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Questions about Trump overtake Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley's event in Iowa

Questions about Trump overtake Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley's event in Iowa


While there were questions about local issues, constituents also focused on the ongoing Russia investigation, immigration and president's recent "sh*thole" remark.

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Sen. Joni Ernst doesn't "appreciate" Trump's rhetoric, but doesn't believe he's a racist.

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Edwin Hawkins crafted one of the most well-known gospel songs of all time, "Oh Happy Day." You heard it in "Sister Act 2," in church, and all over the world. Edwin, your legacy of positivity will never be forgotten.

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Woman convicted in fatal buttocks-injection procedure dies in prison

In an interview with Xinhua, Rod Alberts, Executive Director of the North American International Auto Show, said that the NAIAS aims to be the gateway for consumers and car manufacturers around the world

[email protected]_umm's beef with @Twitter has come to a triumphant end.

AU council condemns "uncouth words" of U.S. President Donald Trump, asking him to withdraw the statement and issue a public apology

Robert McCoy said he didn't kill his estranged wife's mother, stepfather and son. His lawyer, hoping to save his life, told the jury he did. Now the Supreme Court must decide if McCoy was railroaded and deserves a new trial.

In 16th century, epidemic known as cocoliztli that caused bleeding and vomiting swept through large areas of Guatemala, Mexico and even reached Peru.
It wiped out 80 pct of the population, killing millions

Did one California teen's courage save her siblings from their parent's torture? Police are sorting it all out.

16 minutes ago


Gaga ooh la la.


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Lady Gaga was a very good artist, I do not understand why she retired from music. until 2011 he offered us good music and although it was a poor version of Madonna he did it well. What happened to her?🤔🤔🤔🤔

Cuando ella soñaba ser como Madonna, pero le quedó grande el estatus de "superstar". Muy rápido se desinfló.

Remember when she slayed so hard and gave us the most iconic song of the 2010's and got blocked by ... Keshit?

8 years of the most iconic pop song/video ever.

And never got to go #1 in the Hot 100...

Legend + iconic= Lady Gaga(Mother Monster) 😍😍❤️

Lmfao now even billboard started making up facts about flopga that horrible "song" has never reached number one on the hot100 #payola #paidboard

History was made

Terri Kyle remember learning the dance routine whilst watching the video and ya nearly broke ya big toe 😂😂😂😂

This is Art

<3 Fue y sera su mejor vídeo, es mas que eso, fue el mejor vídeo de estos últimos años, pero tristemente después de este vídeo ya nada fue igual.

I sang the caption in Havana tone tho. 😂 Tell me you did too!

A. Cara do Andre Silva essa música não pode ver tocar que ele começa a dançar viu Guilherme Feitosa.

Tony Munhbaatar tsag hugatsaa chamaig min bas lady gagatai tsug gohshrvvlj bnda

i miss my teenage days

and then her career died lmfao

My love ❤

Still one of my favorites!! 😍😍😍😍

It changed the game 🏆🏆❤️

Michael prom dancing forever <3

This song reminds me of you. I do miss you guys. Oh O Oh Cha Akkachai Oat Charumporn


Nicole 8 Years?!?!?!? I remember watching it with you at work! 😱

Dawid Król to o mnie i adminie

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26 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

LOOSE WALLABY: Sydney police have no idea where this wallaby came from as it led them on a pursuit in the downtown area. It took six officers to finally catch it!



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His name is P Sherman, he's obviously on his way home to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

Looks like Trump

Just like the deer here sometimes end up lost in a town

Shiloh White 'straya

Abir Elias HAHAH jag lovar d var hmoro som släppte känguru på gatan innan ni flög hem 😂

Looks like someone is jumping to conclusions...

Brenda De León... Boss I can't come to work there's a loose Wallaby pin the HOV 😂🤣

Allison Roach Rob Martin but was it a wallaby or kangaroo? 😂😂😂😂

Go Blue! ❤️👨‍✈️❤️👨‍✈️

Kevin M Lewis Get on it buddy

Trevor Alvarez I laughed so hard

Sturko Sturks... what did you do 😂😂

Quinn LeAnne McCarty

Allie Miskela Tran

Erin Gilreath 😂😂

Robert Brown

Kristen Jane

Jethro Davey

Alhana Bowings

Sam Osteen


Adam Ray

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41 minutes ago


Cardi B didn't hold back #BillboardNews ...


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gtfo with this btichh

47 minutes ago


Drake Bell is performing on #BillboardLive ...


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You're voice and you're putting in everything!

First off, my favorite Drake Bell song. Secondly, cool meeting him here in Fresno last week. Cool guy, as you'd expect.

A couple years ago you liked one of my tweets and I’ll never forget it. You had a huge influence on my childhood and always have my respect

I really want you to know that no matter what people say, you are very loved by us and we are your loyal fans. You're a talented and hard-working man.

Will you be back in San Antonio soon?? My son bought a meet and greet when you went to Judson High school but due to a family emergency wasn't able to meet so I feel bad and want to buy him another one.

Thanks laila and natalie!

Darling, only a fool couldn't love Drake!!


But gotta admit, Drake is a real bro the way he is handling it all

I have never heard of him, but I love this.

only Josh is missing for the duo n.n

The stream is broken billboardlive!!

Fix the stream I wanna hear drake bell!!!!

HI DRAKE BELL!!!! I wish could meet you this year!!!! :) xoxo, Elizabeth

Is it just me or its not playing now?

Love drake bell I miss drake and Josh

What's happening with the transmission 😔


No entiendo el inglés pero aquí estoy escuchandote, si esto no es amor no se que sea beibe :v


Just sayin', Josh's reason was pretty eh 😂

Omg throwback I loved this song

You´re the most perfect guy!

Love you so much, man!

I love the way you sing

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58 minutes ago


WATCH LIVE: Authorities hold press conference after 3 deputies, officer shot during manhunt Tuesday morning in York County. More info here >> ...


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May God wrap his arms around these officers, their families and their work family. #isupportthethinblueline

Gary maybe there working for the officers fighting for there lives !

Praying for all officers involved and their families.

Prayers for all of these officers and deputy, their families and their brothers and sisters in blue.

The suspect should be in the morgue , not in the hospital.

Sending up prayers for the officers and their families

Mona, whatever makes people feel better and helps them to sleep at night.

Exactly that's why you should keep rude comments to your self

Prayers? Really? How is that workin out for ya?

Prayers for these officers, and their families.

Prayers for those officers and their families.

Praying for them and the family of each one.......

Prayers sent to the officers and their family

Pray woks! Praying for all affected.

Prayers for the officers and families

sure will pray for these officers

Prays for all of you.

Sending prayers and love

Sending prayers for all🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!!!!

Watching.. Praying for y'all..

Prayers for all involved

me too watching



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SHARK! 🦈 A photographer was capturing photos of manatees in Chassahowitzka River when a Bull shark surprisingly swam near him! Luckily, the shark didn't seem to notice him.



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Oh it noticed him. Just didn't care, and by the way it was swimming away, looked like the shark was afraid of the man.

This one was caught in the Potomac River

This is the crap that pisses me off about the media towards sharks! I live, play, and work on the water as a full time captain. Sharks don't care about people! The times people do get attacked it's mistaken identity! "Luckily the shark didn't seem to notice him" are you kidding me! They know everything going on around them!

That was fresh water btw, Florida is dangerous.. People should stop moving here for their own safety..

That shark knew he was there lol

Mike Wads I never wanna swim in crystal river again

Bull sharks can live in saltwater & fresh water. Basically any river with could host bull sharks

They go inland too seen as far as ft meade...bowling green area

Thaty Barcellos depois vc me pergunta porque n gosto de praia, n entro em água e etc. porque onde moro tem tubarão até no RIO

The bull sharks swim up in the Brackish/fresh water rivers to have their babies.

Seen em in in 3-4' of brackish water right by Pine Island,,,I don't wade out there anymore.

Wow, bet his wet suit will need a thorough cleaning.

no it noticed him that's why it darted off when he swam to close

Brian Yates now the rivers aren’t safe. I’m done!

Water is warmer in the rivers.

What sharks in brackish warmer water? Who da thunk it 🤔😂😂


Wow that doesn't happen too often but definitely does happen!

Marie Hastings Erin Dixon this is one reason why I skipped my manatee swim

Amanda Helms wasn’t this the river we were gonna go to lmao

Looked like a baby bull

Chelsea!! It could’ve been a shark for real

Jeff Rodriguez this is homosassa where we were with Charles

Cassidy English this is where we crab, I guess you weren’t all that crazy lol

Lish Johanna and mom doesn’t think 🦈swim in rivers

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CLOSE CALL: Bus security video gives an entirely different look at an airborne car, barely missing the bus, and crashing into the second story of a California building. The airborne driver has since admitted to using narcotics. MORE:

Courtesy: Orange County Transportation Authority


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I know what I am looking at but how the hell did that car go up in the air like that

Watching too much fast and furious

Glad the bus was running a few seconds late that night!

The duke brothers at it again, general lee took a beating on this one.

Seth here’s another view 😂

Jillian Pearl Rodrigues this is the video what you sent me a few days ago

Paddy McCauley diff view of the batmobile from earlier lol.

Megan Moriarty haha look at this one

Lol... I was wondering about the the other day... if that bus had been 1 second sooner...

Kristina Jenness this is that car in the building we looked at on Sunday! Wait until about the :20 mark 😳

David Torres Daniel De Sandoval Reát which one of y’all responsible for this... it ain’t GTA V this real life.

And here in NYC we complain about the buses running late.

Amanda Claire Here's another video of that car crash

One lucky bus!

Xavier Beckom so that’s how that car got there

Nicole Tadt show this to dad. I was telling him about it

Friggin awesome.



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A LASTING MEMORY: An Orlando mom's memory lives on in the form of a stuffed animal. After Antonio's mother suddenly passed away, his father programmed her old voicemails into the toy, gifting it to Antonio for Christmas. "I will always love you guys." ❤️



Comment on Facebook

That is so sweet a great way for Antonio to never forget what his mother’s voice sounds like. His dad is a special man to do this for him.

What a great dad! Antonio is one lucky young man!

I love finding hearts in things. Especially rocks or glass.

How sweet

Jose black mirror

James Michaels 😳 black mirror is getting too real

so wonderful!


Wow! Just wow❤️💔😇

Ricky Daniels black mirror


Brittany Nicole Bulloch. This is what I was telling you about.

James Thurston

Indira Mora-Diaz

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