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Prince William reveals Prince Harry hasn't asked him to be his best man yet

Prince William reveals Prince Harry hasn't asked him to be his best man yet


“He hasn’t asked me yet, just to clear that up,” William said during a discussion with volunteers for the Best Man Project, an initiative to encourage men to support each other. “It could be a sensitive issue.”

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CLOSE CALL | Dash cam video captured the terrifying moments when a car went flying through the air and nearly hit a Michigan tow truck driver assisting another vehicle.

Miraculously nobody was hurt >>


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The guardian angel was working that day thank God

That can happen anywhere tow truck drivers have one of the most dangerous jobs. Glad the driver didn't get hurt

God was with him. Looks like people need to slow down.

Toree Bernhart

Mike Ray

Kevin Bremer

Jorgie Ruano

Will Allen

Sidnei Tomazelli

Sergio Delgado

48 minutes ago

WREG News Channel 3

Shelby County Schools will be closed Friday, Jan. 19. Check WREG News Channel 3 for the latest closings. spending much of the day traveling roads in school neighborhoods and examining the conditions on our campuses, we have made the decision to close schools again Friday, January 19. We understand several surrounding Districts have decided to open tomorrow; however, we are responsible for more than 200 campuses/administrative locations county-wide, and conditions unfortunately are not safe enough to allow students and staff to return. Thankfully, warmer temperatures are coming this weekend, so we look forward to seeing all students back on Monday. Please be safe tomorrow and have a great weekend. ...

Shelby County Schools will be closed Friday, Jan. 19. Check WREG News Channel 3 for the latest closings.


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Desoto county is closed Friday. Rural areas still have ice on roads

Responsible decision......Arlington still has some icy backroads!

I bet those municipal school districts feel really stupid now.

Bartlett is in

10 day weekend y’all

And Bartlett is open

This include pre k screening also? Anyone know?

Literally - WHY?

Pobres padres !!

A good and responsible decision.

SCS gets the last laugh

Entire week 😳

Katrina Moore 😐😂🤬

Dawn Hicks Johnson

Measha MzGemini Reneee

Moses Wilson

Natasha Cross

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TAYLOR SWIFT PROMPOSAL | A Bradenton student is going viral for this video asking Taylor Swift to his high school prom. Do you think she'll say yes? >> ...


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Just wondering how many people would still say yes if roles were reversed, meaning she being a teen and him being an adult. May be harmless and in fun but I don't think that she should. Next would be a sexual harassment case against her.

No because she’s an adult. That’s cute and all that he’s hopeful but would y’all be encouraging a grown man would say yes to a teen girl 🤮

If she says yes can I go with her boyfriend(Tom Hiddleston) ,please I will love Loki carácter forever 🤗

I am hopeful and this is creative as hell. Fingers crossed and regardless of results you deserve the feature of a lifetime.

Taylor say YES that was adorable even though he's much younger then you what an amazing job he did in that video and also what a handsome young man say yes Taylor say yes

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Kim Parry Carolyn Garby Haskins Skyler Cruthirds Kelly Bridgeman

I hope so for his sake Puberty is tough especially when you are going BIG! Taylor... say yes to the Prom dress!

Don't do it Taylor that will be sexual harassment of a minor

I know she will create a song about victimization after the prom

I hope she says yes. He seems so sincere and is cute as a button. I know she has an adorable boyfriend, but it's just a prom. I myself think she will go if she's not committed to tours and stuff.

I hope she will. A dream come true for him.


So so so cute

She’s done this before! So I wouldn’t be surprised if she said yes!

Hope your dream comes true! Say yes!!!!!

Hillary Pesson - so if she goes to his prom on April 27.... she could make a pit stop at ATW on April 28... #justsayin 😂😂

Wasn’t Cougar Town already a show?

No... she won't even respond lmao

Beth!!! Wouldn’t that be crazy if Taylor responded with a “yes”???


publicity stunt

I think you’ll at least meet her Taylor Swift

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COLD WEATHER AFFECTING ANIMALS | Much of the local wildlife is struggling with our recent cold snap. These snook are among some of the affected marine animals.

How the cold affects our animals >>


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CHRIS Conover maybe we can finally go catch a snook..😂😂

It sucks to see the fish kill but the only reason those Snook were that far North in the 1st place was because of the unusually warm Winters the past 5 years.

There goes the price of fish

What a shame😢. Florida is not meant to handle this kind of cold!

So over this cold has killed so much here in fl including poor homeless ppl...cant wait for warmer weather..

For many years i have seen bird's and fish dead, WHY? know one is looking in the right way's to keep from . So WTF is going on

All those dead snook... gonna take a while for them to bounce back

Population control... wish it worked on people.....

Oh no a lot of waste snook fish, need to scoop all of it so that it don't pollute the water.

Call big Al , ask him how this happened

Waste of good snook!

So... they should keep Snook season open longer so we could at least eat before it dies....

That’s a shame some beautiful fish

Oh no! That’s a lot of good eating gone right there! 😭

So sad to see all the fish that lost their lives in the cold water

Look Roy maybe now you'll "catch" something 🙄

Mother (nature) give and take

Jennifer Campbell wonder if this is what happened to the pond at work

To bad you can't save the meat.

Dayum 😢

So sad.

Elizabeth Suarez Pazos show pazo. He can just pick them up and eat them Adria Perez

They’re FISH!

Why 😭

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4 hours ago

NBC News World

WATCH: Two teenage swimmers were rescued from a riptide when a drone deployed a life raft in what local officials called a "world first." ...


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Great use of a drone!!

The Human Mind, Can Benefit all Mankind, now let's see if we can apply this same lifesaving methodology to fight "Climate Change" Our Environment is clearly in trouble!!, and only a "Life Preserver of Unity" can save it!!!

That's just to cool

Cool rules the day

Rip Current*

Where is this at?

That's awesome


Shelly Lopez Treloar

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