott Baio.

Canadians can't vote in America. So why bother to answer at all?

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1 hour ago

CBS 12 News

She has the royal wave! Prince William brings Princess Charlotte and Prince George to the hospital to see the new Royal Baby.
Read more:


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So cute

Omg how cute.look at Charlotte ❤ Emma O'Rourke Tamara Conway Charmaine Dwyer Finnegan

OMG how absolutely precious !!

So cute

So cute

Sarah Kay Tarr-Southern - 😍

2 hours ago

WFLA News Channel 8

CAIR-Florida releases 2018 civil rights report, claims report shows that President Trump’s travel ban resulted in an increase in anti-Muslim discrimination and violence. ...


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CAIR-Florida releases 2018 civil rights report, claims report shows that President Trump’s travel ban resulted in an increase in anti-Muslim discrimination and violence.

STHU. I am sick and tired of hearing this stuff. If your people didn't want to come in our country and blow us up we wouldn't have to have a travel ban.

CAIR you are not welcome here go back to where you came from. We know your game. It's over. You do not want to be part of this,society you,want to destroy ours and dominate here. Not happening.

Tampa airport has Confiscated 197 handguns trying to board a plane through TSA I don’t think any of them were Muslim

Really? I highly doubt this is true. I saw a few women that were Muslim at Busch Gardens and nobody was rude to them that I saw. I felt bad for them, it was a hot day and they looked miserable looking at all the other women wearing shorts and tanks.

This is why our country continues to struggle bc of the people that continue to leave comments like you do. Very sad. Everyone has rights is USA. Prayers go out to all.

Go tell those lies else where ok? This nation will not! Become as Australia, UK, etc. this is USA! Last I checked. And CAIR? U r lying. And headlines? That is media! Lying! So sick of this crap!

They can have a one way ticket back where they came from if they don’t like the way our president is trying to protect us .

Shut-up you come to (our) land and try to change OUR LAWS! Go away if you don’t like it! We have a right to be scared!

For now on you be having bacon and eggs for breakfast. Ham sandwich lunch then a sausage dog for dinner

They supported more terrorist activity AGAINST AMERICA. Fix yourself first - then we can coexist ❤️💛🖤💟🇺🇸#maga

I’ve got FBI, CIA, DOJ reports that show 1000’s and 1000’s of Islamic Terror attacks around the world.....does CAIR wanna talk about those?

claim 1. "state or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof." LOL

Go home. Majority doesn’t want u here. U can’t be trusted! U want to stay here dump ur so called occult.

Well it is clear to see by the comments of the American people just how we feel.... take a flight back to where you came from...

We have our own opinions please go back to your country. You don't abide by our rules. Your not going to change our country

I love my home state of Florida . If we ban one group then they will state to ban other groups too . Maybe we should ban certain Christian religions

Wow barely 1 person here is 100% American thankfully they didn't have this b.s when my family immigrated in 1930

you don't like that our president is protecting us let's not forget about the Twin Towers who do you think is responsible for that one and you got enough nerve to cry discrimination get a life

This just tells me we need to take even stronger actions to prevent this country from being taken over! Many have fought and died for this country and this generation should do not less!

Pretty sad that they needed a report to show this. It's more than obvious. The racist President is condoning racism, and therefore making racism common place instead of monstrous.

CAIR is nothing but a terrorist organization! It actually has been deemed so by our Government so why are they still around!

CAIR is a known terrorist organization, directly involved with Hamas. Why do we even listen to this propaganda.

I can not believe my country’s people hate speech toward those who have the legal right to practice their own faiths. Peace

I'm surprised CAIR hasn't been declared a terrorist supporting organization. CAIR's leader belong on a watch list or in jail.

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