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Putin warns of global 'chaos' after U.S.-led strike on Syria

Putin warns of global 'chaos' after U.S.-led strike on Syria


Putin warns of global "chaos" in a phone conversation with Iran's president as the two leaders discuss the U.S.-led strike on Syria. - NBC News World

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27 minutes ago

Channel 4 News

"As long as we stick together as Europeans, everything can be sorted in the future."

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says Brexit - and Donald Trump - are "not the solution".


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another rich bloke preaching to all, including the poor, who have mostly suffered stagnant wages and pressure on services due to the EU...

asking a German about Truump or Brexit islike being lectured on drink driving by Ant

I find it admirable that a man who says "I'm not the best informed on the situation..." moves on to speaking more truth in a few minutes than most of our government can manage in 8 years.

I like you Klopp but tell that to British EU and US corrupt politicians that want just wars

Well said, Jürgen Klopp. You are absolutely right.

European perspective,is a much broader,unified perspective

It's about time we had more English managers ,buy British

He's right

Better he would have said Theresa may and Donald trump are not the solution , since he is in uk he’s afraid to mention her directly 🙈🙈

Lee Medlicott what is funny..?he is briliant couch but politics...Look at Merkel the manoacs.. Corupt Brussel...and Britain is worse...warmongers

We became complacent here in the United States..And so many Democrats and Independents stayed home on Nov. 8, 2016 erroneously believing Clinton would win as 99% of the polls indicated. We won't let this happen again for decades.

Whats means "Europeans" then? Mentality, DNA, Passports, religions? In Europa mostly emigrants still with Genetically-religious traditions, also to see via home design, regional musics, tv-chanels, dress-code, mind design never updated and wished to be Europeans :) If discussion about administrative systems , - yes, long topic what is better :) In Amsterdam topic "what is Europeans" very popular and funny :)

What a load of bull. Jürgen Klopp needs to figure out how democracy and the vote works.

Is right Jürgen!

Sports and politics shouldn't be in the same sentence. Politics divides people while sports bring people together.

Absolutely right.

Not a problem with Europe, the problem is the people making the decisions in the eu.

Excellent another sanctimonious preaching millionaire with no sense of the real world

Better if you stick to the footy Jürgen 😉

Stuart Miles I said Mr Klopp speaks a lot of sense! D

I admire the charismatic qualities of the man and his undoubted talents as a football manager and he’s entitled to have his opinion and say so too. Free speech, which is why I also like Pep Guardiola and his current political stance regarding Catalonia. I wasn’t keen in regard to celebrities being outspoken regarding our very own Scottish referendum in 2014, but concede that they were entitled to their opinion.

100% man.

Well said, Jürgen Klopp. Your are absolutely right.

Remember...... nothing else matters but money......

Doesn’t the EU play on a dry pitch?

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32 minutes ago

12 News

Jimmy & Black Thought are LIVE in Philadelphia to surprise a family for dinner!! via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon #FallonTonight ...

1 hour ago

12 News

LIVE: State Board of Education meets to discuss a possible teacher walkout in Arizona. ...


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LIVE: State Board of Education meets to discuss a possible teacher walkout in Arizona.



Yes OK





Wonder if they sing every morning?

Diane they do


Didn’t the governor just agree to give them a 20% raise?


Thank you, Cassandra

Ducey plan doesn’t guarantee the funding he’s talking about. He gives it, to shut them us and then takes it away after election is over


Lord let your light brighten The path and let your wisdom wisper to their ears to bring a better future in schools


In Jesus name amen

If Arizona teachers were better then 41st of all states maybe a raise would be needed. Their learning is not up to par. They also let the children march which is unacceptable to let them out and put them in danger.

We all pay taxes so why not give the teachers that spend hours with our kids some of that ! Also instead of worrying about war how bout we forget we are about to have one we use that to better our world that the government is messing up..what the hell happened to the government these past yrs .you all are killing our families with all these retarded laws .

I support our Arizona 🌵Teacher

It's about funding for our kid's and their future not just about more pay

Umm, seperation of church and state????????? this os official state business

Diane Hurley - If teachers get the 20$ raise, it will not be taken away. They will just find a source to fund it.

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1 hour ago

Channel 4 News

Don't let health scare stories ruin your day.

Here are FactCheck's top tips for spotting bad science.


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Aaw, perlease, guys, you know that 87% of people who follow C4 News on-line (and I know because I counted them ;) ) never read anything beyond the sub-heading. And half of them automatically discount it because they don't agree with whatever it was which they now not only don't know but can't remember, either.

Helen Fraser

1 hour ago

12 News

How can you be a better friend to someone with autism? TODAY Parents teamed up with Sesame Street and Elmo to answer some common questions for Autism Awareness Month. Read more: ...

2 hours ago

12 News

Paul Gerke
LIVE: A tour of the brand new 12 News studio! Check out our new home!

3 hours ago

Channel 4 News

There have been more than 50 homicides in the UK capital so far this year - this is every single one of London's victims. ...


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RIP all of them......Theresa May and Amber Rudd should hold there heads in shame...cuts to the best police force in the world have made the street's of our capital totally unsafe

50 what? Are we in the US again?

Thanks to the Jihadist mayor. Liberals voted for a terrorist in a suite and now they are paying big time with their lives.

How true Enoch powells words have become..

"homicides"? this is part of the issue, we are morphing into 'merica.

A lot of them were older than I expected I thought that it was a bunch of kids fighting over drugs

Murders. We’re not American! 50 in 3.5 months, that’s a lot 😨

Try naming the perps and see what picture it paints

Ban Knives ! Ban Free Speech ! LoL. Orwell's "1984" was a warning, not an instruction manual, you fools.

I was going to comment on the use of 'homicide' and say something about American creeping into English, but on reflection, I get it - you can't say murder until someone is convicted...

God knows what the answer is, probably more police would help, but this is becoming outrageous, it's gone beyond the pale ... there has to be an iron hard zero tolerance of drugs, and education, education education!

Murders Ch4. Shove the new world order.

Khan doing a Great job for london

London is not the USA. Murders. Thanks to the Tories cutting the police so much.

Wow. While 50 murders is a lot I feel this number would be much greater if guns were legal. Thankfully they're not!

& 20000 less Police offices across the country and greater inequality both of these will have contributed to the rise both of these are as a result of Tory Policies.

Heart braking. What is the police force doing about stopping this carnage.May each and everyone who have lost there lives in this murdering city of London.

Why just London victims? People do live outside the m25.

A national commemoration of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence is to take place on April 22 each year: Stephen Lawrence Day

Lilly may 1 ☹️ bring back a life for a life, hanging costs nothing but keeping them with there human rights in prison is costing us tax payers money, money if rather spent elsewhere.

Which sex were the perpetrators?

50 homicides in 3 1/2 months..What a luxury.

For comparison and perhaps perspective......Transport for London (TfL) has published its annual Casualties in Greater London report, which shows that the number of people killed or seriously injured on London's roads fell by three per cent in 2015 to the lowest number since records began and by 42 per cent on the 2005-09 baseline for which road safety progress is measured. Overall, the number of people killed or seriously injured fell from 2,167 to 2,092

Henry Vincent shouldn't be on the homicide/murder list with the real victims of crime

And let me guess it's got fk all to do with Immigrantion

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